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  1. Mike Riley

    I also had high hopes, once I learned a bit about Riley. But I also had nagging doubts. That said, I am grateful for the clean program, and I think our situation is quite a bit brighter than it seems at a glance. We have good/great players on the bench and flashes of greatness in individual players and specific plays. We just never seemed to come together as a fully functional machine. All the parts never synced up at once, or at least not very often. I believe Riley may have set us up for greatness under the next coach. And Mike and his family will have improved their retirement lifestyle by a large percentage with the paycheck he has and will receive. Most of all, Mike seems like an absolutely nice guy. I am sorry it didn't work out for that reason alone. Mike is very easy to like and cheer for. But the cheering is getting harder with each staggering loss we continue to endure.
  2. Hey, that's great news. I hope it works out for a long term deal and successful career. He had his limits/issues as a passer, but his athleticism was never in doubt for me.
  3. Iowa Hate Week - Please post to show your love

    Doesn't matter. Iowa still grows corn to feed pigs their ladies. Nebraska corn feeds the nation and the world. Don't lose our trophy. We will be back for it next year. And congrats on the game. Your team certainly whipped ours. Good game and so on.
  4. Iowa Hate Week - Please post to show your love

    LOL. I got banned from an Iowa forum for insulting Iowa City. Seriously. It was actually a sarcastic takedown of Lincoln, too, but I guess some Hawk fans lack critical thinking. Tis' okay, though. Nothing of interest generally happens on their fan sites.
  5. Y'all do realize...............

    It's all still possible. Win out and we head for the CFP. I don't expect that to happen, realistically. I am hoping for a great finish though and that the improvement continues into next year and beyond.
  6. College Football Head Coach Salaries

    At one point, Tom and NU had a minor salary dispute. The school was paying him something like 300k at the time and stated they were trying to send a message to the rest of CFB that NU would be competitive in salaries. Tom did not want to have his salary increased to, I think, a 600k level. I recall vividly reading him quoted with, "How much money does one man need? I'm pretty well compensated as it is." In the end, I believe Tom agreed to an increase to 400k but only if the other 200k was used to increase assistant salaries. And that is what happened. All this from memory, and this was in a different era. These huge salaries now are verging on or beyond ridiculous. Eventually we'll have to pay 5 mil/year or more, I'm sure, for a head coach too. I just hope we can avoid something like what Iowa is going through with their lifetime contract coach. Mediocrity is a lot easier to achieve than success, so I'd rather see us with huge performance rewards than huge base salaries. Not up to me, of course. We'll see what the market dictates in the next decade. All very interesting.
  7. This is why.

    Wisconsin did not look great in the Iowa game. Iowa lost to an FCS team. We will win, of course. Seriously, though, I see deficiencies and bonuses on both teams. Our main focus as Husker fans is Tommie. If he makes smart decisions and isn't throwing YOLO bombs we win this handily. It is all in his arms. And with "strong arms" we will be alright if he is alright. A night game in Madison doesn't worry me much. Tommie has to be ready for that night game and play to the potential we all KNOW he has. If he does so, we win this easily. And then move on to OSU next week. GBR.
  8. Who's Next?

    And maybe there is a reason. But he has a large offer list of good schools. Much as I dislike Iowa, Ferentz is no risk-taker in recruiting kids with character issues or grade problems, as far as I know. Could be he just committed so early that we spent our time elsewhere. If it is something else, I suspect that will become obvious. But Keyshawn Jr. seems high on the guy and KJJ is a stout kid with a great mind and football knowledge. Keyshawn Sr, I know from his time here in Tampa. Met the guy a few times and he seemed to be raising his son in all the right ways. If this guy is a friend of KJJ, he's probably a good guy and an asset if he wants to be here and it makes sense for everyone. Could be a very good recruiting season for the Huskers. Nothing but sunshine in the future.
  9. Who's Next?

