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  1. Purdue Hanging with WI

    I feel like the implication here is that Purdue is some terrible team and if they can do it why can't Nebraska...but that isn't really fair to Purdue. Purdue hung with Michigan and Louisville late into the 4Q and went on the road to an SEC team and beat them by 30+ points, Mizzou is really bad this year but still - they beat them like a good team should beat a bad team and in a fashion we haven't really seen out of Purdue in a while. They typically get a couple great years each decade and will continue to improve as long as Brohm stays. They're not always the garbage team that Nebraska fans have seen since you joined the conference. Everyone is going to have to be wary of them going forward. ...but to explain the game, UW turned the ball over three times and it killed us but if you look at the box score, outside of that, we completely dominated the game. College Football is a game played by immature young (barely) men...we like to break it down and make pretty predictions that try to account for everything but if a kid isn't feeling it one day for whatever reason everything can go haywire. That's how we get weekends like this one. It happens to everyone, even Alabama. The transitive property doesn't apply to teams so I wouldn't get hung up on it, if you do you'll end up with the idea that Iowa is going to beat you by 60 points because they beat ISU by 3, who beat OU by 7, who beat OSU by 15, who beat you by 42.
  2. Something seems very fishy about the way Gary Anderson left Oregon St. He is one of the more bizarre personalities in coaching. Thank you Huskers for helping us be rid of him and setting us on the path to Chryst's light.

  3. Nebraska vs Wisconsin (Since 2011)

    I think we are all qualified to answer that no, the freedom trophy sucks.
  4. Just checked the stats and you're correct, my memory is off. I'm not sure what the point of nit-picking is. You want to argue Alabama is following Nebraska's model? Ok but that's not feasible, nobody in the Big Ten is ever gong to recruit the way a big SEC school in the deep south will recruit. Nebraska is not one coach away from being Clemson, Bama, or Florida State...it's about 900 miles away. It's a pointless route to go down. I want Nebraska to do well in the future because it's good for the conference and our division. To do that I think you need to develop a model similar to what Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan State use.
  5. A mixture of systems with Hurts as a very serious rushing threat which is what most of the National Championship teams in the last 10ish years have won using...Florida with Tebow, Auburn with Newton, FSU with Winston, Clemson with Watson. But I get what you're saying, Alabama these last two years has departed from their typical system which, at first glance might appear similar to the modern-day-Wisconsin/Old-Nebraska model, but I would argue that it isn't. They aren't a walk-on, development oriented program. Wisconsin will never in a million years get the type of recruits Alabama gets simply because of geography and demographics. I think Nebraska is in the same boat despite what some on here are saying. The top talent in the country right now is in the southeast and barring some weird population shift it's going to stay there for a while....those kids are going to ACC/SEC schools first, then a couple big programs outside of those like Michigan/OSU/PSU. These kids were born in 2000, they don't remember the 90s, they also are going to want to live almost anywhere other than the central high plains. I realized a while ago watching Dayne/Hill/White/Ball/insert-UW-RB-here highlights that those are really Offensive Line highlight reels. You could take any 3* RB and semi-intelligent QB, put them behind a typical UW OL and poop out 8 wins. I don't get that feeling with Alabama, maybe because the talent is more evenly distributed across their team.
  6. Funny Sports Pictures, Vids, and Gifs

    I don't know how to embed tweets but I thought this was hilarious https://twitter.com/DevinKCBD/status/916750484681216000 EDIT: I'm learning sort of
  7. With Wisconsin Performance, New Coach Guaranteed?

    Ignore, thought I was posting in a different thread
  8. Well there's one coach I can think of that knows how to do that, has a proven record of winning in the Big Ten, has cost Wisconsin many big games, and will more than likely be on the market this offseason (almost definitely by the next offseason): Bert Bielema Hiring him would kick this "rivalry" of ours up a few notches. I don't hate you guys. I respect the way you used to play ball and the influence it's had on teams like us, Michigan State, Stanford, etc...and I think you're generally cool people, but if you got Bert I'd root for you to lose every single game. Someone else said it on here and I definitely agree with them...the model you're talking about doesn't win National Championships, it can get you 10-11 wins in a good year, a conference championship here and there, but it isn't the greatest. Someone else said something like "can you imagine what Nebraska would look like if they had Wisconsin's O-Line and a mobile QB" and I think that's the key and why we've never gotten over the hump. The closest we had was Wilson in 2011 and while it was magical it just never panned out. I was alive for your NC runs in the 90s but not paying attention, didn't you also win those with speed and somewhat mobile QBs? So kind of a break or variation from that model? Anyhow...This Wisconsin team is good but I am worried about Michigan and don't see us winning the CCG unless we show some improvements on defense.
  9. 'clones v. Boomer

    I really don't like Baker Mayfield so it was nice to see this. Hopefully he's learned some humility. I hate Ohio State as much as anyone but I thought planting the OU flag at midfield was classless.
  10. Why we will beat Wiscy

