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  1. When Will the Huskers Be Ranked?

    Agreed. If we throttle the first three opponents and pull off an upset at Michigan, we have a chance.
  2. I do not trust most polls, especially after the last election, but the original poster provided a poll that showed improvement in his approval, as did the NAACP (slight and in context to a biased poll). If the Rasmussen poll gave him an 19 percent approval this time last year, he clearly is gaining some AA votes. His approval is abysmal, but it's not worse than a year ago.
  3. WR Marcus Washington

    That offer list is nice... what's going on?
  4. Way Too Early 2018 Depth Chart

    What happened to Eric Lee?
  5. Biggest Concerns?

    Quarterback. I think no matter who is picked, it could be a rough start to conference play when the team heads to Ann Arbor week 4.
  6. Huskers to Have Area Codes on Helmets?

    My favorite: "Huskers are angling for a Poly Baller out of the 801."
  7. LB Ge'Mon Eaford [Oregon Commit]

    Kind of missing Donté lately.
  8. What does having friends in the community have to do with him "cloaking himself in husker red?"
  9. S Brendan Gant [Florida State Commit]

    I'd be down with changing our mascot to the Fightin' Razorbacks if it meant we could land a DB commitment.
  10. DB Jamel Starks

    Give me that over Ball State or ECU. There needs to be a happy medium. We have no depth and should be using that to our advantage when recruiting DBs. These coaches have proven themselves though, so time will tell.
  11. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    How many of the offers were to try and get Pappoe as well?
  12. Even Ferentz wouldn't agree with your list. He isnt a better coach than Harbaugh, no matter how overrated Jimmy is.
  13. Immigration Ban

    All the damage you've done? You poor thing. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
  14. Immigration Ban

    Maybe you should move to Honduras?
  15. LB Jackson Hannah [Nebraska Commit]

    His offer list is too good to be the 45th best ILB. Excited about his potential.