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    Tanner Lee has 3 TD passes; two of them are to Huskers this week.
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    -1 just for putting Barf's name in the thread title
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    Here's why: You're going to replace your football coach. The season is done in just over two months. That means you have a very short amount of time to: 1) Conduct a search and hire the right Athletic Director for your school 2) Give that person time to conduct a search to hire the right football coach for your school 3) Give that coach enough time to salvage/rebuild the recruiting class This is 100% about firing Mike Riley and not trusting the man who hired him to replace him. So what happens next? Ronnie Green has a press conference scheduled at 2:30. Best-case scenario, he has a knock-your-socks-off Athletic Director already hired and coming to the podium with him. This is highly unlikely. Green will announce Eichorst's termination and his plans to fill the vacancy. He will most likely express support for "all of our coaches" and our commitment to excellence. Bap bap bap. Within the next two to six weeks, UNL will hire a new Athletic Director who will announce they are going to evaluate all sports. This means they're going to fire Mike Riley if he isn't already gone and he isn't winning every game since Eichorst has been fired. Sometime around the end of November we'll learn Riley's fate. If there's an amazing hire and it isn't someone not going to a bowl or not Jon Gruden, we may not know who will replace Riley until January. So, short story long, buckle up folks. We've got another three or four months of rocky road ahead.
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    I learned that we actually do suck and that the sooner this coaching staff is replaced the sooner we might have a shot at returning to something resembling football. This was pathetic on all fronts. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.
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    This, right here, is bulls#!t, and it speaks to the mindset of this team. You just got beat at home by a huge underdog. You have two choices: You can let doubt creep in or you can get pissed off and take it out on Rutgers. Riley doesn't talk about getting off the mat and pounding our next opponent, he talks about doubt. If that's the first thought in your head, I will postulate that you are not in the right frame of mind to lead this team.
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    Oh god, here we go.
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    No. To clarify, the premise of this is wrong - the Big Ten is not a problem for Nebraska it's a solution, academically, financially and prestigiously. I would rather own the smallest house in the nicest neighborhood than the best house in the worst neighborhood.
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    It's not Ed's bad commenting about Nebraska football, it's Ed's bad commenting about football. Ed ruins every game he broadcasts with his diatribes over helmet-to-helmet contact. The worst part about it is, too often Ed's calling for a player to be ejected and he's wrong. Ed went from a regular football viewer to someone who wants to cover every player in bubble wrap.
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    On my morning drive I sometimes listen to ESPN 710 Los Angeles and Key Sr. is on a morning show. I happened to be listening today when they started a segment about how Al Michaels said he believes QB's coming out of college today are more NFL ready than ever before. Keyshawn and other hosts disagreed and Keyshawn goes on to talk about how high school recruits need to find the right system for their skillset that translates best to the NFL. He mentions this is what he went through with his son and naysayers were questioning why Nebraska and he said because his son is trying to get to play on Sundays and "Keith Williams is the best receiver coach in college football, period." He then gives Riley some praise and mentions that his QB system will translate well into the pro game so this is where QB's will want to play. The Al Michaels things starts around 20:20 Key Sr. on playing in the right system and Nebraska comments are at around 23:07 http://www.espn.com/espnradio/losangeles/play?id=20496598
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    Time for some fun and hopefully a few laughs (until someone takes it too far) I'll start
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    When it comes to Husker football there probably aren't many things Husker fans agree upon, however I will go out on a limb and suggest one thing we all agree on is the need for great athletes and depth in all positions. While we have some great young men/athletes now, we also have some holes and weaknesses. With an offensive system like MR's, once a cycle of freshman have come in and developed in the system over a 3, 4, or 5 year period with Jr's and Sophmores behind them who have done the same, it becomes a powerful machine and not just a system. Anything that helps us attract and get talent is another step in the right direction. This extension is a strong message to all prospective recruits wanting to play in a pro-style offense who may be concerned about whether the coach and system they commit to will still be in place 3 years form now. The answer is YES, so hesitate no longer and commit to N today. GBR
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    The first half of this game was some of the worst football we've played in some time (and that's saying a lot considering our past 2 decades). We struggled to stop Oregon and they ran all over us! My biggest concern is the implosion from within any time something doesn't go our way. Tipped pass intercepted and they score, a tipped 3rd and long falls into their hand and they score, a terrible snap on 4th and 1 and a conversion is reversed.... they score. We don't have the leadership to rally on the field when those plays happen! Thet being said...... Our coaches rallied them in the second half. You can say Oregon played not to lose, but we were a different team. The deffense swarmed and had swagger, the offense executed and pulled out some amazing plays! Our coaches know what they are doing and they will put us in position to win. Don't hammer to hard on them, we need a leader!!!! We need a player on both sides of the ball to rally the troops and pick them up. A few implosions handled differently, and we would have had a different game and different team on our hands. Give the coaches some slack!
