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  1. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    I think it's cool Bill's already joined the board so soon.
  2. Bill Moos named AD

    Was reading through some WSU boards. They're all worried Leach will be following..
  3. Who do you want as Interim?

    That Drew Lagnsdorf feller sounds good
  4. Bill Moos named AD

    1st order of business? I'll wait and see what the Moos does.
  5. Yeah, it's nice to see him get some time.
  6. 5 touchdowns and right back in it
  7. Ndsu game in espn3 is a good one.
  8. ***Ohio State Prediction Contest***

    Nebraska 17 Ohio State 51 Passing 235 Rushing 129
  9. Great news if true
  10. Throwing in the Towel

    I had the entire game on but I spent a lot of it in the kitchen with the inlaws. . Every game feels like when I am rooting for an underdog to beat a power house.The game gets exciting for a while then you just know it's not going to happen. at least I'll make more use of the deer tag this year.