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  1. Riley "Never Considered" Making A Change At QB

    Does anyone believe that if a running back had 9 fumbles, 4 of which were returned for TD's, he would see the field again before a secondary back was tried?
  2. How does this team improve in 2018?

    To be honest, the current baseball squad is not an outlier. Not just in terms of baseball, but with respect to most all of the other major sports at Donu. The sad, desultory whimpering finishes are reflective of the end-of-season performances lately of football, basketball, and wrestling as well as baseball. I remain a strong supporter of all the teams and coaches, but wish there was some obvious beacon of change on the horizon to give future hope to all. Unfortunately, no such easy magic solution appears to be imminent.
  3. 2017 B1G Tournament

    Although not nearly the cachet of football, is it a bit surprising that 6 of the 8 teams that made the tourney are from the West...........and there is no snipping about the relative unbalance of the conference?
  4. Next Year Starting Five Predictions

    No one seems to have much faith in Akenten.............surprising. Yes, he will be a frosh, but I suspect he will have a much larger impact and playing time than most are projecting. We shall see..............
  5. Geeze..........you'd like to think landing a prospect that Kansas, Texas, Ohio St, Creighton, and others wanted would warrant a thread of celebration...............
  6. Recruiting Notes

    I wouldn't characterize it as desperation at all. There are a number of good reasons to try and sign him. 1. It's a D-1 player at a position of need. 2. It's a positive addition to stem the negative flow of of spin surrounding the program. 3. It's a great opportunity to re-establish some connections with the Omaha basketball community.
  7. Jacobsen next on transfer list?

    The best spin you can put on it is that we lost 2 solid rebounders who couldn't shoot.....
  8. Jessica Shepard Transferring

    Question...........if Shepard would have transferred LAST year, would Romeo still be a Husker ?
  9. Jeriah Horne Transferring

    Hate to see Horne go, but understand from his perspective. Seems like he had the shortest leash (after a defensive lapse) than almost anyone. I thought he was tougher on the boards than many give him credit for, BUT MAINLY feel he was one of our best potential options for being a pure shooter. (I understand his season stats didn't eventually reflect that, but it seemed his mechanics were fundamentally strong). Would really have liked to see him get more than sporatic opportunities.
  10. Winter Testing Numbers

    Seems like I recall some story about the time we recruited him, that he put up some bench numbers as a H.S. senior that would have placed him in the top ten of the NFL bench reps at 225. I don't have a clue about the veracity, but certainly there were some bunyanesk tales around then.
  11. What Will It Take...

    Why not is the $64,000 question. Because it's whether you think things will get enough better to justify it. You think so. Others do as well. Many do not. Yes, he's building talent. But many tried to say we had the most talent ever this year. All Miles got us with that talent is the most losses in school history. So it's fair to question what he can do with the talent he gets. Obviously there will be a time when that's not enough. To some, that time has already passed. Being within one loss of the school record for losses four out of his five years will do that. Maybe it's not for you, and that's fine. But it's fair to ask if that time has already come. What will "getting it done" next year be for you? To be honest, the only reason it wasn't a worse loss record is because we ran out of schedule............
  12. Fightin' Erstad's vs Northern Colorado

    Good chance to get off the snide on the home run drought today. Winds from the West at 22, gusting to 45.....
  13. Pure Shooters ??

    No doubt Pike (and Strick and Boone and others) from earlier eras qualify, but I was trying to focus on the last decade or so. Ray Gallegos was one I thought of (thanks Cornheadnation), but his senior year turned so badly, it was tough to remember his earlier seasons. Also, Marcus Perry probably merits some consideration. Sadly, last nights exhibition by multiple Michigan players only served to highlight our own lack of shooters.
  14. Miles at NU

    The old saying about the "Whole being greater than the sum of it's parts" seems upside down at Nebraska. I think we have enough talented players, but for whatever reason, that doesn't translate into a great (or even good) team. Here, our "Whole" is LESS than the sum of it's parts. Whether that's coaching or chemistry or style........I don't pretend to know. But it's clearly not working, and I don't see it changing by trying to make it work another year.
  15. Pure Shooters ??

    While watching a lot of basketball this year, I am struck by how many teams have really, really good pure shooters (some even just as role bench players). Now while Nebraska has a few that can occassionally fill it up, season stats rarely show any consistent shooters throughout the season (at least low to mid 40%). It got me to thinking ......who is the last PURE shooter that the Huskers put on the floor for any extended seasons? And, why don't we? (White was only here the single year) The best I can remember (outside of the '90s with Nee's best teams) would be Cary Cohorn (sp?) and/or Brian Conklin. Who am I forgetting?