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    2020 headline - Nebraska's Maurice Washington sets all-time NCAA single-game rushing record with 527 yards against Buckeye defense
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    If he were my son, I'd tell him to stop listening to Mike Riley.
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    We ended up hiring him......
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    I couldn't watch last year's game the first time. No way I'm re-watching any Riley era games. Will have so many better options here in about a month.
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    My bonkers QB theory: It really is a very close race and they want to be fair to two very talented QBs.
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    If you got behind on page 4, then you weren't putting forth the effort. I blame the previous staff.
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    After all the trouble they've had, it's probably time they bring in just a really nice guy. Almost a super friendly grandfather type. If only there was someone out there like that...
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    Health concerns incoming for Meyer.
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    As long as they're not working out at The Spigot or Duffy's.
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    Players should be able to go wherever they want after they graduate.
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    You're just trying to milk the likes from this photo, aren't you? I don't know why the word milk came to mind. I'm not sure why the word came was inserted into my mind. I'm not sure why the word inserted was on the tip of my tongue.
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    Yes, I should probably apologize for being old enough to actually remember when the Cornhuskers actually played football. There are many on this board who have only read or heard about it.
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    Suspects 1 through 13...
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    This is why Nebraska still needs the death penalty.
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    I don't understand how adding four more deserving teams to the playoff devalues the regular season? You still have to be in the top 10 to have a realistic shot at making an 8 team playoff. Conference champions generally don't have an "average/poor record", due to the fact that they would have to either win a division plus a CCG, but that is accounted for by adding 3 at-large teams. So, if an 8-4 Florida manages to beat 12-0 Alabama, there's room for both teams. You answered your own question: there will always be an argument for the first team left out, whether it's #3, #5, #9 or #17. #5 has a much better argument than any of the others left out. Each conference goes back to 8 games, and you add a second bye week. Bowl games don't mean much of anything anyways. And, you would actually add value to 4 more bowls if you make the quarterfinals take place at bowl sites/games. This has never made a difference in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, College Basketball, College Baseball, or anything not named College Football. 8 teams means that anyone that the general public thinks is overrated has an opportunity to either prove them wrong, or prove them right. And, the prestige that comes with making a playoff would benefit up and coming programs (imagine what it would have done for TCU a few years ago, or UCF last year). Again, this isn't an issue in virtually any other sport. Besides, the likelihood of that is slim, and as there are contingencies to account for this in the NCAA Tournament, one could assume similar contingencies could be made to stave off a third meeting between teams until as late as possible. College football isn't the same as college basketball; late season momentum doesn't matter as much, particularly in the case of a football playoff. Generally, the best teams are going to be present at the end of the year. The obvious argument is UCF/Auburn from last year. One could imagine the tone and tenor of that game if it were a CFP quarterfinal as opposed to a Peach Bowl. "Oh woe is me; I have to watch more football" is something I don't think I've ever said. Fans will travel, ESPECIALLY Nebraska fans. I would like to see quarterfinal games be played on the higher seed's campus, though.
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    All the comments here should be well thought out and adult-like
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    In this thread: Arguments are made for Ozigbo by discounting Wilbon because he's not a "speed" back. Comparisons are mad between Ozigbo - who literally has no moves and is probably third-sting at best on his college team - to Burkhead, who was great at jump-cutting sideways to make guys miss and plays a significant role for his NFL team Tre Bryant - who had over 300 yards rushing in two games last year - is noted as "showing some flashes" The guys who is easily our slowest back is said to "hit the hole as fast as anyone" Gotta love it
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    You're doing it wrong. It's supposed to say "Ohio State sucks, who can we steal?"
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    You are wrong. I will personally mount the perpetrator(s) head(s) on pikes at memorial stadium when they are found. I will then make their daughter(s) stare at their heads before I force them to marry the biggest 16 year old a**hole(s) on the planet, so help me God.
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    Don't worry, guys. I've set a clever trap.
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    To tie in to what Frost is saying, Nebraska had chances in 2017. But it blew most of them. Nebraska led Northern Illinois 17-14 until 8:52 in the 4th quarter when NIU scored. There was plenty of time to take the lead, but a stalled drive followed by a third Tanner Lee interception ended the game. Nebraska was tied with Wisconsin 17-17 with 5 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter, but allowed three unanswered TDs in the game's final 20 minutes to lose 38-17. Nebraska led Northwestern 24-17 but allowed a game-tying score with five minutes left in the 4th quarter, then allowed the game-winning TD in overtime, then gained -2 yards on their overtime possession. Nebraska entered halftime with Iowa tied 14-14, but allowed 42 unanswered points in the 2nd half to lose 56-14. Nebraska wasn't strong, wasn't in shape, and had poor schemes. 2017 wasn't a talent issue. It was fundamentals, poor mentality, and poor execution. If the new coaches can fix two of those things, we'll be OK in 2018. Fix all three by 2019, and Frost is right - look out.
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    Poor Morgan may never get to play with all of those receivers above him.
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    I would have an alcohol issue if someone was beating me and I had no support.
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    Sounds to me like it's working out fine. He's playing where he feels comfortable and working toward a college degree.....sounds like a success story to me. Live long and prosper, Mr Bussey.
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    We're 0-0, which is exactly what I thought we'd be on August 3rd.
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    I can bench-press a house, with the Barbies still in it and everything.
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    1) Count the mistakes Martinez makes as a Freshman. 2) Compare them to the mistakes Tanner Lee made as a Junior, and Tommy Armstrong made as a Senior. 3) A freshman quarterback isn't always a liability.
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    Shawn Watson tagged your mom
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    This won't end well for the person, or people, responsible.
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    UCF fans still taking his departure hard.
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    Were you at the game?
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    http://www.knopnews2.com/content/news/Huskers-Coach-Scott-Frosts-home-burglarized-489506841.html "Lincoln Police said Huskers Head Coach Scott Frost's home was burglarized over the weekend. Among the items stolen are more than a dozen Championship rings." *Husker Nation right now*
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    I was robbing a completely different house.
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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this. But someone close to the program sent me this last night. Maybe graduate transfer?
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