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  1. Iceman Prediction Time

    Damn Matty, woof.
  2. ***2019 Recruiting***

    It's not mere coincidence that it is blocks from the top two HS recruits in the state's HS.
  3. The Running Back Room

    I think Bryant is very good, when he can play. Unfortunately, that has been the problem.
  4. OT Bryce Benhart

    Not sure on specifics, seems like a flaw in the structure. Would hope the NCAA would grant the waiver....but it's the NCAA.
  5. The Running Back Room

    I don't think they belong in the same sentence as 95 at this point, even saying potentially. Two the of the three have never played a D1 snap the other has serious knee problems that have limited him the last 18 months. But just my opinion, I hope you end to right.
  6. The Running Back Room

    Off-season at its finest.
  7. OT Bryce Benhart

    Trying to OV opening weekend but doesn't technically start school till Sept 4th so they have to submit a waiver to NCAA.
  8. Sorry Mav, I should of specified. I was looking at scholarship only recruits, which is likely unfair.
  9. OT Turner Corcoran

    This is going to be a battle with OSU. I did however notice they already have two OT's committed in 2020 class ranked higher than Corcoran. Not sure it matters, but thought it should be noted.
  10. As it stands now where do you rank this year's in-store crop to the last 10? Comes down to 2019 vs 2011 for me.
  11. RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    If he's as good as they're talking it better be more than 5-8.
  12. Tailgating

    PBA isn't bad for the $ if you're getting a spot/know someone there, usually can buy single game spots too.
  13. CB Javin Wright

    Colorado game.
  14. BTN Bus Tour

    I really want to switch to YouTube but it isn't available in my area.
  15. Higher Rankings?

    16...come on, don't short em!