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    Best win: getting Frost. /end thread.
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    Michigan did not win a national championship in 1997. They won the Pac-10/Big Ten intramural trophy.
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    How many more felonies do we need to get back to championship level? Frost gets it!
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    When you have Wyoming as one of the options to choose from is all you need to know about the Mike Riley Era hahaha
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    Now we'll never get Les miles here to coach the defense...
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    Cornhusker memes posted this. Seems appropriate
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    Riley had us there too. The whole country took notice when we lost at home to NIU and gave up 50+ to Minnesota.
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    I don't really think "these situations" were happening with Riley. Only in the absolute broadest sense of "similar" is there anything related. Riley settled on one defensive tackle for the class who was a project even if he didn't have academic concerns. We had other recruits who were more highly-rated - more college-ready - who we turned away in favor of a kid who never made it to campus. Washington was the third-highest rated kid in the class who lit it up at an all-star game. He also plays a position where we have decent depth, brought in a JUCO at his position in the same class and also recruited another high school kid who is a RB/WR hybrid. So there's really not much for similarities between the situations at all. If you're going to take a risk, you take a risk on a legit prospect and hedge your bets with other recruits. Doing it the opposite way around is stupid.
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    He's coming from Garden City CC, so no. This seems like something you could give a second chance for. I mean, he didn't whip his junk out and wave it around a 7-Eleven.
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    Why is Michigan always considered a premier program and Nebraska not? I completely get Nebraska has struggled the last 20 years but truth be told so has Michigan. In fact it may interest you to know that since 1997 when Nebraska and Michigan shared the National Championship game, Nebraska has won 171 games to Michigan's 165. Our win percentage is 66.02% to Michigan's 65.48% and we have beaten them head to head 3 out of the 4 times played (since 1998) including the last two. With this being said why is Michigan continually placed amongst the elite teams and Nebraska not?
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    There is not an audit in the world that won't find s#!t that is "wrong". From a Cougar Fan (Or from Bill Moos posing as a WSU fan and posting on another site) It's from the New President at WSU who honestly sucks. He's trying to blame someone for the debt of the football program that we ALL KNEW WAS GOING TO GO INTO DEBT BECAUSE WE HAD NO MONEY TO BEGIN WITH. Here's the stuff they won't tell you in the "audit" That debt is over all the years the athletic department was making payments on a 120 million dollar project. 1) It's not like this was all 1 year. Every year there were debt payments to make. 2) Our football revenue under moos went from 40 million (yes that's right our entire football/athletic budget for 2011 was just 40 million dollar) to 60 million. a 20 million dollar increase or a 50% increase in football. 3) He hired Leach and we had 3 winning seasons in a row. We've only had 1 other 3 winning span in 100 years of football. 4) You all will be absolutely fine with Moos. You don't have to "build a new stadium because it is a 39k capacity dump", You don't have to "build a football operations building because you have none). All you need is a guy who can hire good coaches and keep Big Red being Big Red. And he hired Frost. Look at the excitement you all have now. And Frost will deliver and Moos will be a hero for you guys. Moos isn't dumb. He's really smart and knows how to build a winning program. I miss him everyday at WSU. I hate our new President Schultz. I am worried he's going to screw the program and ruin what Leach and Moos built for us. We are basically 1 bad hire and cuts away back to 2-10 1-11 2-10 Seriously. That was what our record was before Moos. Our football renovations cost 120 million dollars. Everybody knew it, and now they are throwing a fit..."this thing we spent money on costs money!" . We all knew it. The athletic department will be in the black by 2020, but in the mean time we have these idiots who are looking for any and every excuse to blame other people while they figure out a way to destroy the nice car Moos/Leach built for us and sell it off for parts to stuff their own pockets. This is why WSU can never have anything nice.
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    IMO, it's Purdue, and it's not close. That was a horrible football team, who only beat one FBS team (Nebraska). Hazell's teams were so bad, that the 2017 team under Brohm beat more FBS (and B1G) teams in one season, than Hazell's teams did in FOUR. When you look at the quality of the team, it's the worst opponent Nebraska has lost to since Hawaii in the 1950's.
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    "Nebraska has a solid collection of tight ends because they were also an important part of Riley’s offense"
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    That article is dumb, and the writer doesn't deserve the clicks.
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    Shucks. It's always a little embarrassing when I'm singled out like this.
