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    Coach Reggie Davis: It is tough to get complete backs to commit to DONU. Coach Held: Hold my beer! Dude is doing work. Completely changing that RB room in a hurry. Lots of speed and versatility seen from the guys they have targetted. Looks like Frost and Co. are serious about wanting to be able to run the football.
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    Michigan did not win a national championship in 1997. They won the Pac-10/Big Ten intramural trophy.
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    Have gone to games for 15 years or whatever. Nebraska on Nebraska fan security calls are way too common. Last year I literally watched a 25 year old, not drunk, not causing any issue have the security called on him because he stood during a play and an #@$hole said he couldn’t see the screen. The bleeping screen and you called security to have him REMOVED FROM THE GAME. They didn’t remove him but it had to be embarrassing, and it was completely uncalled for. For reference he was directly in front of me and I had no issues. I walked down and told him he could stand whenever he wanted, he wasn’t bothering the people directly behind him. I have watched my brother get called on because he was being to loud. To loud.....in a football stadium, this is not yelling curse words, yelling at specific people, just being a fan. The Husker game experience as great as it can be, also can really suck. There are some people who think that buying a seat means they get to watch the game exactly as they would on the couch, or just so they can say they went and probably only stay the first half. I propose they make one section on north stadium standing room only, then you can just walk over there if you want to stand.
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    They probably will just ask his opinion on matters and then just do the opposite to make sure they're making the right choice.
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    No dog but I have a boat named “Boat Pelini”, and the tailgating trailer is named “Trailer Martinez”.
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    They have had 3 LB's get drafted since 2005. Nothing to brag about. Nebraska had 6 in that same time frame. So between making a murderer and LB's getting drafted. Nebraska 2 Wisconsin O
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    Please let SE fire Tom Herman and hire mike riley again. Please
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    “We walked out on that field and I stopped in my tracks, and I looked at my dad and said I want to be a Cornhusker” If that quote from Hannah doesn’t get you fired up than idk what will.
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    The conservative trope that higher education is somehow more liberal is one that strikes me as incredibly tone-deaf. If the most educated people in our society are more liberal than conservative, then shouldn't conservatives start questioning their own ideology? I've found most conservatives instead choose to attack higher education.
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    You have no idea what he is or isn't doing in the oval. The list of crimes he's committed is a lengthy one. If we stick to just sexual assault/abuse/rape, there are 22+ women. I'm assuming by the shear number of inflammatory topics you've started today that you had a rough weekend. I hope your day gets better.
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    At the 25 second mark of the Husker Online video #9 is one of my sons!!!
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    I have yet to read an interview when the former coach says he "really sucks" Just putting that out there
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    He left on his own because Kentucky didn't think interceptions were very important stat
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    It's always a little interesting to look back and see how close things were to going another direction. What happens to Nebraska if Tom Osborne doesn't promise Frank Solich the head coaching job? Does Osborne stay on, and do we win another Championship in 1999? 2001? What happens if Pederson doesn't fire Solich in 2003, and Bo's defensive changes keep the ship afloat? What happens if Solich picks up recruiting and is still here - can you imagine if it's 2018 and we're only on our third different head coach since 1962? What if Callahan fires Cosgrove and hires a good defensive coordinator? Joey Ganz spends 2008 torching teams like the latter half of 2007, Suh is a monster, and we win a conference title. Would Callahan still be here if that was the case? What if Taylor Martinez isn't hit just so in that Missouri game and doesn't screw up his foot/ankle? Is he our fourth Heisman winner? What if Ndamukong Suh was held on the final offensive play against Texas in the Big XII Championship game? Or even slowed down, just a little bit? Think about the fact that we lost that game because Suh was too good, got to McCoy too fast on that play, and made him throw away the ball just an Nth too soon. So many possibilities. Maybe Gill's pass on the two-point conversion is just three inches further to the right in 1983 and Osborne wins his first National Championship 11 years earlier. Maybe the refs don't make two of the worst calls in football history on back-to-back plays in 1982 at Penn State and he wins that year, too. Maybe Henery is just short on his 57-yarder in 2008 and we finish the decade .500 against Colorado. When you've got idle time in the offseason and time to think about stuff like this, it's kinda interesting to think how close things are to being so different.
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    I don't understand that analogy. I NEVER hand out my M&Ms. You chumps can get your own!
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    Translation: We knew we could get away with s#!t so we did...because that is human nature.
