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    I know, way behind the times ! However, I joined Huskerboard.com and Huskerpedia (HuskerMAX) BBS forums.

    I tried to become an OU fan but I can't ... completely different atmosphere compared to NU and I can't stand Boomer Sooner fight song every fricking play !

    I had never really followed Sooners football especially leaving Bevo Conference (used to be Big12). BTW, my house is two miles away from Gaylord stadium !

    Six feet tall and slightly overweight, 220 pounds, all beer belly fat !

    Born and raised in South Dakota, lived in Hastings and Lincoln Nebraska from 1975 thru 1992

    GBR !

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  1. Mike Riley’s Final Pre-Game Talk

    Bo's last game, Huskers beat Iowa (2014) ............. next week, BP was canned. Déjà vu ?? Riley's last game, Huskers beat Iowa (2017) ............. next week, MR will be canned. .
  2. Mike Riley’s Final Pre-Game Talk

    Riley reflects Callahan graphic ..... .
  3. Mike Riley’s Final Pre-Game Talk

    Wizard of Mooz ....... and Diaco too !
  4. Shatel: Parrella for Interim DC

    Interim HC, John Cook
  5. Poll: When to fire Riley (In Your Opinion)

    MR earned $200K per ONE game
  6. Poll: When to fire Riley (In Your Opinion)

    NOW !!! Tomorrow or Monday at the latest ........ come on Moos, not the end of the season. Time to end this failed experiment. And Diaco and Cav too.
  7. A new low?

  8. Not Favored in Any Remaining Game

    Honestly we are lucky. Arky State and Purdoo barely won ..... thus 2 wins and 7 losses so far and good chance 2W-10L. Underachievement big time for every games. No passion, no mojo, no fundamental skills, no killer instinct, etc. yet a bunch of 4-star players. Thanks MR and his henchmen. MR salary collect $200K per ONE game !!
  9. Not Favored in Any Remaining Game

    Sagarin Predictor column agreed ....... Gophers favored by 3.21 points included home advantage (@ Minneapolis) Last weekend, Sag Predictor said N.W. by 3.66 points. LV OddsShark, Huskers by 1 point.
  10. Armstrong Wins Holder of the Week

    Near hit. His helmet and Drew's leg collision
  11. Tanner Lee's Progression

    I'm surprised NO Lee's injuries (so far). Pounded almost every play.
  12. Northwestern Opens as One Point Favorite

    November 1st 11:00AM, no change according to OddsShark ConsensusNorthwestern -1Nebraska +1 Used to be two days ago ....... Nebraska -2. Not anymore. http://www.oddsshark.com/ncaaf/consensus-picks
  13. 8 yards rushing!!!

    against powerful Purdue D . PU rushing defense, #70 out of 129 .
  14. Two games to go bowling

    40 is too many bowls IMO. Used to be less than 12. And I dislike sponsor bowls like PlayStation and Capital One bowls (formerly Fiesta and Orange bowls) .
  15. Northwestern Opens as One Point Favorite

    I prefer AWAY. See NIU, Wiskey and Ohio State results.