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  1. DT Otito Ogbonnia [UCLA - Signed LOI]

    Technique can play a huge part but ultimately it's two yards to do something as violently as possible. Sound familiar? There really isn't a weight room number that involves maximum effort while traveling. The shot put does that nicely. That's why I am a fan.
  2. DT Otito Ogbonnia [UCLA - Signed LOI]

    With our current depth you are probably right. Would not surprise me in the least if his name would come up often in the "who has impressed you on the scout team" conversations if he did redshirt. Really hope he comes here.
  3. DT Otito Ogbonnia [UCLA - Signed LOI]

    Yes! I have not seen any better indicator of short area burst than the shot. Kind of like lineman that are stud wrestlers or WR that are 200m studs any DE or LB the throws 60+ is just someone you have to get for pure athleticism. Otito and Cam absolutely check that box for me. It was a shame Cam's technique hasn't improved all that much since then. With his leg injury I doubt we will really get to see if this season would have been much better.
  4. DT Otito Ogbonnia [UCLA - Signed LOI]

    I don't care how big he is. That level of athleticism is something very few people have. Even among D1 athletes. He would test off the charts and likely immediately contribute.
  5. QB Adrian Martinez [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    "Martinez piled up more than 4,000 total yards and 39 touchdowns as a junior at Clovis West High in Fresno, but then had shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum in the winter "
  6. OT Chris Bleich [Florida - Signed LOI]

    Puts less stress on shoulders and elbows which are common football injuries. Also helps with your posture so you can be more upright. Some lifters really struggle with keeping good posture and having your hands on the handles in front of you allow you to keep your head and chest up. It is a safer lift for athletes to still get the benefits of traditional rear squat.So does he need to have a lower hold on the squat rack? Otherwise isn't he doing as much as he can?He could grab lower on the rack with his hands. They have handles to put in the rack that you can grab onto them and not hold the rack, but he is just grabbing the rack. Maliek Collins had a video of him doing 785 pounds as a reference, but Maliek went a little deeper in the squat. And In the end...he is lifting for football...not a power lifting competition. Proper technique applies to anybody who is lifting, not just power lifting. Sure, if you are thinking about avoiding injury. I think teach was referencing that the "proper" technique can vary by the desired result. e.g. Dropping full-squat to catch a clean is "proper" but not nearly as useful to a football player as generating enough force to catch it near vertical.
  7. OT Chris Bleich [Florida - Signed LOI]

    Are they doing squats differently now? Why is he pulling himself up with his hands. Different kind of bar. Lowers center of gravity but pitches you forward a bit. Hands are more for vertical stability than helping you lift. Safety squat bar also helps you lift quite a bit more. Feels like more of a pulling motion than pushing.
  8. K Barret Pickering [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    How far was that field goal at the end? Looked like 55,60,then 58 with a high school ball.
  9. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Is that average star rating? No. That is overall points. We are 13th using the average star rating.
  10. Good move by Adidas. I like how they are facilitating the P5 schools playing nicely together with the new camp rule changes.
  11. There are only 6 or 7 home games each year that recruits can visit for before losing one of them to a Friday game.
  12. Block Destruction

    Rare footage of Diaco's childhood. This explains everything!
  13. Lee vs. POB

  14. Assistant Coach Salaries

    You're misunderstanding my post. I have no problem with a football coach at a P5 making 1-2 million a year. I have no problem with coordinators making up to ~400K a year. I have no problem with assistant coaches making up to ~100-200K a year. Those are salaries that more than adequately compensate for the long hours and getting fired. But coaching salaries, particularly for college football, are spiraling out of control. Am I literally alone in thinking that most college football coaches are over-paid? Yep. A college Coach can do more for a university that any other single person than works there. Saban is probably worth double what he is being paid. Bama enrollment, especially out of state, has sky rocketed since he has been Coach. Same deal with high schools. There are a couple dominant program in my area and the schools can get whatever they want from the community with bond issues bc people love that school/program. Just because 10,000 people jump off of a cliff, doesn't make it right. Just because one person didn't jump off of a cliff doesn't make it wrong either.
  15. NFL Combine

    No. Reports when he had surgery claimed he would not be good to go until summertime.