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  1. LB Nick Henrich

    Kirk Hinrich played for Kansas in college but went to high school in Iowa I believe. Might be others that actually played for Iowa
  2. The Republican Utopia

    Lol what a lame post. But seeing who posted it, I wasn't surprised.
  3. Yet you are wondering why people aren't bashing the coaching staff... makes sense
  4. QB Jalen Suggs

    Seeing how he could make millions his sophomore year, I would hope he would make the right decision and do that. He can get an education whenever.
  5. QB Jalen Suggs

    Stick with Basketball young man... bench players are making 10 mil a year.
  6. CFN: 2018 Spring Rankings And Lookaheads

    11 guys do not run 4.4 40s on the OSU football team. The NFL combine had 15 total this year that were under 4.40, 3 of which were on offense. While I think Vince is pumping a little sunshine, I'll take someone who watches film over some HS/college hand held 40 times. It would seem that we are somewhere in the 3 to 5 BIG range for offensive team speed. FYI, Ward ran 4.32, Baker ran 4.53, and Webb ran 4.62 at the combine. That's an average of .15 seconds too fast. (Not the most accurate S.D.)
  7. LB Allen Smith [North Carolina Commit]

    Being in his top 5 is like kissing your sister.
  8. QB Max Duggan [TCU Commit]

    I took this with a grain of salt, but I would be happy if true
  9. I might have been reaching on that comment.
  10. You are arguing for adding time back on to prove Pelini shouldn't/wouldn't have ever won a conference title?
  11. Pelini could have if we stayed in the Big XII. Stopping the run wasn't his priority. Firing Bo and hiring Riley allowed us to get Frost... but I am kind of salty we were stiffed of another Eichorst hire.
  12. I'd take more of this and less of the "ah shucks, we lost again" attitude from Riley. Pelini's players respected him. Saban gets just as pissed off, but its not talked about since he wins titles.
  13. Might have been an ounce of sarcasm in there somewhere
  14. QB Isaiah Williams [Illinois Commit]

    Get that Illinois pick in before Friday
  15. LB Marcus Hicks

    Want this kid. Seems like a great athlete, but don't trust any 40 time from a high school gym.