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  1. Good Burrow Update

    Feel free to check, but I believe in conference grad transfers require a release for immediate playing time. Out of conference they have no control.
  2. QB Max Duggan

    I agree they've likely contacted him in some fashion. I was more saying there isn't an "time" excuse. If you are interested in that caliber of player who lives 60 miles away you better make him a priority quick. Urban and Franklin won't be waiting around to give us a chance.
  3. QB Max Duggan

    I would assume/hope so too. I was more pointing out there is no "don't have time to 2019 kids" kind of excuse.
  4. Good Burrow Update

    I worry Urban won't grant him in conference grad release.
  5. QB Max Duggan

    2019 offers have gone out in Texas, Florida and Virginia this last week. If Duggan wasn't at least contacted, I think it's a problem. With QB's you have to start early, as they typically commit early.
  6. RB Joshua Fleeks [Baylor Commit]

    Ya I don't think it's a dumb idea. If we would have/do send the whole staff to Bryson Williams school we would all think it was awesome and a statement was made. Same for them and Fleeks.
  7. QB Adrian Martinez [Tennessee Commit]

    Thanks for the update, hadn't read that. Good to see doctors consider him that ready. +1
  8. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Also just out of curiosity from your "freshman and sophmores starting" comment, I looked at OhioSt, PennSt and Wisc depth charts. Their ILB/MLB'ers are 2 Sr's and 2 JR's. Not saying your wrong, could just be a coincidence. However, the 3 best teams in the Big10 are rolling out upperclassmen there. I think the physical nature of the Big10 probably requires a more physically mature player. Just a interesting thought, and one that isn't necessarily important.
  9. ***2018 Recruiting***

    I think it has more to do with Barry and Young's inconsistency and losing our only consistent ILB'er in Weber.
  10. WR Katerian LeGrone [UCF Commit]

    My statement was before his listing got switched to WR. Just seemed odd if we had 5 young scholly TE's on roster, 2 committed and 2 more visiting this weekend. But McGriff and this guy might be WR's.
  11. QB Adrian Martinez [Tennessee Commit]

    And what all-star bowl is he playing in? Maybe I missed it, but I can't see a kid who missed his whole SR season with injury playing in an all-star game.
  12. QB Adrian Martinez [Tennessee Commit]

    Really? Article I read this morning he said he hoped to make a decision this week.
  13. WR Katerian LeGrone [UCF Commit]

    Might be safe to say Jurgens isn't locked into TE.
  14. CB Mario Goodrich

    Very conflicting report from 247. Pretty much the opposite.