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  1. LB Nick Henrich

    Probably ok with it since they had legitimate reasons.
  2. ATH Chris Hickman

    It was but he planned to attend both. His ride to Lincoln fell through at the last minute.
  3. RB John Bivens

    Recovering from a knee injury and has academic concerns. Wiltfong also thinks talent wise he might be the best back in the Midwest.
  4. DE Mosai Newsom

    Ended up visiting Iowa recently, doesn't sound like they made up ground. He's on commit watch this weekend. 2 more CB's.
  5. ATH Chris Hickman

    Fong with a CB.
  6. WR Zavier Betts

    My phone isn't a big fan of spelling it that way...
  7. 2018 Spring Game Visitors

    I think it's impossible to know. I just remember always seeing photos on gameday of Jurgens in a circle of recruits, for two years.
  8. 2018 Spring Game Visitors

    It was nice to have a player of his caliber rooming the sidelines almost every week for two years with recruits. It was like having an extra recruiting staff member.
  9. 2018 Spring Game Visitors

    I am no expert, just a fan. I pay a subscription and those experts provide info and reading I find worth the cost. I try to share pieces of information that I find informative or interesting, without breaking either sites premium info rules. I also have my own opinions that I form. One of those is the opinion it would be nice to lock Zavier Betts up early. The staff has shown major interest in him/prioritized him, even though he's only a sophmore. He's rated as a top national prospect. Regional P5 schools are pushing, bigger ones will too at some point. "Locking him up early" for me would be anytime between now and the fall of his senior yearish. I think it's key to get the instate guys on board early as the foundation, see Jurgens. Unfortunately with Hickman/Henrich we are busy playing catchup. It is possible he commit early (even this early), truly thinking he's 100% N...Jurgens did. Do I think he will, no. Do I think the coaches would happily except it, yes. Like a lot of things I don't think one shoe fits all as far as deciding who to take early and who not to. Just my thoughts, sorry for misinterpreting your post.
  10. One of these is not like the others..... I'll give you a hint, 10 of the coaches have multiple NCAA tournament appearances in 5 years. 1 doesn't. I'll give you another hint, the 1 is Miles.
  11. ***2019 Recruiting***

    Jahkeem Green #1 JUCO DT received a visit yesterday. He's at Highlands CC in KS. Committed to South Carolina and originally from South Carolina, seems like a tough pull.
  12. WR Zavier Betts

    Visiting this weekend. Rudd visited him yesterday.
  13. LB Nick Henrich

    Obvious report, but Rudd did visit yesterday.
  14. ATH Chris Hickman

    Rudd visited yesterday.
  15. 2018 Spring Game Visitors

    I'm not starting another pointless arguement with you, sorry. I think we'd take his commitment early, you don't. Great, let's move on.