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    Even if they weren't ranked as high, 2009 vs Missouri in the rain was a good one, too. Gave us some great pics, like the Suh-plex (crack!): And my old avatar:
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    Here's some OU-NU rivalry trivia for you: ] The most lopsided OU-NU game in the series? The 69-7 Husker win in 1997 with--drum role please--QB Scott Frost at the helm. LINK
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    We've all been awful Purdue teams once in our lives. It happens. Don't be so hard on yourself, okay?
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    You do realize that instead of running away, you could man up, admit that Trump (and the current GOP leadership) is a clear and present danger to our democracy with his behavior, and actually start being a responsible member of our country that knows we are better than this s***show. Or you could do nothing of the sort, continue skulking away, and therefore tacitly approve of tactics and behaviors typically reserved for totalitarian regimes and dictatorships because your 'party' is currently the one on top reaping the benefits. --- Politics isn't a sport, folks. We shouldn't be rooting for 'sides', 'red/blue' states, or any sort of black/white myopic celebration of right and wrong. We should be supporting candidates and people that exhibit that they are attempting to do the most amount of good for the most amount of people (read: not corporations, not the richest 1% of Americans) at all times, all while doing their best to maintain integrity, consistency, frugality, and preserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Very few of the members of the GOP, and none of the Trump cabinet (nor Trump himself) come remotely close to trying to do this.
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    You said it has nothing to do with being a starter. The entire tradition is literally based on being a starter. There wouldn’t be any Blackshirts if it weren’t for coaches wanting to differentiate the starters. So, yeah, it has a helluva lot to do with being a starter. Unless you mean the Italian fascists. They definitely gave max effort and had a kick your a** attitude.
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    Not sure I understand why this is a budget-related problem. Your budget doesn't directly correlate to butts in seats, it correlates to cash earned from tickets sold. You get that cash whether people show up to the game or not. If you have a budget problem, you want to focus on tickets sold, not on actual attendance. This is kind of a curious gripe.
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    On the bright side, it looks like the sellout steak is in good hands! #GlassHalfFull
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    Do we all have to do that thing where we pretend like we care that the guy did something wrong and because of that "we" don't want him...or do just some of us have to do it so that we still have "board integrity"? If he is good, take him.
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    2012 Wisconsin is the hands down winner here. Nebraska had no business losing by 40+ points to a 7-5 Wisconsin team that backed its way into a conference championship game because of tOSU's ineligibility. Not only was the performance uninspired but NU's defense was embarrassingly torched by some of the same plays over and over. On paper, that was BP's best chance to win a conference championship and he couldn't get it done. I'm still completely flustered by that game to this day. As a side note, 2014 Wisconsin is an interesting choice to consider because this loss was the straw that broke the camels back for me. I felt it was time for BP to be let go after that game.
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    I'm starting to think this Frost guy gets it.
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    There is a difference over signing by 3 spots on your available scholarship limit and taking a shot on an academic risk while having two other recruits at the position (JUCO Bell and Miles Jones) and undersigning by 3+ spots and having your only recruit for the position (CB Blades) be an academic risk. Watts wasn't as bad of a situation because they had D. Thomas and Daniels in the class, so they weren't putting all of their DT eggs in one academic risk basket.
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    You can't claim to be a true Cornhuskers fan if you don't yell "Go Big Scarlet!" instead of "Go Big Red!"
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    The best loss of the Riley Era was Northern Illinois. It got the ball rolling to get him out of here.
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    2015 Michigan State won the B1G and made it to the CFB Playoff.
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    What I find interesting is this audit doesn’t even mention the two murders that Moos covered up.
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    If he was 6' 3", his actions would be inexcusable. But 6' 6"? We could use some of that.
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    He "liked the Riley era". That's enough for me to form an opinion on the type of person he is.
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    Stop having the same crossover opponent for 6 years in a row would be a start...
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    Your anecdotal opinion doesn't matter - they were a premiere team, who beat the #4, #9, #11, and #19 teams in the nation, won their conference, and made the playoff. That's a great team, period. Please. Sparty has outperformed Michigan in every capacity possibly imaginable over the last decade, including 8-2 head to head.
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    I think they assume Go Big Red must be a nod to the Chinese Gov.
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    Who the hell thought Kanye was a future presidential candidate for the Dems?
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