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  1. I wouldn't trade my PB&J for Diaco.
  2. Penn State Post-Game Pressers

    Nearly came back against Penn St? I must have missed that game.
  3. This was a team playing for a bowl birth... what's next week going to look like?
  4. .001 percent of me wants Frost to turn it down to see this site go up in smoke. Does that make me a psychopath?
  5. According to the Rivals UCF board, Jessica is a Lincoln 8, Orlando 4. Take that for what it's worth.
  6. This page has almost as many replies as fans in their stadium last weekend.
  7. Sean said Frost's deal would be finalized on the 26th. That was about it.
  8. We know. A full Rile isn't supposed to last that long.
  9. only way riley stays is this

    Lol. That's the only way? His O-line Coach is just as bad, his OC might be one of the 5 worst in the country, the secondary thinks it's two hand touch. I don't care who we get next at this point, I just want a fresh start. Maybe someone a little younger who can connect with the players and get them motivated again. #13moredays
  10. I still love seeing these. You thought be had a chance before today?
  11. The failed paradigm of Mike Reilly

    Pretty sure he is advocating to keep Riley. I just skimmed it though
  12. I wouldn't trust Lang's to call plays at Dawes Middle School in Lincoln. He has to be the worst OC in the country.
  13. We almost need to start a thread with a daily summary of what went down in the Scott Frost thread