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    Hello Huskers! I know you have all missed my amazingly insightful posts over the past few years but I have returned with many gifts of good news which will help bouy up your spirits concerning the current football season that has just begun! 1. Iowa State is still undefeated. 2. Iowa State sits atop the Big 12 Conference...alphabetically. 3. Iowa State is still in the running for the National Title 4. Texas has pretty much been eliminated from winning the National Title 5. The entire state of Texas has pretty much been eliminated from winning National Title 6. Iowa looked very average beating a severely overhyped Wyoming team 7. Iowa State shall demolish Iowa next weekend, removing them from contention for a conference title There was some other stuff but I forgot what it was. Meanwhile...I was able to see most of the Husker game Saturday but missed some of the 2nd half cuz we were on stage and there was this nice looking blonde with big boobs and...well...you know how it is. The main thing I took away from it was that your Corners better learn to shed blocks a little more aggressively or you'll be looking at that stupid flat screen all year AND if you have to play a 3-4, you need to find a hybrid linebacker in the old Randy White mold to make it effective or you're gonna get shelled. The 3-4 will work if you flex to present unpredictably but playing it straight up for an entire game is just asking for exploitation. Have a nice week. There will always be a place for you in the Big 12 when you come to your senses. Apparently we still have a couple extra numbers.
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    We hire Jim Tressel. Jim hires Bo Pelini. Half the fanbase explodes.
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    If Bielema gets anywhere near this program i will have to find another team to root for. I'd rather just fold the football program.
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    Looks like this is what Nebraska fans demand of its next head coach: • Come in with an offensive identity. • That offensive identity better be a power running game. • Don't get cute by passing the ball in the fourth quarter. Just don't. • Don't take what the defense gives you -- impose your will. It's that simple! • Proven winner. What's that 5-7 season doing in your resume? Not here. Not anymore. • Wherever you've won multiple championships at the P-5 level, you consider Nebraska a step up in your career. • If not, please accept the $10 million the asholes in the AD should be willing to spend. • We're a little gun-shy about "nice guy" coaches at the moment, so don't think you have to represent. Just win. Immediately. • Please fire the athletic director and University Chancellor on the way in. Gotta admit, I'm a little worried there isn't such a guy.
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    68 - Shane Lemieux - OL Rosie O'Donnell
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    Think you might have some room in your car to take a slightly used Athletic Director with you back to Madison? Asking for a friend...
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    See how these next 3 weeks go against NIU, Rutgers, and Illinois. play well and win these games being 4-1 heading into a home game against undefeated top 10 Wisconsin, where anything can happen...
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    I guess I see it differently. To me the O-line was a bright spot today, and most of the time Tanner had plenty of time to throw, AND they were opening holes for Bryant til he went out with an injury. Our offensive issues really came down to Lee's poor throws.
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    Depends which flavor of 3-4. Diaco's bend-but-don't-break 3-4 is a load of horse hockey. I prefer an attacking, dictating defense that forces opponents to make quick decisions and beat you with precision. If they can, fine, we'll get you next series. If not, we're going to bury your ass behind the line of scrimmage.
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    Please don't screw this up for the 4th time in a row....
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    Bo sucked... Riley sucks... Let's find someone that doesn't suck!
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    When I'm named AD I'm heading straight to Orlando wearing money print overalls and a corn head.
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    Pelini should have been fired a year earlier (when he asked to be fired), and we should have offered Chris Petersen $8 million+. People said it BEFORE Washington hired him. Now they hired him... and they were in the playoffs last year. He did well at a state (Idaho) that's HARDER to recruit to than Nebraska.
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    Why do we have to label people? All that does is divide us.
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    IMO Arky State looked like a better overall team in game one than Oregon in game two. The difference in outcomes between the two games were the turnovers. +2 vs Arky State W 43-36 -2 vs Oregon L 42-35 We were without Kalu and Tre part of the game, we were on the road in a hostile environment, were able to still cover the spread, and had a chance to tie or take the lead in the final minutes. The first turnover was a good throw and should have been caught for a first down Huskers near midfield. Instead it turned into a quick 14 point deficit which changed the offenses game plan thereafter. That got the home crowd fired up, gave Oregon confidence, and the breathing room to take some aggressive risks on defense, while at the same time put more pressure on Lee and the offense to score. I don't care what the outcome is, if I see a Husker team playing hard to the end of any game and competing on every play I'm going to recognize it. If others want to tear their team down or limit their praise of good hard effort so be it, just don't tell me not to.