    I hate the trophy. It's corny and generic. There is nothing unique about it, any two schools could have it. I wish they'd used the same concept and had like one head but each side gets a face, one for Barry Alvarez and one for Bob Devaney and somehow make it red tinted. Or better yet make it a three headed bust with Devaney, Alvarez, and Hayden Fry. If one team (Iowa/Wisconsin/Nebraska) beats the other two in a year they get the trophy.
  11. Why we will beat Wiscy

    HISTORY All Time Head to Head: Wisconsin leads 7-4 Trophy: The Freedom Trophy Previous Matchups: 11/2/1901: Nebraska 0, Wisconsin 18 - Milwaukee, WI 10/9/1965: Nebraska 37, Wisconsin 0 - Lincoln, NE 10/8/1966: Nebraska 31, Wisconsin 3 - Madison, WI 9/29/1973: Nebraska 20, Wisconsin 16 - Lincoln, NE 9/21/1974: Nebraska 20, Wisconsin 21 - Madison, WI 10/1/2011: Nebraska 17, Wisconsin 48 - Madison, WI 9/29/2012: Nebraska 30, Wisconsin 27 - Lincoln, NE 12/1/2012: Nebraska 31, Wisconsin 70 - Indianapolis, IN 11/15/2014: Nebraska 24, Wisconsin 59 - Madison, WI 10/10/2015: Nebraska 21, Wisconsin 23 - Lincoln, NE 10/26/2016: Nebraska 17, Wisconsin 23 - Overtime, Madison, WI COACHES Paul Chryst: Born in Madison, WI, native of Platteville, WI. Played QB at Wisconsin '86-88. Previous jobs of note: Oregon State OC/QB 1997-1998, San Diego Chargers TE 1999-2001, Wisconsin TE coach 2002, Oregon State OC/QB 2003-2004, Wisconsin co-OC/TE 2005, Wisconsin OC/QB 2006-2011, Pittsburgh HC 2012-2014. Overall Record: 44-25 At Wisconsin: 25-6 Record against unranked while ranked: 16-4 Record against uranked while ranked in top 10: 11-0 Mike Riley: Born in Wallace, ID, native of Corvallis, OR. Previous jobs of note: Oregon State HC 1997-1998, San Diego Chargers HC 1999-2001, Oregon State HC 2003-2014 Overall Record: 111-93 At Nebraska: 18-13 Record against Ranked: 18-46 (2-3 at NU) Record against Top 10: 7-23 (1-1 at NU) STATS OFFENSE: Total yards: Wisconsin 1839 (#62), Nebraska 1925 (#54) --- Throw this out, NU has played one more game YPG: Wisconsin 460 (#35), Nebraska 385 (#87) PPG: Wisconsin 40.8 (#22), Nebraska 30 (#65) Rushing yards per game: Wisconsin 233.8 (#23), Nebraska 156.2 (#73) Passing yards per game: Wisconsin 226 (#71), Nebraska 228 (#66) Sacks allowed: Wisconsin 6 (#33), Nebraska 8 (#54) Interceptions thrown: Wisconsin 3 (#43), Nebraska 9 (#126) Completion percentage: Wisconsin 66.3% (#17), Nebraska 54.7 (#98) DEFENSE: Total yards allowed: Wisconsin 988 (#4), Nebraska 1669 (#59) --- Throw this out, NU has played one more game YPG: Wisconsin 247 (#4), Nebraska 334 (#34) PPG: Wisconsin 13.5 (#8), Nebraska 24.4 (#54) Rushing yards allowed per game: Wisconsin 74.3 (#4), Nebraska 105.8 (#22) Passing yards allowed per game: Wisconsin 172.8 (#23), Nebraska 228 (#65) Sacks: Wisconsin 16 (#9), Nebraska 8 (#80) Interceptions: Wisconsin 7 (#11), Nebraska 6 (#20) NOTES: The last time Nebraska lost a night game at home was 2008 against Missouri. The last time Wisconsin won a night game on the road was 2013 at Illinois, Wisconsin has never won a game on the road, at night, in front of a crowd of more than 50,000 fans unless you count 1995 Penn State which would have ended around 8PM. The last time that a top Ten Wisconsin team lost to a non-ranked opponent was 2008 @ Michigan.
  12. Why we will beat Wiscy

    What's going on with Tanner Lee? Is it an Offensive Line or Receiver issue or is it him?
  13. Why we will beat Wiscy

    Ah yea but I'm just saying, generally speaking, they're similar figures for both fan bases. Chryst has a similar story as well but I'm partial to Leonhard because he's from my part of the state.
  14. Why we will beat Wiscy

    All but two are new but they've played very well up until the last ten minutes of the Northwestern game. That's Leonhard's bread and butter and I'm confident he will have them ready. Our Pass Defense was #10 in the country by yardage and #1 by TDs allowed this morning, and while that was against bad teams, they will still be the best you guys have yet to face, as you will be for us. If we lose it will be because we can't get our Offense clicking which I could see happening, it's already happened in the 1st halves of our Northwestern and Utah State games. This game is going to be close which is good, close night games are always fun. PS: I cannot sing Leonhard's praises enough, you all may be aware of him from a few media spots but the dude is legit. He's sort of Wisconsin's version of Scott Frost I guess. A walk-on with a successful NFL career and extremely high football IQ. He is the future of our program from a coaching perspective.