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  1. grandpasknee

    *** Official Purdue Look-Alike Thread ***

    Myles Homan and Ben Shapiro
  2. grandpasknee

    *** Official Purdue Look-Alike Thread ***

    Spencer Evans - Kicker and Bernard the Elf - Santa Claus
  3. grandpasknee

    *** Official Purdue Look-Alike Thread ***

    DJ Knox Running Back and Danny Glover
  4. grandpasknee

    This is for the fans

    As a fan, I drank a fair amount of kool-aid this off season. I do every off season. I'm not an analyst, I'm a fan. Fans drink kool-aid. Here's a thought. When Clownahan, Pelini and Nice Guy came in, they pretty much compromised what the wanted to do based on the talent that was here. All the time selling us on the "when we get our guys" we'll go full in on our plan. That allowed them to get some wins, but didn't ever allow the to get their scheme fully implemented. One might be grateful that Frost is going with his scheme first to get it going, and perhaps sacrificing some wins along the way. Don't know, don't much care that much. I'll be there for the Purdue game for my one game a year, and I'll be loud, loud, loud. And I'll love every minute of it. Hoping mightily to see the first win of the Frost era! Go Big Red!!!!!
  5. grandpasknee

    Days of Yore Ain't No More

    Got to thinking about the football program of the 70-90s. Changes have made a huge impact. The Scholly limits....we used to have way more spots on the roster than now. The Freshman program---the freshmen had their own team...not sure if they counted in the total program count restrictions. At any rate, most freshmen got game reps for a whole season. Pipeline - with equity of programs and media exposure, good linemen aren't as likely to spend three years waiting their turn to play as juniors or seniors. Even more so with skill players. New rules - changes continue, like the four game rule will lead to more play bailing rather than fighting for a spot. What other changes have I missed? And these aren't valid excuses, as other teams still excel in this environment. How have they adjusted?
  6. grandpasknee

    What happened to Washington?

    Am I wrong to think / hope some teammates reached out and set him right and / or realed him back in. I think it would be grand if they did.
  7. grandpasknee

    Monday after Purdue is going to be interesting

    I am 1000% percent in on Frost and willing to go 7 years for him to show a good turnaround. At the same time, I'm removed enough to see a bit of irony in the fact that Frost and his secondary mentor (T.O. being first) are both 0-3 so far this year. Neither uses a fullback. So we need to bring Frank back for a celebration, bring back the fullback (at least one trap play per game) and sacrifice a chicken. Then we'll be right as rain. Or we just wait for the turnaround to take hold.
  8. grandpasknee

    What happened to Washington?

    I did hear from someone that used to work for the team and still has contacts that Washington had a bit of a fit about the O-line and was totally unhappy and considering 'life'. But that is far from inside information and despite my confidence in it, still probably best considered rumor.
  9. grandpasknee

    Offensive Line

    Hmmmm...making a point? I though you were making chimichangas...
  10. grandpasknee

    Offensive Line

    Yes, they are offensive.
  11. grandpasknee

    Monday after Purdue is going to be interesting

    I think Scott realized what a crap-fest this program had become. He gave a lot of the normal coach-speak and I understand that. You can't just come out and diss your players. But there were several times since he arrived that he's said things that indicate he knows the past staffs have screwed the pooch. Comments like "Not everything the last staff did was bad" (referring to Friday Night LIghts) When he said that I took it to mean "Almost everything the past staff did was bad" There were other comments through the year like "could get worse before it gets better" and "making progress but have a long long way to go"...I think he knew.
  12. grandpasknee

    What Did We Learn? Michigan

    ^^^^ Plus....Gebbia can bite it....
  13. grandpasknee

    What Did We Learn? Michigan

    I learned that I, once again bought in to some of they hype. (I think any true fan should to some extent). I also learned that my sentiment from last winter is still intact. I thought that 4-8 was partially luck on our part and could have been much worse. I felt that Frost is the right guy for the job. I felt it might get worse before it got better. I will give Scott 6-7 years to turn this thing around. I feel if he can't, then no one will. I learned I don't want the staff and the team to get cute or change schemes to grab extra wins this year. If the transition is going to be painful, take the pain and make the changes. Bite the freaking bullet and keep on cheering!!!