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  1. ***Northwestern Game Thread***

    How do they not call that hold?!?!?!?
  2. ***Northwestern Game Thread***

    Coverage looks much better today #KnockOnWood
  3. ***Northwestern Game Thread***

    He's not in, but replay won't be able to overturn it...
  4. Illegal Formation Penalties

    If you're on the line of scrimmage then the TE would be ineligible to be a receiver.
  5. Armstrong ... Best game he's ever played?

    A Tale of Two Tommy's
  6. How to watch the game

    So even if I don't have cable I should be able to stream via BTN2Go with my parents dish network login correct? Yes Alternate question why is Cox cable service so damn expensive? I don't know. Don't overpay for Cox
  7. BYU

    I know nothing about your rbs besides the starter (?) left school. I have heard that each of your wrs are about 7'3". The tallest WR is 6'6" according to their roster That was, I'd assume, hyperbole.... Not to be confused with a hyper bowl.
  8. 1620 the Zone poll: 20k or a National Championship?

    As a poor recent college graduate, that money is awfully tempting, but seeing my Huskers win the 'ship would honestly make me (and a few million of my closest friends) way happier.
  9. ***USC Game Discussion Thread***

    Guys, KB has had FOE on his arms all year. Quit making fires where there are none.
  10. Any chance Gregory stays?

    If I had to guess what might possibly keep a guy with this much potential around here for one more season, it would be simple: his boys. Assuming he has any and they're close. One thing I find interesting about this whole conjecture-fest is that it seems like very little is known about the personality of Gregory. Does anyone know him or what he's like? Ever interacted with him? Why did he come here in the first place, and how does he fit in in the locker room? I never sensed he was a vocal team leader, but he doesn't have to be, and no one appears bent on making him fill that role against his wishes. On the field he just looks like a dude going about his business, not much caring about what's going on around him.I've been searching but I can't find it. I could have sworn I read here that one of our members took his son on a tour of the stadium and they got to eat at the Training Table. They talked to a bunch of the players, Gregory among them. Gregory said, according to this fuzzy remembrance of mine, that he wanted to go pro ASAP, and that it was about all he talked about. This guy came away convinced that Gregory was gone sooner rather than later.Here's how solid this is - I either recall reading this here, OR, it was something a guy told me at a tailgate. It was one of those two places, but that was the story.That's a grain of salt we'll need a large dump truck to haul around, but I'm not one to spread random rumors.Also, I heard this story last year, so things may very much have changed for Gregory since this story happened.Now, does that mean anything? Of course not. Another second-hand story: One of my sister's friends actually went on a date/hooked up with him via Tinder and my sister and her boyfriend met and chatted with him that evening. Apparently he was talking about how he doesn't get why this state is so crazy about football because it's just a game and he's just here as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. According to her, he didn't seem like he cared much for the university, the state, or the team; he's just in it for himself. Same as your story, Knapp, take this with a grain of salt as it's a secondhand story, but the more I've heard about him, the less likely it seems that he'll stick around.
  11. We're playing a few extra guys tonight, boys...