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  1. WR Joshua Moore [Nebraska Commit]

    Will OV FSU also.
  2. WR Joshua Moore [Nebraska Commit]

    OV to Bama this weekend.
  3. Purdue is a night game....

    The better team could lose..... which is good for us.
  4. Who do you want as Interim?

    Mock Barney.... but his offense dropped more points on OhioSt than we did this year.
  5. Tre Bryant

    Obviously I'm unaware of the details of the injury but this is what confused me. His knee is in bad enough shape he's missing practice....so we run him 31 times against ArkySt. Then he was on pace for 25-30 vs Oregon.... was at 20 when for hurt.
  6. Appreciate the information, do like the program association part.
  7. I should have specified that I understood the Mullens credentials and was curious on the other two. So Long's claim to fame is he hired a great coach with terrible character, who ended up needing terminated due to terrible character? The he hired a guy that was lauded at the time but has turned out to be what most would consider average? Still don't see it, but I am sure an AD is hard to judge.
  8. Likely interacted with Tom during this time.
  9. I was genuinely curious as to what made these two exceptional candidates? I don't see anything on their resumes that screen homerun hire, that's why I'm asking for others opinions. As someone pointed out Long being named head of playoff committee may be his strength. Other than that I see two AD's that have been at their schools for a good amount of time and haven't led the programs to new levels of success, at least as far as I can tell. What makes them "qualified" for this program in your opinion?
  10. Why would we want Long or Pollard?
  11. Tre Bryant

    I'm not sure the cap either, but 1.75 games would make me think he'd be eligible.
  12. Ah gotcha. I'd agree that they have more in game experience, although your initial post credited their RB being surrounded with upperclassmen for his success. Unfortunately I think this more points to the opinion, shared by me and others, that even though our players have been in the program just as long as Wisc they appeared to have been developed much better and maybe quicker. Which is a testament to Cav's inability to get players to play at the level needed.
  13. When specifically looking at starters you are correct, Wisc moves up to 3.2 and ties us....as I stated earlier. You are off on ours. Neb starters: 3 RsJr - 12 total yrs in program. 1 RsSo - 3 total yrs in program. 1 TrFr - 1 total yr in program. Add those up and you get 16 combined years, or 3.2 on average.