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  2. Where will Lebron James play next season

    What would they offer? Kevin Love and ??? They just don't have the pieces to make it work. No way Lebron stays in Cleveland.
  3. Is the PS4 version any different than the PS3 version?
  4. LB Daniel Heimuli

    FWIW, when interviewed, he listed the schools in the same order, although he said there wasn't an order. I would guess that we're near the bottom of that list, which isn't unexpected. But it definitely sounded like we made an impression on his visit so maybe we have time to work our way up.
  5. 2018 MLB

  6. Immigration Ban

    It's a clean "end the separation" bill. It does nothing other than preventing separation from family unless for just cause, such as trafficking, child abuse or when we think the adult isn't their parent or legal guardian. The only thing that's wrong with the bill is it would require working with Democrats.
  7. HuskerBoard Recruiting Predictor 2019

    WR Puka Nacua - USC Huskr25
  8. 2018 MLB

    Fun fact: Nimmo never played high school baseball. He grew up in Wyoming and they didn't have baseball there.
  9. RB/WR Kyren Williams

    Yeah, this is definitely true. We're doing a lot of missing right now. But I'm hoping if we can put a good product on the field this fall we can get a few of them to reconsider.
  10. Where will Lebron James play next season

    This would be interesting....
  11. All of those things are your opinion only and one I don’t share , along with pretty much everything you post . I get it though you really aren’t here to debate or talk about reasonable solutions to anything just to antagonize, and stir the pot . Bravo you’ve done it, I guess everyone has to be good at something .
  12. RB/WR Kyren Williams

    We really need to turn this St Louis tide around in our favor
  13. LB Nick Henrich

    Six Wisconsin LBs have been drafted in the last five NFL Draft classes, which dates back to 2013.
  14. Today
  15. LB Nick Henrich

    Forgot Leon Jacobs (2018). He played OLB at Wisconsin, so that'll make seven. Since Wisconsin moved to the 3-4 in 2013, six Wisconsin LBs have been drafted.
  16. Immigration Ban

    Given that Team Obama was also housing people in cages and doing a whole host of thing to immigrants that you’re now all noticing for the first time and gnashing your teeth about, this whole thread qualifies as whataboutism.
  17. the FBI was out to stop trump...so they hide the fact they are investigating trump and they announce they are reopening files on an e-mail server. who was actually hurt by that and who was actually helped?
  18. Biden is a complete buffoon. He’s run for President several times and embarrassed himself each time. Kamala Harris is a joke. You should hear the horror stories her former staff at the California AG’s office tell about her. Clinton is a washed up, angry, bitter, has-been. She put up with and rode her rapey husband’s coattails for as long as she could. Game Over. Sanders can’t be taken seriously. It’s possible he could have beaten Trump in 2016. But given the Trump economic explosion, no way America turns the keys to the car over to the crazy professor from Back to the Future.
  19. Immigration Ban

    whataboutism at it's finest.
  20. LB Daniel Heimuli

  21. Immigration Ban

    I’m not familiar with that bill. Why do Republicans say they oppose it? Why do Democrats support illegal sanctuary cities?
  22. 1) It’s more than two people. Read the report. I think five more have been referred for investigation for similar BS. 2) Strok and Page aren’t two run of the mill agents. Strok was leading the investigation and Page is a key attorney at the FBI. They also reference other key figures like McCabe, who seem to have been in on their nonsense.
  23. I guess that’s a predictable result of making America great again. https://news.gallup.com/poll/203207/trump-job-approval-weekly.aspx
  24. Immigration Ban

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