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  1. He's an obnoxious self-promoter...
  2. Chinander on His Defense

    180 degree counter to the priod D's philosophy. Terrific mindset!
  3. Finally! Blackshirt Talk

    Agree 1000 percent on NO stickers! (Too Jr. High-ish)
  4. New Huskers & New Numbers

    Let's hope the new numbers aren't reflective of their scoring averages....(except, of course, Heimanm)
  5. So, who is going to leave?

    Although expected, still great news to have it confirmed...!
  6. So, who is going to leave?

    Although expected, still great news to have it confirmed...!
  7. 2018 Season Notes

    It's looking distressingly similar to Callahan's obsession with Cosgrove..................
  8. It's been just one more example of inexplicable Big Ten scheduling "oddities" cutting across all sports since joining this conference ....
  9. Agree with this sentiment; we have developed quite the team of slashers... but still lack the pure shooter. Hopefully Thomas Allen will fill that role this year. Also, another nimble BIG would be nice...
  10. Huskers @ Creighton - May 8

    And then Silva appears...
  11. Assistant Coach

    Just formalize the paperwork and get him recruiting asap...
  12. Pederson legacy stench continues....
  13. He was a solid teammate who never complained publicly about his ever-diminishing role. Great character (in multiple definitions) who never quite achieved what was needed. Really rooting for his new directions to work out for him.
  14. How much more damage can the insipid Hurley clan inflict on the Husker basketball program?
  15. Jessica Shepard Transferring

    Of course they granted it....It's Notre Dame, don't ya know...