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  1. Big Ten Hockey Expansion

    I mean who wouldn't want to be in the NCHC anyways?
  2. 2018 Final Four

    Nova has 6 absolute studs. No foul trouble and only one guy really was playing well. Michigan going to have to get their offense figured out quick or Nova could throw a haymaker and end this.
  3. Danny Woodhead Retires

    Apparently he was never called for a single penalty in his career.
  4. 2018-19 Schedule

    This may be dumb as hell, but its a brainstorm. I wonder if you could work the system something like a deal with UNO at Baxter to split the gate 50/50 or something so even a 200+ RPI wouldn't have the same hit b/c its technically a road game. Heck if UNO could be a little better and get above 240 a road game would be a Quad 3 win. Just thinking outside the box. You are generally right though. Avoid the MEAC and SWAC at all costs. Those conferences are god awful and we are loads better filling buy games with Summit level teams. Getting Valley teams might need to do a 2-1 deal with them to get them in the house. I think Xavier played @Northern Iowa this year and North Carolina went in there and lost a few years ago. Its a risk, but they are obviously going to reward teams that take risks.
  5. NFL Off-season Moves

    Just got Tyrod Taylor and a CB from GB too. Browns making moves. More or less guarantees Barkley to Cleveland too.
  6. Huskers @ Big Ten/Pac-12 Challenge

    OSU is a different animal. They probably should have won the CWS last year. Nebraska should be fine, the B1G has got to a point where its a multi bid league consistently.
  7. FBI Probe Into College Basketball

    Wow. Arizona AD was a hot mess. I guess with Rich Rod chasing tail its hard to read the contracts of your other major athletic program.
  8. Bracketology

    The double round robin schedule seems to be really helping the Big 12 and BE this year. Lots of opportunities for quality home wins which props up the rest of the conference making a cycle for more quality wins.
  9. Bracketology

    Didn't look that up. I meant more in general, the ACC and B1G aren't going to play in NYC every year so figure out a rotation in Brooklyn with them and play on the right weekend going forward. Playing the same weekend as the Valley is going to be so awful. The B1G going from the game that leads into the selection show to a pure afterthought the entire weekend.
  10. Bracketology

    B1G going to a 20 game conference schedule next season. Makes it less likely to have such a wonky schedule like we did this year. Doesn't help that traditional quality teams like IU and Wiscy are so terrible this year either. Also playing at MSG is not worth the awful scheduling and having to play conference games in the non-con schedule. Makes it more difficult to put together a schedule and just made for a brutal two week stretch. Play it in Brooklyn or the right weekend if you want NYC that bad.
  11. If that is the case keep us a 10. No difference on the 7s, but the 2s don't do much for me.
  12. BIG win. Knock a bubble team off and keep rolling. A 6 seed is going to hate it if we end up an 11.
  13. Is this your first time watching Tim draw a play?
  14. Huge stop. Great action.
  15. Fernando is a beast. So quick off the floor.