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    If you get the picture that people (including national people) think Frost won't do much better than Riley, you have been living under a rock. They merely think the turnaround won't immediately happen in year one especially since we're playing 3 of the 4 best teams in the East. We could beat Iowa and still be behind them in the standings because Iowa is playing Indiana and Maryland. There is no hint that people think the decline will continue under Frost. The complete opposite of that is true. He got and gets so much positive attention it's unbelievable. They just think it will take some time. I happen to think people are overestimating how good Northwestern and Purdue will be, though. As for recruiting, I don't see how anyone can question it yet given how good of a class Frost put together in 3 months during part of which he was coaching a different team, and given his statements on not wanting to force committments in the spring and then have players break their committments later on. He's also stated he doesn't want to do OVs in the spring. Riley was all about the early commits. It's a different philosophy. Based on Frost's statements of wanting the players to make sure they really want to commit here and stay committed and what happened in his first class here, no one should be concerned yet. Also, even though we only have 6 players we're currently around 30 on Rivals.
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    Shucks. It's always a little embarrassing when I'm singled out like this.
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    The reason they don't answer it is because the concept behind "MAGA" is inherently racist. They either know this explicitly or implicitly, and they know that no matter how much ground they've gained electing this racist POS to the White House, the coast still isn't clear for Regular Joe's to fully embrace it. So Trump does it for them by proxy. He did it with the Birther nonsense. He did it with every policy & law of Obama's that he's torn down. He did it when he failed to help Americans in Puerto Rico. He did it when he denounced NFL players for kneeling. He did it when he called countries south of the border "s#!tholes." He did it when he referred to Hispanic immigrants as "rapists." He did it when he promised to build a wall between America & the brown people down south. He did it when he came up with his travel ban. Every time Trump takes one more step further. Every time, his followers become more emboldened, and hopeful that they can, soon, wear their true feelings on their sleeve. It's why they're so angry all the time. Racism is based in hate. They hate anyone not like them, and that includes most certainly any White person who doesn't see the world through their albino glasses. You see the hateful undertones in everything they do. Every time they talk about non-Whites there's a tinge to their statements. Every time they talk to non-racist Whites, they label them. Most of the time they stick with the blanket "liberals" but sometimes it's "progressives" or whatever else they can think of to separate those who don't think like they do with their version of Americans. The real answer to those questions is the 1950s. Before the Civil Rights movement, before integration, before we lost the Vietnam War and the gays were still being kicked back into their closets. Think about who (predominantly) are wearing those MAGA hats. Baby Boomers whose most cherished memories were when they lived the carefree lives of their childhood, not paying bills, not responsible for anything, tacitly knowing they were going to inherit the world's best country. We had bragging rights all over the world after WWII. Think about one of the early fake battlegrounds of this culture war - the much decried "War on Christmas." Christmas is the most revered time of all for these people - their little White baby Jesus all perfect & holy, not brown & thick-haired like a Levant Jew of the actual era, but someone who looks like them. All of the Christmases we've had since then have been trying to recapture the glory of their childhood. Think about the songs Christians sing to this day at Christmas - most of them haven't changed since that era. That's why the "War on Christmas" was such a hugely successful early dog whistle. MAGA true believers want that era of America to return. They want the colored people in their place, they want no hint of any other religion tarnishing "their" country, they want TV to show homogeneous White families who can safely, casually, cast aspersions on the lesser people (it wasn't an accident that Roseanne had such a huge early return to TV). They miss the Archie Bunkers and John Waynes of the entertainment world. They hate the liberal elites of Hollywood. That is what MAGA means. They're just too afraid to say it. For now.
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    Well it does work both ways, you know. If Bill Clinton is a monster (and you're not getting much argument here) can I trust you'll join us in our outrage over Donald Trump?
