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  1. JUCO WR Jaron Woodyard [Nebraska Commit]

    Awesome news! Can't wait to see this kid fly
  2. WR Joshua Moore

    I don't miss the humidity at all. Went home over the summer and felt like a sauna. It's been 20-30s here, pretty much ahead wave for us in December. Global warmuand all that
  3. RB Jeremy Banks

    19600 to go!
  4. Assistants Announced

    I thought huepel was going to be one of the next big names. Not so sure anymore
  5. WR Jeshaun Jones

    Blessed to have all the visitors. Any chance with January jones?
  6. JUCO WR Jaron Woodyard [Nebraska Commit]

    Yikes. Had some "insider" information up here in North Dakota that didn't pan out eh...
  7. JUCO WR Jaron Woodyard [Nebraska Commit]

    Wow...reminds me of a T Magic burst
  8. RB Jashaun Corbin

  9. Man he says the right things. Can not wait for this regime to start.
  10. College Football Playoff Rankings

    thought conference champs meant something
  11. College Football Playoff Rankings

    I don't think Bama gets in without being the conference champion.
  12. DE Micah Parsons

    Or leave early for NFL. Odd tweet all together.
  13. NeFastka

  14. Assistants-who do we want?

    Glad to have Verduzco confirmed. Will be interestingto see how the rest of the staff shakes out