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    I just wanted to point out that @jessica0 has been on this board since October and already has something like 238 rep points. I've been on here since December of 2005 and have 255 points. It always fascinates me how newbies can come on here and pretty much seem to dominate the board and then become the next "guru" on the board. I mean no harm by this post ... I actually was hoping a few folks would simply +1 this post so I can get out ahead of Jessica on the rep points. Thanks for any +1's. :-)
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    Im actually really wondering what goes through your mind when watching this team play? It took me 7 years to fall off the Pelini bandwagon, so Im usually one for giving coaches time, but anyone with a pair of eyes can see that this is NOT good football. And when you break down film its even worse.
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    What about them? They can't complete with the big boys in the league. Heck they can barely compete with the bottom feeders of college football. They'll be lucky to keep the Penn st game within 4 tds.
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    Thats not what he meant at all. Not one bit. He was talking about the fans that would rather be right about their prediction on coaches than actually supporting the University. And hes absolutely right. You see it right here on this board. The guys that posted the day Riley was hired that he would be a failure and be fired within 3-4 years. And then theyve come back this season just to say they were right all along and we should have listened to them. You think those "fans" gave Riley any shot at all? Nope. Just wanted to be right about their predictions three years ago. Thats who DB was talking about. Not fans that voice their displeasure after they have given the guy a chance and have seen for themself it is not working.
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    Twas the night before Penn State And all through the house Not a creature was stirring Not even the computer mouse The beers were all cooling In the fridge with care With hopes that St. Frost would soon be there The Huskers were nestled all snug in their beds While visions of touchdowns danced through their heads When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter When what to my wondering eyes should appear But a miniature bus, pulled by a John Deere The door was flung open, so lively it tossed I knew in a moment that it must be St. Frost As I drew in my head and was turning around Down the chimney St. Frost came with a bound He was dressed all in red, from his head to his foot And even his headset was covered in soot A sack of trophies was flung on his back Oranges, and Roses, and even an Outback! He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work Filled all the Adidas stockings, then turned with a jerk And laying his finger aside of his nose And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose He sprung to his bus, and to his team gave a whistle And away they all shot, like a spiraling missile But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight GO BIG RED to ALL, and to all a good night!!!
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    If that's what we're doing here, then maybe don't post a dozen times a day about every other open job in the country?
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    Getting rid of him now does nothing but appease a bunch of "I want it my way, right now" folks. He's gone at the end of the year. Keeping him won't help us win anymore games, but firing him right now won't either (check out Florida's day today with their new interim coach).
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    Well I would hope we know before Iowa does!
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    UCF is scrambling to activate their fleet. They have vowed to protect area from any enemy aircraft from the north.
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    We could ask Diaco but the strain would be to much.
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    The players and coaches are doing their best. Riley and his assistants didn’t come here to fail. Yes, there have been mistakes. We may have different opinions on judgment calls. But there is no need for personal insults and nastiness. The players are young adults. They, in particular, deserve our support. I also don’t believe in schadenfreude. Nebraska is the home of the greatest fans in college football so let’s act that way.
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    I have recently run into a troubling problem and am looking for a few suggestions on how to handle it. The problem? I don't know how to gloat properly. You see...as a diehard ISU fan, I'm not familiar with success and haven't really had to worry about the etiquette of gloating before. Oh sure, I'm surrounded by moron Hawkeyes fans who gloat about everything from their stolen Pittsburgh Steelers color scheme to their record of number of players cited for public urination...but the way they do it makes them seem like brainless a$$hole$ and makes the entire world hate them. Actually, the entire world already hated them but their method of gloating just magnifies the hatred. I don't want people to hate me. On the other hand, I had a conversation with a coworker today who is a Kansas State fan and I mentioned that we were ranked 14th in the nation and asked her where K State was ranked this year. When I realized what I said, I felt guilty about it. Even after assuring her that I was joking and that I was sure K State would win their next game because it was a night game and Bill Snyder would be on the sideline coaching instead of laying in his coffin trying to hide from the sunlight, I still felt bad, especially since she has real big breasts. So...here I am looking for some advice. How do I gloat without becoming an asshat Hawkeyes type of gloater but without having to worry about losing a chance of motor boating with the hot office assistant? Now I know Nebraska fans have had their share of success in the past and most of the ones I have met have usually been very gracious about the fact that their team was good while my team sucked so I decided it would be a great dea to come to the experts and ask how to gloat properly. Any advice would be appreciated...thank you in advance Cy
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    Says everything you need to know about this staff's expectations. From this fan's perspective last night was perfect. My favorite team pulled out a win, but it was still abundantly clear that this coaching staff isn't good enough.
