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  1. QB Adrian Martinez [Tennessee Commit]

    Nope. I think of my own last name though.
  2. QB Adrian Martinez [Tennessee Commit]

    I didn't bring the comparison in..other people did. I drew comparison to RB's because a dual threat QB will need to be much like a RB in the B1G and the sturdier they are, the better they'll be suited to do so...that's a fact. Lastly, If you have a problem with me, I request you take it to PM. Back to the topic: I'm happy we're recruiting Martinez...I think he's a QB being recruited for the system he is used to playing in and he's a definite run threat. I also think he'll be the only one, other than Bunch, who was a dual threat QB coming out of high school. I hope Gebbia/POB can contribute but I have less confidence in either of those guys as running QB's.
  3. QB Adrian Martinez [Tennessee Commit]

    Your post makes no sense and brings nothing to the discussion. Also, you mean it as a dig at me...which is pretty lame.
  4. QB Adrian Martinez [Tennessee Commit]

    Maybe you should see the same before you assume they can do everything in it?
  5. QB Adrian Martinez [Tennessee Commit]

    Funny how everyone is saying that a QB who played and was recruited for a different scheme is suddenly ok to run (and some even infer, will succeed greatly) one he never has before and he's suddenly going to be able to be a run threat (not a scramble threat). Seems to me you guys might be ignoring a few things. Also I'm not saying Gebbia can't put on weight... I only have one data point to reference for his weight.
  6. QB Adrian Martinez [Tennessee Commit]

    Got it...4 inches shorter and within 10lbs. Would you rather have a 5'11" 200 lb running back... Or a 6'3 208lb one? Which one of those would be better running in the big ten? To me, Gebbia is not ideal in Frosts system and he's not built for running.
  7. QB Adrian Martinez [Tennessee Commit]

    Excellent counter point? Nice proof.
  8. QB Adrian Martinez [Tennessee Commit]

    He is a pocket passing QB who is slightly athletic running the ball. He has zero experience in an offense like Frost's. He also is a twig and will most likely snap in half should he get drilled while running. You need a running QB in this offense to be an actual home run threat... Someone who can take it to the house each time. If not, no respect will be given and the defense can count on the QB not being a threat.
  9. QB Adrian Martinez [Tennessee Commit]

    Don't think so at all...
  10. JUCO TE Dominick Wood-Anderson

    16 reasons not to commit?
  11. Assistants Announced

    For those of you that don't know, Tijuana Flats is the Florida version of Taco Johns.
  12. Assistants Announced

    Give us some background on the tweets? I don't know who either one of those are....j
  13. Assistants Announced

    If they want to win the bowl game and not get blown the eff out....they should WANT them to coach it. I can't believe how fast everyone turned on Frost. It's crazy how he went from great coach to Benedict Arnold...over what? Recruits...players that aren't even at UCF yet.
  14. Climate effects

    If you want to play in sunny weather all the time...better go to college where it's warm and kiss your NFL dreams goodbye:
  15. Who's Next?

    I think they'll pull in speed..which means some lower ranked 3 stars that just have potential. I think while the class might be ranked low...in 4 years, we might think differently due to what they can get out of them and how they develop the players.