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  1. ATH Garrett Snodgrass [Nebraska Commit]

    This guy ran an electronic 40 at our Friday night lights camp last year...4.78 He also had a 33 inch vertical at the same camp. I think he's going to be a beast for us later down the road.
  2. Some bracketologists are saying we need to win the Big Ten to get into the tournament.
  3. Spring Practice Notes

    I feel there might have been strain for that excrement.
  4. QB Position Switches

    Internet forum posters, rewriting history and passing it off as fact ever since Al Gore invented the internet. You do realize he didn't partake in just one spring game right? He was the top performer in the 2014 spitting game. J.Stanton 8-12-0 135 2 TD So please slow your roll...I rewrote nothing on this one... And people had already crowned him as savior after the game. If anything, his performance over those two years shows how little spring game actually should matter.
  5. QB Position Switches

    I'll give you the spring game...but there is a heckuva lot we don't see as well...Truth is, we have no idea. Spring game darlings are just that...it's why Johnny Stanton hype didn't die for quite some time as well. I'll just trust Frost and Coach V to make the best choice for the team and will support what they choose.
  6. Or what? What will you do if he doesn't?
  7. Bracketology

    We just pissed that away. Nothing we can do now except win the whole tournament...otherwise, we're not going to be in.
  8. RB Breece Hall

    Obligatory for Iowa.
  9. JUCO WR Mike Williams [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    It looks like 425 actually. Bar is 45 8 x 45 (plates) = 360 I think those are 10's on the outside so = 20 Add it all up and it's 425.
  10. Bracketology

    Unless we win the conference
  11. The Running Back Room

    It doesn't. You have to be out two seasons to get one back
  12. The Running Back Room

    You got a link for that medical hardship info? All I can find is a single comment from Mike Riley last year and I've been told he is only reliable .500% of the time. A single comment does not equal medical hardship and it also doesn't mean chronic knee problems. All we have is one comment from a failed head coach.
  13. QB Position Switches

    Andrew Bunch... Underrated and forgotten most of the time, yet he is the only TRUE dual threat QB with experience in the roster as he walked in from Scottsdale CC last year. Or POB if Bunch wins the starting job. I just don't see Gebbia thriving in an offense he's never had to run in his entire life. He's a pocket passer QB.
  14. QB Grant Gunnell

  15. QB Position Switches

    Gebbia is 4th, transfers Someone else starts at QB Martinez redshirts