    He's a RB? I think? He has seemed super committed to Iowa, until today of course. He even had a couple friends planning to go with him. All that said, I know nothing of this kid. But if he's good we need to take a look at him and ask him to come for a visit if he is still open in his mind. I understand KJJ was all over him on twitter these last couple weeks. We may be able to pull in his friends that were planning on heading to the Hawkeyes. How stacked are we at those positions though? I honestly don't care for a bench full of kids who could be getting playing time elsewhere. They should go where they have the chance to play and win. If that's the Huskers, great. I saw he mentioned Michigan in his tweet when he dropped Iowa. If they're serious about him I suspect he ends up there. Again, same question: How stacked are they at the position? Of course young HS kids, all ballers, should be willing to compete against anyone at this CFB level and earn their place. I suspect Benjamin and the rest want to be on the winning team even if that means a year or two learning and fighting their way into the starting rotations. Bring 'em on!
  10. National Championship

    Hey, the Dream Is Alive In Nebraska. We haven't been able to say that for a very long time. Even if it crashes down, it will have been a great season, unexpectedly, and points to a bright future with Riley and Friends. I'm living the dream until another team takes it away from us.
  11. Coaches poll

    Bama should remain number 1 until they lose a game. If we win out, which I would love but don't expect, being ranked in the top 4 is all that matters. Where we're ranked among the top 4 is not important since the game results decide everything from that point forward. All that said, it is nice to dream. I will keep doing so as long as possible. It is great for recruiting and I think the next five years or longer could be very special.
  12. Tackling

    Just watched some videos on rugby style tackling. I definitely see it in the Huskers D. And it looks great. It is a combination of 'blow them up' along with push them back, and go for the waist. This will also limit targeting penalties, assuming it is followed properly. And if you catch a runner at the right angle you can completely stop forward momentum and perhaps prevent the extra yards sometimes gained. I LOVE it. It has to be executed well, but as long as it is taught well I think it will work. Thanks Coloradohusk, I appreciate the insight. I like what I am seeing. Will it work against OSU, Michigan, Wisconsin? We'll see. I think it will.
  13. Tackling

    Tackling had been one of my major beefs about the Pelini era. Those teams often seemed to think they were playing X-Box or something. They made every effort to 'blow up' the ball carrier and make it look as devastating as possible. But this also resulted in too many ball carriers regaining their balance and sprinting away. My complaint was that we were not wrapping up, grabbing the ball carrier in a hug, and dragging them to the turf. To my discredit, I haven't really paid attention to this aspect so far this year. Whatever we're doing so far is working. Are we wrapping up or just much improved at blowing up the carriers? Thanks for any thoughts.
  14. Let's Be Honest...

    SO FAR, we have won the games we were expected to. The next step to surpass Pelini's teams on the field is to be competitive OR win the games we expect to be really challenged in. If we take that next step, even losing to UM and OSU, as long as they aren't blowouts, then we have overcome the main complaints against Bo's teams. That's it in my mind. Goal 1 is apparently in the rearview. We need to keep it there and handle Purdue. Then we need to compete (and hopefully win) against the East Division big dogs. It's hard to ask for much more. If we play to potential, give our best games, and still lose I'll be okay with that. If we get blown out we simply have more work to do. Playing to our top potential has NOT happened in any game so far. We MUST get that taken care of or our chances will be very slim indeed against MU and OSU.
  15. Indiana - the Last Drive

    There must be a little truth to the 4th Quarter conditioning idea. Or maybe it's mental fortitude. Whatever it is, I like it. I just wish we'd figure out a way to do the same in every quarter. No doubt the 4th Q has been ours for the most part. We saw a little bit of the 'Old Tommy' out there at IU. I hope he can erase that demon for good as we go on. We need great decision making and better play all around in Q2 and Q3. Or maybe Riley and staff are just making excellent half time adjustments. Probably a little of all those things. We will need to play complete games against Wisconsin and OSU. Hopefully Purdue provides us with an opportunity to do so. I don't feel like we can skip 2 quarters and win against Wiscy or the Buckeyes. And certainly not if we reach the CCG. Finally, we seem to be taking every opponent seriously, working on each game and not looking ahead. That is great and hopefully continues against Purdue. Though they just fired their coach, we learned last year that they can be dangerous. If they 'rally round the new guy' we could have a fight on our hands. I hope they are in disarray and we can go in there and rotate lots of guys in and out for experience for next year or in case of injury this year. Fun ride so far.