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    Democrats need to admit that Bill Clinton's serial philandering and textbook sexual harassment wouldn't survive a day in the #metoo climate, and that even feminists like Gloria Steinam did some embarrassing rationalization on his behalf back in the day. Clinton could have made a really poignant apology in the last year. He didn't. He still thinks he's running for something. Bill's arrogance can stand on its own. I'm more than willing to turn my back on him. That being said, Democrats seem to agree that Clinton is too toxic to be used for this year's midterm campaigning. Al Franken was forced to resign. Supposedly liberal media icons like Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Garrison Keilor, Matt Lauerer Ryan Lizza, the news director of NPR, John Lassetter, etc, etc, all lost their jobs and considerable influence almost immediately upon the revelations going public. If you'll recall when the Weinstein revelations first broke, the conservative blogosphere wondered if the liberal hypocrites would dish out the same treatment to their beloved fundraisers, mouthpieces and Hollywood allies that Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly got. Well it turns out they did, and then some. So #metoo is actually notable for its lack of hypocrisy. But it also reminds me that the whole Monica Lewsinsky scandal came out of a two year search for impeachable offenses that started with Whitewater -- a 20 year old rumor that the Clinton's had profited from a politically influenced land deal in Arkansas. Doesn't that seem quaintly low stakes compared to the far better-vetted Russia investigation we're told is a non-story and a witch hunt?
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    The Husker fan base is bi-polar.
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    I see hypothetical potential for the possible existence of an issue, which I would want to be further investigated. And, wouldn't you know it, it was, for over a year, and after that investigation, Trump's hand picked Director of the FBI said... "The report did not find any evidence of political bias or improper consideration actually impacting the investigation under review," Amazing.
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    Now I want a bucket of KFC crispy chicken #bucketlist
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    Unpopular Opinion: Nebraska isn't hard to recruit to
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    Time to peer recruit Owen Pappoe now.
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    What a fool! No offseason checklist is complete without Alternative Uniforms. I would say most should also have Team Captains.
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    Kevin Ramaekers was taking it pretty hard from Charlie McBride in a Nebraska defensive film room the Tuesday after a Husker football game in 1991. McBride kept rewinding a play over and over. It always turned out the same. Ramaekers couldn't do anything about it but sink down in his chair. "He called me the Dancing Bear," Ramaekers said. "He said, 'I can't believe I have a starting Dancing Bear on my squad."' That was nothing compared to what would happen a few hours later to the defensive tackle from Norfolk, Neb. Ramaekers repeated the same mistake in practice and McBride, the Huskers' long-time defensive coordinator, was coming with something way more damaging than a cutesy nick-name. Ramaekers was about to forfeit his "Blackshirt" practice jersey. Words could not describe what that meant to a 20-year-old sophomore who had wept only months before when he first found it hanging in his locker. "Coach McBride grabbed me by the neck and said, 'Take that off right now and give it to Jamie (Liewer),"' Ramaekers said. "If you were going to mess up, he wanted you going about 120 mph and I was going about 50. Talk about humbling. I walked down to the scout team and people were standing around thinking, 'This guy was a Blackshirt, and he just gave it away."' http://www.kearneyhub.com/huskersnews/past-players-say-defense-lacks-the-old-swagger/article_dc951890-57f3-5432-9d7c-6e10f0091c8e.html
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    This is defcorn 11!!! We are going to ruin everything about the Huskers, throw away our tradition and stomp all over Bob Devaney's grave if we don't hand out the Blackshirts the way God & Tom Osborne intended!!!!! I pray to God, little baby Jesus & Ndamukong Suh's swim move that we hand them out after the last week of camp, before the first game. If we don't do it exactly like that and no other way, the terrorists have already won.
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    Great thread! A friend of a friend has a dog named Rex Barkhead.
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    This is the part where you try to claim you're just trying to ask honest questions to get information, right?
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    Borderline elite? You have quite a definition of that. Frank was 16-12 in his last 28 games with losses by 26, 23, 33, 22, 36, 24 and 29 points in there. If that's "borderline elite" to you, you're welcome to it. You must have been plum tickled with Riley.
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    2012 Wisconsin is the hands down winner here. Nebraska had no business losing by 40+ points to a 7-5 Wisconsin team that backed its way into a conference championship game because of tOSU's ineligibility. Not only was the performance uninspired but NU's defense was embarrassingly torched by some of the same plays over and over. On paper, that was BP's best chance to win a conference championship and he couldn't get it done. I'm still completely flustered by that game to this day. As a side note, 2014 Wisconsin is an interesting choice to consider because this loss was the straw that broke the camels back for me. I felt it was time for BP to be let go after that game.
