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  1. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    How many of the offers were to try and get Pappoe as well?
  2. Even Ferentz wouldn't agree with your list. He isnt a better coach than Harbaugh, no matter how overrated Jimmy is.
  3. Immigration Ban

    All the damage you've done? You poor thing. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
  4. Immigration Ban

    Maybe you should move to Honduras?
  5. LB Jackson Hannah [Nebraska Commit]

    His offer list is too good to be the 45th best ILB. Excited about his potential.
  6. ***2019 Recruiting***

    Anyone else worried about the DB/CB offers. For such an important position, the coaches haven't gained much traction.
  7. This is a new level of ignorant
  8. LB Jackson Hannah [Nebraska Commit]

    This dude has an impressive offer list. Hope we can get his commitment.
  9. That act is ambiguous since they used the word certain instead of all. While I agree that all businesses should not discriminate, you are taking away 1st amendment rights from private ownership.
  10. Agreed that people should not discriminate, and I do think that this will lead to more problems. The constitution has its gray areas, but because people own a business doesn't mean they have to uphold 'societal freedoms.'
  11. So if you're anti-guns and you own a sporting goods store, do you legally have to sell guns?
  12. Vaha Vainuku

    Almost more impressed with that fat dip.
  13. Immigration Ban

    The same guy that reduced the laws of knowingly infecting others with HIV/AIDS from a felony to a misdemenor. 5th largest economy and 1.3 billion in debt, and cities and the state can't pay pensions. Have fun out there.
  14. New Shoes?

    If only Riley was still around to try on the GOAT cleats.
  15. S Jalen Catalon

    Pretty good group there. Hopeful the connections will help us here.