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  1. Coach search......if needed

    I"m all in favor of pumping the brakes on the "Frost or no one" train, but at the same time, I think he'd be a good selection. I'm not a coaching guru, but I'm betting there are others that would be good too. Is it far off base to assume that someone from the University, or boosters, or who ever, has made at least initial contact with Frost's folks to start feeling things out? I understand and admire him if he doesn't want to stir things up before his season is complete, but I'd sure like to think that the conversations are already going on at some level, just so we aren't on the dock watching the boat sail away, never having a chance to buy a ticket.
  2. Bye Week Pressers

    "Well shucks, I just hope like the dickens our guys can figure it out for next game, and, knock on wood, I believe they will!"
  3. Hmmm. First, the 'maybe nothing' is concerning, as if he just doesn't have a clue. Second, I'd much rather replay some of those particular third downs on video, learn from them and see what that might do for the next game, rather than imagining how it might have effected a game that is already history.
  4. Wasn't "didn't execute" the continual mantra of the Pelini gang too?
  5. Green Sought Student-Athlete Input in AD Search

    FYI for any readers like me who are often to lazy to actually click on the link to read the article....the Holman referenced is Brianna Holman, from the VB team, who was also consulted.
  6. CFB Week 8 Bold Predictions Thread!

    Nebraska is a 20 point underdog, but covers.
  7. Bill Moos named AD

    Not sure where to ask this and didn't think we needed another thread. Wasn't Mike Riley supposed to talk to the media yesterday at some time? Are there any notes or sound bites from that?
  8. Bill Moos named AD

    I wholly agree with you there. If he wants to come, and we whiff, that would be extremely agitating.....and unacceptable.
  9. Bill Moos named AD

    Just so I'm clear. If Moos hires anyone other than Frost, you'll consider that a f'up hire? Pretty narrow window there if so. I have Frost so far at the top of my "want" list that he's two pages ahead of anyone else. But if Moos winds up hiring someone else (heck Frost may not want to come here even if offered), I'm willing to get on board.
  10. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Any reason this isn't in the Frost Mega Thread?
  11. Remaining 2017 Season Predictions

    Neither is our current O-line. :-)
  12. Remaining 2017 Season Predictions

    Well, throwing him and maybe Rimington out there to play O-Line might just be an improvement! LOL
  13. Remaining 2017 Season Predictions

    Final five games we go 3 wins, 2 loses. Moos is a football guy. He'll tell Riley he is here till the end of the season, then gone. That will clarify the ugly suspicion that Riley has to be struggling with. Moos will tell Riley what changes he "suggests" need to be made for the remainder of the year. Having clarity and a touch of extra guidance eliminates a lot of uncertainty, which allows us to win the games we should. Just my hopeful guess.
  14. Bill Moos named AD

    He said exactly that in the presser "the support, the facilities, they are already in place, which isn't the case in a lot of colleges. We can come in and focus on the competitive part right away.." That, among other comments really sold me.