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  1. How Do You Spell Expectations in Nebraska?

    What are your Win/Loss expectations for this football season? Not what do you want...what do you expect the tally to be at the end of the year.
  2. ****Official 2018 Season Countdown Thread****

    One of my top ten all time favorite Husker players right here. Glover was a beast.
  3. ****Official 2018 Season Countdown Thread****

    Alright everybody, I love this thread. Gives me a new sense of hope every day. But I'm old, and according to my wife, also senile. I'd love if those posting the dailies could include a note about who I'm seeing in the picture, and what years. Thanks!
  4. I suppose "many" is to vague, but that's my answer.
  5. One word for your post..."ouch".....hurts to look at oneself through the same lens we look at others. Good post.
  6. best QB to ever run the option at NU

    I'm not educated enough to say who was best, but Turner was certainly my favorite. When he'd take the snap under center, do that half reverse spin, pause just the right amount of time, then head down the line....gads man, that was a thing of absolute beauty.
  7. We need all the healthy talent we can muster for this fall. This is good news.
  8. best QB to ever run the option at NU

    We should start a thread voting for the "Best Quarterback that Never Ran the Option at NU" I'd probably go with Wendel Wooten.
  9. Newest Huskers Arrive on Campus

    I think I read something from one of the coaches about having back that run by the defenders, not through them...this quick little guy sure seems to fit into that mold. HUDL films are hard to judge because you don't know the quality of the opponents, but this kid seems to find daylight and make the most of it.
  10. Solich Invited Back to Receive Tom Osborne Award

    Had this little mini-hallucination today after listening to part of the Bah show on 1620. Franks gets invited back to be recognized on field before the start of the Colorado game. The crowd erupts in deafening, earth shaking, history healing shouts of "Go Big Red" and we proceed to destroy the Buffaloes on our way to an 8+ win season!!! I know, he'll be coaching that day, so yeah, won't happen. I did say it was an hallucination. But maybe a year or two down the road when he retires?
  11. Worst Loss of the Riley Era

    I will always give a +1 to anyone referencing "the strain". Classic stuff.
  12. Frost Interview 5/16

    You speak the truth indeed. But I'm forcing myself to look at baby steps. If we can win 6 (or even 5) but look like a dog that belongs in the fight, and there is no quitting, I'll be happy this first year.
  13. Worst Loss of the Riley Era

    So many, but I"d say hiring Diaco...
  14. Best Win of the Riley Era

    Getting Moos. Happened during the Riley era. Getting Frost happened after.
  15. Bryan Brokop...

    Where was he on a probable depth chart?