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  1. BlitzFirst

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    You mean like we had previous pelini recruits that were toxic? That's always the narrative and I think it's probably less true than the narrative states it is.
  2. BlitzFirst

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    No team that is properly coached comes out looking this ill-prepared every week. Agreed. They look ill prepared.
  3. BlitzFirst

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    Something about our front 7 against their OLine should make them cringe as well.
  4. BlitzFirst

    Offensive line play

    Guys, guys guys. This is Scott Frost's plan..he has group cut blocks for his line. if you don't like this block, hold the coach responsible...it's by design. Here's a look at UCF:
  5. I'm seeing a lot of excuses for why we didn't bleed the clock leading by 1 point.  Anyone care to elaborate why calling out Frost for not bleeding the clock is a bad thing?

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    3. krc1995


      At least with Riley there was no disappointment but only because there was no expectation.  

    4. GSG


      Riley would've lost that game by 3+ scores in the first half

  6. BlitzFirst

    Frost Mismanaged Clock like Riley

    Was talking about when we were up by 1 with minutes left in the 4th...and we could have milked the clock so that Colorado had less time to score their final TD.
  7. BlitzFirst

    Frost Mismanaged Clock like Riley

    Dude, it's truth...he had his QB's snapping the ball with 20 seconds on the play clock.
  8. Now that everyone has seen the first game and knows that this team isn't going to be world beaters...care to revise the season win total?
  9. BlitzFirst

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Colorado

    I learned Frost can mismanage the clock just as badly as Mike Riley can and that he's not God.
  10. Anyone going to call out Frost for mismanaging the clock like Riley in the Illinois game? Could have bled the clock for almost 1.5 minutes and didn't. I think the L is on him more than the players.
  11. BlitzFirst

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    He's going to be out for the year in my opinion. Saw how his knee bended in that pile.
  12. BlitzFirst

    PreSeason AP Poll

    I believe Penn St in 2011 was the last true non-con road game that they had, and I'm not sure when the last time before that was. Far worse than that...the entire SEC follows suit: https://sports.yahoo.com/alabama-taught-rest-sec-game-scheduling-system-211001807.html
  13. BlitzFirst

    Final Vote - who takes the 1st snap at QB?

    I wanted Bunch...mine exploded a long time ago.
  14. BlitzFirst

    Final Vote - who takes the 1st snap at QB?

    Yep, the voting results from the poll. 2/3rds for Gebbia leaving 1/3rd for heads to explode
  15. BlitzFirst

    Final Vote - who takes the 1st snap at QB?

    I hope it's Gebbia so 1/3 of the pollsters' heads explode.