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    So confirmed Riley will retire then?
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    Not sure why you guys are picking on jessica0? I appreciate someone out there searching high and low for the information because most of us don't have the time. Keep it up jessica0...thank you.
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    No one was excited because few had heard of him, and we felt entitled to a big name or at least a more exciting search. When we looked into it, we saw that in the year we hired him, Mike Riley had been voted the second most underrated coach in a poll of fellow college coaches. Found out Alabama, USC and UCLA had supposedly tried to hire him away earlier in his career. The same college football community gave Riley a lot of credit for the 8, 9 and 10 win seasons he managed with low budget Pac 12 bottom feeder Oregon State, including regularly out-coaching guys like Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll — a situation not unlike Matt Campbell's 6-3 record at Iowa State, currently giving some fans serious boners. Guys like Kurt Warner, Keyshawn Johnson, The Spielman family and Les Miles sent their own kids to play for Mike Riley at Nebraska, and I'm assuming it wasn't just because he's a nice guy. Several of the national pundits currently pushing for Scott Frost thought Riley was a smart if slightly outside the box hire. So it wasn't quite the bizarre/pathetic/toxic choice some would make it. The idea that Mike Riley would use the late-in-life challenge and Nebraska's superior resources to right the ship for about 7 years made as much sense as Brett Bielma or Jim McElwain. It didn't work out. That's pretty clear. Definitely time to move on. But retroactively s#!tting on Mike Riley and all he's ever done isn't a good look for Husker fans. And you know who'd agree with me? Every coach we'd ever want to hire.
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    The difference is, we don't need Photoshop...
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    I'm breaking my own rule because the SF megathread has gotten out of control. We had members ask us to not moderatebe heavily, so we didn't and now it's just a place for memes, arguing, and discussion of the 1982 Penn State Game. This is a locked thread that I (and any other mods who want) can go through and update with posts that are actually relevant to the topic. The idea is that people can get most of the information re: rumors tweets and everything else without having to read 8 pages to find one new piece of information. I'm pinning it because I think it's a content area many people on the board are interested in. The megathread I'll leave to continue to evolve organically. I know many people look at the SF conversation as a playground because nothing definitive will happen until after black Friday. I appreciate that viewpoint, but there are also people who might want to come to the board for genuine conversation and information consolidated into one place. This thread is for those people. I can't promise to keep it updated but i'll try. I'm going to apologize in advance because it seems I can't copy posts from the other thread, just move them. I'd prefer not to move the other posts as it would make things confusing. As such, I'm just copy and pasting. I'm also including posts that I think add something to painting a picture about what's going on. This is by its nature arbitrary. I apologize if I missed something you feel like is important.