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    I'm writing this with a heavy heart; my brother, Mitchell Dean Quandt, was killed in a trucking accident on I-80 outside of Utica, Nebraska on Wednesday, May 30. He was only 30 years old. We were only 15 months apart; we were lifelong best friends and each other's Best Man. He was also the biggest Husker fan I've ever met. We've been to countless games together. He's even met some of my HuskerBoard friends as well. If you are so inclined, I'd ask you to visit the Mitchell Quandt Memorial Fund to help support his mourning family. He leaves behind his wife Jancye Brooke Quandt (Trost), twin boys Calvin Mitchell and Cohen Dean, and a baby due January 2019. (If you donate, please leave your screen name so I can reach out to thank each of you.) THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!
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    damn, i dont even have the old ones down.
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    Not going to disagree with you there. We are all hoping this staff can spot some talent. But that doesn't mean we can't also hope for some guys who have more of a consensus from recruiting services that they are a little farther up the list. Here's my read on the situation for now. We don't really know if much of this is true ... we'll have a better idea in February but probably won't really know for another year or two. But this is how I see the situation at the current juncture: This staff has worked together and has a pretty good plan in place for how to find talent and recruit it once they find it. Despite the "Frost doesn't like to recruit" narrative that was circulating a bit when he was hired, I think it's pretty obvious the opposite is true. There have been many recruits that have comments about how involved Frost is once a target is identified, and the inference is that's not how it is with a lot of other schools. Once they lock in on a guy, they really get after them. They did an incredible job in a short amount of time with the 2018 class. They were able to find guys they like and, in particular, guys who were ripe for the picking because of their situation. Most of our highest-rated guys were snagged out of a JUCO where they weren't being recruited up to their rating (Woodyard, Bell, Honas, Williams), their previous commitment had issues (Martinez and Tannor) or they had other issues that scared other schools away (Washington). That's being very resourceful with what they had to work with. I think they are casing a pretty wide net with the 2019 class. They were a long ways behind most everyone else with this class so they have some ground to make up. Because of that - and because they are recruiting to a school that went 4-8 last year - I think they realize that they aren't going to get as much traction with the big fish right off the bat. They're still working on them but it's going to take some on-field success to really get in the door with a lot of them. Because of that, they're working overtime to get a lot of guys who might otherwise be a Plan B in our corner now. Knowing we'll have another big class in terms of number of commitments, we are fine to get a good start on this class with some guys who they think are under-valued while they work their way up the list with the four-stars. I don't see this a panic at all. I see it as pragmatic. Everyone wants the best guys they can get. But I think they are securing the base of this class with guys who they think are great fits and have potential to be solid contributors. They don't want to get caught waiting on the big fish only to have the season not go very well and have nothing else built up behind it. That's what happened to the previous staff all too often. By doing it this way, they'll have guys they like recruited if they need more of the Plan B guys later. But they'll be saving plenty of spots for the Plan A guys for when the season gets here and they can (hopefully) show what's happening on the field and get them here to visit for a game. Another reason why I think the recruiting style we're seeing right now will diminish in future years is that they've already been hard at work on the 2020 class but we aren't seeing anywhere near the number of "Plan B" offers for that class. They are really after the big fish there. I would posit that's because they are betting on themselves to be able to build more relationships with those guys because they have a lot more time to work with. They also have a lot more time to get those guys to campus and (again, hopefully) show them the progress being made on the field as a selling point. These guys have a lot to sell. They are still the hot commodity right now. Everyone knows that they went undefeated and beat Auburn last year. They also have their own history in playing and coaching to sell. This stuff means a lot to a lot of recruits. Frost won a national championship as a player, coached in a national championship game at Oregon and played several years in the NFL Walters played in the NFL Chinander has coached in the NFL Austin coached in a national championship game at Oregon and also coached in the NFL Dawson coached in the NFL Fisher played in the NFL Held has a lot of pull in the JUCO world Ruud played in the NFL Again, none of that means anything until the results show up. But they haven't really had much time to produce any results yet. So until proven otherwise, I see a lot of reasons for optimism and not many reasons for doubt. Time will tell.
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    I'm starting to wonder if Frost wronged StPaulHusker in some way. I don't spend a ton of time on the recruiting forum but this seems to happen in every single topic. There seems to be something wrong with every offer and every commit.
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    "Blown away" by his visit. Seemed pretty impressed with the football and baseball facilities as well as Lincoln in general. Parents were also along.
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    I agree 100%. It’s definitely a sign.
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    The plane usage thing is fine but lets face it...head coach at NU is going to fly for free if he wants to fly for free...he just needs to ask one of the big boosters. Also, I sign a contract every year...I notice he doesn't get 5 personal days a year like I do...Take that!
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