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    Which is what we were told after his first year because he had to get better players. Which is what we were told after "no blowout" losses turned out to be bunk because he needed a QB for his system. Which is what we were told when his first recruiting class turned out to be not so hot because the 2017 class was going to be special. Which is what we were told after the 2017 recruiting class turned out to be solid but nothing spectacular. Which is what we were told after our defense against Arkansas State was supposedly just playing vanilla and the DC thought played "fantastic" Lather, rinse, repeat.
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    Oh god here we go again...... a Clemson homer throws out an off the wall prediction and you guys start to fire up again. NO JUST NO
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    This is a ridiculous thread. No one should get fired. As a program ,we cannot tolerate another short term coaching cycle This is a coach and this is our staff.
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    And yet no limit to what you won't blame on Mike Riley.
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    2013 - Southern Miss – 56-13 (43 pts) 2013 - Purdue – 44-7 (37 pts) 2014 - Florida Atlantic – 55-7 (46 pts) 2014 - Fresno State – 55-19 (36 pts) 2015 - South Alabama – 48-9 (39 pts) 2016 - Fresno State – 43-10 (33 pts) 2016 - Wyoming – 52-17 (35 pts) Do these not count as blowouts sunshine?
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    Yes, it was a win. But nothing yet has convinced me that Riley is other than what he has always been; a .500 coach. I would love to be proven wrong. I was very excited about this season, despite my trepidation about Riley's past performance, but a game like tonight's just makes me think that this "nice guy" needs to retire so that the Huskers can hire a coach with more desire to win. Riley was a bad hire. I am not calling for his firing, that would just make NU look like a bigger dumpster fire than it already does...but he should just get out of the game. He was fine as an Oregon State coach, but he doesn't have what it takes to coach at a place with the expectations that are placed on the coach the way they are at NU. ...one more thing...before someone tries to "correct me" and say that Riley is above .500 at NU, I know what his record is, but playing like a .500 coach will keep us middle of the pack (at best), which is what Riley has done in his first couple of years at NU.
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    So....just so I know what to think about this. Before the game, I remember a couple different conversations: a) We NEED a featured back. I specifically asked why running 200 yards with one back is better than running for more yards with multiple backs.....I was told I obviously have no clue what I'm talking about. Clearly we need a featured back and one who can take over the job. b) Constantly, fans complain that we don't stick with what is working. Well.......running Bryant was OBVIOUSLY working. So.....I'm guessing those two thought processes are wrong?
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    I'll give Ed credit for sticking to his principles, but the fact is that football is an inherently dangerous sport. Ed knew that since he was a little kid, and yet he chose to play and to profit from the sport in the booth. Having an epiphany is fine. Continuing to profit off what you consider to be a blood sport for years and years is a problem. I applaud Ed for having the conviction to step away. Problem is, he should have done it years ago, and not inflicted his inner demons on the viewing audience for so long. Now maybe the rest of us can get back to watching our favorite sport without Ed's constant nagging. It's about time.
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    Here is a handy chart for the new guy:
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    The last 16 years haven't been the most enjoyable as a fan. But they sure haven't been boring.
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    And was .333 in the 9 games before that 10 game stretch.
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    We held them scoreless in the 2nd half and you think the staff had 0% to do with that?
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    When Nebraska ran the ball frequently and effectively, and Tre Bryant got into a rhythm that lasted all four quarters, I thought "well that's one thing HuskerBoard won't be able to complain about." Man, I was wrong.
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    This seems to be a bad case of "old-timer angry that players don't act anguished enough for him after a loss" married with "how can I spin an article out of this, as is my job?" Everything else -- from the necessary firing of a DC who didn't cut it, to the hiring of a Diaco whose qualities you'd otherwise think were pretty good, to even the naming of Lee as a starting QB. Honestly. What else is here? ASU's coach quips "They're beatable". A freshman recruit doesn't make it to the fall roster. Four "paragraphs" aghast at Keyshawn Sr's casual acceptance of weed-smoking among adults. A rival school grooms an administrator for their AD job (to be fair, I can't believe Wisconsin thought of this. Devastating for Husker fans, probably. What will we do now?). The Huskers AD does something with money that causes teeth-gnashing among fans. You'd think at this point Lee is going to tie this summary of events back together with his thesis somehow, but nah. The article just ends. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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