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  1. Flood

    Weather for Colorado game

    Looking more like it will be Southeast of Lincoln. It could end up affecting games for Mizzou and the Clones/Hawks game. Not sure who else is in that potential path but this is looking good either way for the Huskers. The other games could get messy, lots of rain. Lightning is usually somewhat rare for these inland tropical storms as they are fading, so hopefully it won't be a serious issue for any team in the path. Hate to see fans (even Iowa fans) miss a game or suffer through long delays. Interestingly, both Mizzou and the ISU/IA games are scheduled for later than I would have thought, which could put them right beneath the rain as it passes through.
  2. Flood

    Weather for Colorado game

    I'm sitting in the far northern fringe of this storm right now in Tampa. It's booming a LOT where I am but no real wind and not much rain so far. It's just weird to think that the storm I am experiencing now could affect the game on Saturday. I hope the schools and network get some pre-planning done for any possible outcome.
  3. Flood

    *** Official Akron Game Thread ***

    What the hell?
  4. Well, if his decision has been made, as it appears, best of luck to him. I can understand the reasoning and it would be a tough choice for anyone, I think. The risk of being a 4 year backup is something I would worry about a lot, if I thought myself capable of NFL play later. It'll be interesting to see where he ends up.
  5. This is hilarious on a very personal level. I worked for Journal Broadcast Group (Z-92, etc) during the entirety of the 90's. And free tickets to Husker football (and other sports) flowed through those studios like a never ending river. Any given Saturday, we must have had 25-30 pairs of tickets for anyone on staff, for free, and in the best sections of the stadium. And skybox space through various sources, including the university. I highly doubt he was buying his own ticket. I watched nearly all the home games in 94 and 95 for free. All I had to do was get my ass outta bed and drive down to Lincoln. We even got free parking. There were some weeks when the tickets were so numerous that our bosses would leave them on the break room table so any employee could give them to friends or family. Those were the best days. And I had no idea what a dynasty we were in or I would have used them even more than I did. I have a feeling that Lee thinks more of himself than is at all merited.
  6. Flood

    Tanner Lee Declares for NFL Draft

    I think Tanner is drafted in the late rounds. He won't start at first, but he could end up being a surprise in a few years. How many QB's are there that have sort of gone under the radar in the NFL, gone to Canada or Europe and then come back to be superstars? I give him a decent shot at that trajectory and I hope he does at least that well or better. Tanner inherited a tough situation at NU, made the best of it, and exited when that time was up with a new coaching staff. He has a stellar arm and many of the incompletions were on receivers. When you get hit in the chest, right between the numbers, you should catch that ball. Too often our guys did not. Not his fault.
  7. Flood

    Keyshawn Jr. Gone if Riley is Fired?

    I like KJ Jr. a whole lot. I think that with guidance from his father, who has been in the game a looong time, that KJ Jr. has the potential to become a superstar. It will take more work, perhaps, than he thinks. But at that age, we all think it will come easy. I hope he decides NU is the place, and I hope he comes in prepared for the battle. Judging by the pictures above, I think young Keyshawn may have begun growing up in more ways than one. The body transformation, the self discipline is now quite evident. If he can transfer that to mental toughness and onto the field, who knows? The man certainly has the genes. Does he have the will? Hopefully we will see here at NU.
  8. I read the same. Very odd. Why fire the HC if you want to retain everyone he hired, or most of them? And what coach would be willing to walk into that job with those handcuffs? Never seen anything like it, at least not that I recall.
  9. Flood

    Beyond the pale?

    This is a joke thread right? Right? We made a deal. We keep our side of the deal. Simple as that. Who among us would back out on an honest deal? Riley wasn't the right guy at the right time, but he may have BROUGHT us to the right place at the right time and therefore the right guy, Scott Frost, should he come home. If anything, Riley should get a bonus if that turns out.
  10. Flood

    Mike Riley

    I also had high hopes, once I learned a bit about Riley. But I also had nagging doubts. That said, I am grateful for the clean program, and I think our situation is quite a bit brighter than it seems at a glance. We have good/great players on the bench and flashes of greatness in individual players and specific plays. We just never seemed to come together as a fully functional machine. All the parts never synced up at once, or at least not very often. I believe Riley may have set us up for greatness under the next coach. And Mike and his family will have improved their retirement lifestyle by a large percentage with the paycheck he has and will receive. Most of all, Mike seems like an absolutely nice guy. I am sorry it didn't work out for that reason alone. Mike is very easy to like and cheer for. But the cheering is getting harder with each staggering loss we continue to endure.
  11. Hey, that's great news. I hope it works out for a long term deal and successful career. He had his limits/issues as a passer, but his athleticism was never in doubt for me.
  12. Doesn't matter. Iowa still grows corn to feed pigs their ladies. Nebraska corn feeds the nation and the world. Don't lose our trophy. We will be back for it next year. And congrats on the game. Your team certainly whipped ours. Good game and so on.
  13. LOL. I got banned from an Iowa forum for insulting Iowa City. Seriously. It was actually a sarcastic takedown of Lincoln, too, but I guess some Hawk fans lack critical thinking. Tis' okay, though. Nothing of interest generally happens on their fan sites.
  14. Flood

    Y'all do realize...............

    It's all still possible. Win out and we head for the CFP. I don't expect that to happen, realistically. I am hoping for a great finish though and that the improvement continues into next year and beyond.
  15. Flood

    College Football Head Coach Salaries

    At one point, Tom and NU had a minor salary dispute. The school was paying him something like 300k at the time and stated they were trying to send a message to the rest of CFB that NU would be competitive in salaries. Tom did not want to have his salary increased to, I think, a 600k level. I recall vividly reading him quoted with, "How much money does one man need? I'm pretty well compensated as it is." In the end, I believe Tom agreed to an increase to 400k but only if the other 200k was used to increase assistant salaries. And that is what happened. All this from memory, and this was in a different era. These huge salaries now are verging on or beyond ridiculous. Eventually we'll have to pay 5 mil/year or more, I'm sure, for a head coach too. I just hope we can avoid something like what Iowa is going through with their lifetime contract coach. Mediocrity is a lot easier to achieve than success, so I'd rather see us with huge performance rewards than huge base salaries. Not up to me, of course. We'll see what the market dictates in the next decade. All very interesting.