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  1. Tre Bryant

  2. Tristian Gebbia - YES or NO

    Leave it to Bo to recruit all the good receivers and tight ends in one class.
  3. Slobberknockers

    I'm pretty sure the days of crowd pleasing hard hits are over.
  4. Credit where credits due

    There are so many piss ants who crawl out from under the cracks in the floor whenever the Huskers struggle. Some still feel the need to prove they were right in their dislike for the Riley hire, while others just like to stir the pot. They can't see that adjustments were made at halftime because it doesn't fit their agenda. All these armchair coaches who have obviously had glittering football careers as players and/or coaches at the highest levels. Our kids played their hearts out and didn't do it on their own.
  5. Who should be fired?

  6. Immigration Ban

    I know it appears harsh and cold but if this is what it takes to get the two parties to take a step towards the middle and work together then I hope they will take the opportunity and do so. Those of us on both sides need to push this.
  7. Immigration Ban

    Trump has put the ball back in Congress' court where it belongs. They have 6 months to create something satisfactory to as many as possible. Those of you living in democratic states need to urge your representatives to work with republicans and craft a bill that keeps these kids here. It's time to reject the fringe 5% on the left and right and say this bill is too important to not work together. I will urge my congressmen to get the ball rolling here.
  8. Tangent Thread - September 2017 Edition

    How in the Billy Hell you think that was a personal attack is beyond me. Your nick, the phrase OP or anything related to you was never called a Bo Pelini kiss ass, the person living in the past or the immature child who has a temper tantrum.
  9. .500

    You have verbalized exactly what I have been thinking for a long time. I fail to understand the "gotta turn the program around in 6 weeks crowd." Tom O wasn't an instant success at Nebraska even tho he was the OC for Bob D. It took him awhile (21 years) to establish what he wanted, find the right players, create a system where he could be more effective and win the Natl Championship Game. His offenses were meteoric but his D was often lacking. They finally figured it out by going to the 4-3 with more speed. Mike R is bringing in some quality offensive and defensive skill players but so far the line recruits haven't caught up. If we don't get our panties in a bunch, success will come.
  10. What happened to our S&C program?

    You do realize that on defense we only have 3 linemen vs 5 O linemen unless there is a blitz called? Their job is to bottle up the O linemen and let the linebackers clean up. ASU's offense is a quick strike bunch that makes the D play sideline to sideline on most plays. They will wear out most teams they play unless there are considerable substitutions made. Asking 280 to 300 pound linemen to run for 4 hours is not a recipe for success. The only O lineman I saw making bad mistakes was Tanner Farmer who failed to chip that linebacker several times and allowed him in the backfield to quickly. You seem to love being the new guy who plays the part of the troll.
  11. Let us not feel like the wheels fell off if after the first half the score is close. After watching OSU and Wisc the last 2 nights, even lower division teams have good players that want a notch on their belt. They aren't coming to Lincoln for a check and a handshake afterwards. I'm trusting our coaches and players to get it rolling.
  12. Langsdorf on Lee: 'Cool Your Jets'

    You know how most fan bases are.....and I'm including Husker fans. The best QB is the one standing on the sidelines watching the starter. TL was the best till he became the starter. Danny L is right though, Tanner Lee can only be marginally better than the other 10 starters. If they can up their game TL will have a good/great year.
  13. Riley Trying to Find Right Recipe

    This coaching stint at Nebraska must make him feel like he won the lottery. He can have everything and the best of everything as far as coaching tools. He wants a new DC, just ask and it's yours. 10 new people in the recruiting office, it's done. An ex NFL guy to scout recruits, don't even ask twice. Now we just need those years of toiling in the trenches to show improvement has been made and we are on an upward trend.
  14. Mayweather v. McGregor - August 26

    I am intrigued by this battle and hope it is a good matchup. I won't be able to see it because of a wedding and wouldn't pay for it if I could.