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  1. He was a solid teammate who never complained publicly about his ever-diminishing role. Great character (in multiple definitions) who never quite achieved what was needed. Really rooting for his new directions to work out for him.
  2. 2018 G Xavier Johnson

    How much more damage can the insipid Hurley clan inflict on the Husker basketball program?
  3. Jessica Shepard Transferring

    Of course they granted it....It's Notre Dame, don't ya know...
  4. Head Basketball Coach Search

    But with mob hair...
  5. Huskers Look to Revive Running Game

    Missouri says hello...
  6. Not surprised at all, I wish him well. Went from multiple starts to basically zero playing time and reduced to captain of the Bench Mob. Good luck to him!
  7. So, who is going to leave?

    The 3 departing seniors are all transfers. The 2 best returning players (assuming they return) are also both transfers. It appears as if the Mile's template of building with freshmen and investing 4 years in the team is not working well (whether intended or not). I "hope" both James and Issac return, but won't be surprised if McVeigh returns to Austrailia (given his current bench status). Also hope Thomas Allen will be patient and stick around. Perhaps Miles will again tap the transfer wire for additional help. ( a dream is that Daum realizes he can have more offensive support here and returns to Nebraska)
  8. Bracketology

    You may be right plus I'm sure the NIT looks at potential attendance numbers when slotting teams.
  9. Bracketology

    Yes ASU stole our coach a year ago late; OU hasn't won since January basically; and Syracuse pulls this crap every year
  10. Bracketology

    We'll know how close we were by what seed we get in the NIT
  11. Bracketology

    The inherent problem with putting so much weight into the noncon is that teams adjust, mature and evolve based on varying factors. Young teams change, injuries occur, and all sorts of pieces sort in and out. It's hard to watch some of these SEC teams and believe ALL of them are tourney worthy vs other conferences 3 months later.
  12. Big Ten Teams: 2018-2019

    Equally important to keep the coaching staff intact. Miles assistants tree has been a turnstile. Finally getting some stability and established recruiting connections.
  13. WBB: 2017-18 Season Notes

    Big time homer calls/no calls against the Huskers