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    Yes, it was a win. But nothing yet has convinced me that Riley is other than what he has always been; a .500 coach. I would love to be proven wrong. I was very excited about this season, despite my trepidation about Riley's past performance, but a game like tonight's just makes me think that this "nice guy" needs to retire so that the Huskers can hire a coach with more desire to win. Riley was a bad hire. I am not calling for his firing, that would just make NU look like a bigger dumpster fire than it already does...but he should just get out of the game. He was fine as an Oregon State coach, but he doesn't have what it takes to coach at a place with the expectations that are placed on the coach the way they are at NU. ...one more thing...before someone tries to "correct me" and say that Riley is above .500 at NU, I know what his record is, but playing like a .500 coach will keep us middle of the pack (at best), which is what Riley has done in his first couple of years at NU.
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    One of the responses to that Diaco media tweet was gold.... something like "did the reporters all give him a 15 yard cushion?"
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    Our secondary looked like it had no clue what to do. That is going to be a massive problem next week, let's not sugarcoat it.
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    Nobody is going to hire away Diaco any time soon. Everybody relax. It's one game. It's one college football game and the vast majority of us are older than the players. We have other things to really worry about. Kids. Jobs. Significant others. Perspective
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    When does the whining end and the objectivity resume?
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    Hope we can keep ASU on the schedule. They aren't a creampuff program that allows us to feel good about our program. They do a good job of exposing our weaknesses. I respect them
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    "Bend don't break" is just a politician's way of saying "defense like a sieve". Offense looked pretty good with Lee and Bryant in the backfield. Big Money Bob better have some things up his sleeve for Oregon.
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    A coach's success at one place is hardly an indicator of how they'll perform at another place. Heck, if you looked at how Nick Saban did as head coach at Michigan State and with the Dolphins, you'd never guess the guy would be widely regarded as one of the best coaches of all-time. If you thought a .500 record at Oregon State means he's not capable of more at Nebraska, that shows you weren't even prepared to give him a chance. Whether he is or isn't, the record alone is not an indicator of how well he will do here.
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    2016 Auburn L 51-14 2015 USC L 55-6 2014 Tennessee L 34-19 I know this may be news to some, but Nebraska is not in the Sun Belt.
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    If you were toying and playing vanilla defense all game long to try and "hide" something from Oregon, then I would hope we'd say enough is enough when Arkansas State is down 14 and about to score to make it a one score game within the final minutes. Then I would hope if Arkansas State gets the onside kick we would really turn up the defense to make sure they got nowhere close to scoring or tying the game. IMO, the hiding playbooks to keep things secretive against future opponents is hogwash, and it certainly shouldn't and wouldn't apply when you may lose a game.
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    If Riley really praised the defense, he is totally out of touch with reality.
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    No one thinks Diaco held back his blitz packages for Oregon?
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    That was uninspired. Kudos to the Red Wolves, seriously. Yall came to ball and deserved that win. Nebraska...woof. That was just not good. There were so many things to not like I am having a tough time pointing anything I did like out. Same mediocre ground attack, same penalty mistskes, same Special Teams struggles, same tight finish against a team we should have easily covered against. How are we supposed to be excited to play in Eugene next week? I feel so disappointed, just damn....
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    That's the problem. People are getting tired of watching the same thing happen year after year. Different coaching staff same results.
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    IDK - maybe from watching the last 15 seasons of total suckage that is Nebraska football?
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    I do appreciate yall talking me off the ledge so to speak. At least we aren't Texas.
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    Plenty to be upset about don't make stuff up though. Arkansas State is not a FCS team for crying out loud, they have a chance to win their FBS league. Don't be Trump guys. Be better.
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    I think it's more of a scheme/philosophy issue than players. Many who were familiar with Diaco's defense warned us it would be like this, almost a permanent prevent D. But it sure can get really ugly when the opposing QB is hitting his targets and your DB's are playing so soft. We are going to struggle with any team that can throw the ball and gets it out quick. I want to blame our front for not generating pressure but it's not like the QB had forever, he was getting the ball out too quickly. I want to blame our corners for playing too soft and giving such a cushion but guaranteed they were doing what they were supposed to. This is completely on Diaco's scheme and philosophy. I can see where it may work but it is hot garbage when a QB is on and stays on. I'm going to venture a guess that most on our schedule won't have the same results....but hold on for the ones that do.
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    Some of the folks around here. Geez. Arky State has won the sun belt two years in a row. They aren't some no name mid-major/FCS team. Thought the defense made some decent adjustments in the second half. Think the original game plan has been beat up enough. Was disappointed we didn't put 50 on them offensively. Really thought we missed a moment to step on their throats and put The game away. Oregon played Southern Utah. Drawing anything from that is laughable. Doesn't mean they won't do that to us, but it's a different week. Hope we have see a jump.
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    Lee threw passes that would have made Armstrong blush. Receivers dropped sure catches.. we ran straight at the line expecting a result other than a minimal gain... But...the MAC crew did royally screw us on like 3 big calls.
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    You know that wasn't the defense. Why would you play vanilla like it's a scrimmage? I don't know. Kind of puzzling mindset. Doesn't portend well. But it wasn't the defense. 8 minutes left in a 2-score game...you still need to score. Being passive is more likely to put you in a nailbiting situation. Of course, so does trying to score and failing to. But at least you try to put it away. Hopefully we plug those faucets
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    I learned fans will continue to over react to a single game. Let's see what happens before breaking out the torches and pitchforks (or at least wait until after a loss). And I've learned I enjoy the game a whole lot more if I don't go to the game thread.
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    1). Some fans are going to act like Nebraska football team has ruined there ability to enjoy life. 2). Refer to #1 3) our defense needs improvement. 4). Our defense needs to figure things out. But....but....I thought we were going to pass the ball 40 times a game. Waaaaaaa.............
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