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    I can just picture Scott walking around UCF's campus talking openly about the job offers he's getting. That's so like Scott. (Scene - UCF Campus, mid Fall) SCOTT FROST APPROACHES FROM STAGE LEFT, WALKS TOWARD TWO APPARENT COLLEGE STUDENTS WEARING BACKPACKS AND UGGS Scott Frost: Good afternoon! I am Scott Frost, Head Coach at UCF. I have been receiving job offers from many Universities to coach their football teams. Student 1: Uhh... OK. Scott Frost: I would like to tell you about these many offers. They are attractive! Student 2: We have to get to class. Scott Frost: Many of these offers are more attractive than others. Some are from colleges far from here. Some are from this very state. Student 2: Dude, we gotta-- Scott Frost: One offer is from the University of Nebraska. It is my alma mater! Student 1: We know. Can we go now? Scott Frost: The offer from the University of Nebraska is attractive. It contains many attractive things. Student 2: Bro... Scott Frost: But other offers from other universities to be their head football coach are even more attractive! I am receiving so many attractive offers! HAHAHAHA!! THE STUDENTS QUICKLY EXEUNT STAGE LEFT A SQUIRREL APPEARS Scott Frost: Hello forest creature! I am Scott Frost, head football coach at UCF! I would like to talk to you about the many attractive job offers I am receiving! Squirrel: <says nothing because it is a squirrel> Scott Frost: HAHAHAHA!!! RALPH RUSSO CITES LOCAL CAMPUS SQUIRREL AS SOURCE IN HIS NEXT MAILBAG (End Scene)
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    2015 started with the first home-opener loss in 30 years and became Nebraska's first losing season in seven years. 2016 started with Nebraska's first top-ten ranking in several years after a 7-0 start, but a 2-4 finish ensured that Nebraska would end, once again, unranked. 2017 is 2015 all over again, only this time there won't be a 5-win asterisk bowl game berth. Nebraska will miss out on its first bowl in ten years. Riley will finish his Husker career at .500, 19-19. The Riley Era - It started bad and went from there.
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    Mike was maximizing the time he has left as coach
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    Hey, I think Scott Frost is the best solution for everything that ails us right now. But if he's the only man who can save Nebraska football, and any other coach will plunge us into depression, then this is more of a cult than a football program.
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    Not making this thread to give hope that Riley and co. can turn things around. Just wanted to give a shout out to Lee for hanging in there and improving this season without bitching or calling out teammates. I think the year layoff hampered him more than he thought it would mixed in with some abysmal play calling. He also isn't quite as good as many speculated, but for sure looks pretty good as of late. I said before season and still believe that Nebraska has the best WR core in the B10. AND who knew we have a TE. Yes, they are able to catch the ball in an offense. First 4 games: 52% 7 TD 9 INT 898 yards Last 4 games: 61% 8 TD 1 INT 1,242 yards
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    I know some people that were high at the University. Does that count for anything?
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    I don't usually post what I'm about to post, so I hope it gives it some modicum of additional weight (even though I'm leaving it a little vague). It feels pertinent given the Florida situation and ours. A fairly prominent Nebraska personality, as of this morning, has me convinced Scott Frost wants the Nebraska job. They told me they know it for 'a fact.' We've heard this notion from some former players and people who know Scott, but personally, it took hearing it from this person to convince me because of who I know they know. My personal opinion, after listening to what they had to say, was they've heard it from Frost himself (but that part is just my opinion). They said the real question will be whether Nebraska wants to get rid of Riley, but that they'd 'be making the biggest mistake in the world' if Riley left and they didn't offer Frost.
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    He's also probably our best linebacker.
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    So now we are breaking down wedding photos?
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    Nope, can't do that. Scott is a personal friend and I just do not share anything I know. I value Scott more then any info I could provide.
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    Why does this staff have a job.
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    Our fan base has been, and will continue to be, a much bigger asset than liability.
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    I have a way to make sure Scott Frost Comes to Nebraska. I am going to make a statement below. If you agree like this post. But I only want 7 likes. No more, no less. If it stays on 7 its going to happen. Scott Frost will be Head Coach at Nebraska.
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    That’s crazy. I never knew a state could change its name.
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    Thanks for the info.......BUT for the love of baby Football Jesus please learn how to embed tweets
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    Why was Kalu moved from CB if they needed help there?
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    I guess if nothing else, the Gates are open wide for another lineman to come in and outplay him. One thing about being a lineman is that you can't be afraid to jump in there and get Nicked up now and then.
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    Iowa state lost a few recruits when Paul Rhoads got fired. Maybe it's more important to get a good coach than it is to save a few recruits. Just a thought.
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    Jim the Janitor: Hi coach Frost how are you today? Frost: I’m fantastic Jim. I just got yet another offer that is more attractive to me then the Nebraska job. What a day!!
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    Let's leave Mrs. Riley and her health out of this discussion if there is no factual basis for it.
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    Could you imagine the tunnel walk game 1 if Frost is hired? 1997 highlights of Frost then the screen flashes to him leading the team out, that'd be cool as hell.
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    That’s almost impossible to believe.
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