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  1. I can sure hear the Led Zeppelin in their music. I would love to hear them do "Whole Lotta Love" or "Immigrant Song"
  2. New Tunnel Walk Music?

    Since I don't see a "sarcasm" sign, I hope you aren't serious. I don't object to something with a good beat and high energy that can get a crowd energized. Since the OWH article wouldn't open for me can I assume you are talking about Drowning Pool "Bodies"? If you are the designated person to pick up "Aunt Mary" at the nursing home to meet the rest of the family at the restaurant are you going to play "Bodies" or anything similar and tell her if she doesn't like it she can take out her hearing aid?
  3. Huskers vs. Creighton - April 24

    It's getting ugly in Lincoln. I understand the loss of key players early in the season. I fear some of the players have their heads down and this blowout isn't going to help. We won't make the BIG 10 playoffs in our own back yard which is a shame.
  4. Post-Practice Presser - April 19

    I'm trying to temper my expectations for this year and the next few. After the last five years ( last two of BP and the Mike R experiment) I was beginning to wonder if it would happen in my lifetime. At first I want the Huskers to get to a point that we win the games we should win and beat a few teams we shouldn't. Then build a system where all the players not just the starters know the plan inside and out. Next step is to win the West and battle toe to toe in the CCG. I'll take this for now and hope for more.
  5. Eligible Transfers 2018

    If he goes to Creighton or NW just wait and see. He will light us up next year
  6. JUCO LB Lakia Henry

    It must be rough that a team like UGA can have a 4 star LB in their back yard and they haven't offered him.
  7. Night Court judge Harry Anderson passed away today at age 65.  Lots of good laughs from that show.

    1. ladyhawke


      I was so sad to hear this!  He was so young!  I loved that show.  The chemistry between the actors was so good!

    2. ColoradoHusk


      Loved that show.  Markie Post was totally hot, even with her legendary fe-mullet.

    3. ladyhawke


      John Laroquette was hilarious as was the actor who played Bull.  


  8. I  watched several old Husker games the last 24 hours waiting on this storm.  Huskers vs Miss St in the Sun Bowl.  Nu vs Houston in the Cotton Bowl and Nu vs Oklahoma in 1988 regular season. That D was impressive.

    1. TonyStalloni


      One thing that surprised me was how many small town Nebraska home grown kids started or played significant minutes on those early 80's teams.

    2. suh_fan93


      I've been watching games sporadically too this past week.  So many good one's on Youtube.

  9. OT John Olmstead [Notre Dame Commit]

    Rutgers I can kinda see with it being a home state school. Michigan and ND I can see. Ole Miss and Minn have me scratching my head. Maybe he likes weather extremes? "The southern girls with the way they talk they knock me out when I'm down there. The northern girls with the way they kiss they keep their boy friends warm at night. Your guess is as good as mine!
  10. 2018 G Xavier Johnson

    The somewhat constant state of the mens basketball program.
  11. RB Kendall Milton

    Almost every big time school except Clemson made an offer.
  12. 2018 G Xavier Johnson

    Latest word is the 3 current coaches will travel to Virginia tomorrow to discuss the situation with Xavier and his family. The fam is concerned the "father figure" (Kenya Hunter) will no longer be there while Miles will try to convince him the atmosphere he liked will still be there.
  13. Recruiting Tangent Thread - StPaulHusker Edition

    Perhaps SF thought Duggan was as high a rated QB as they were going to attract at UCF but here he is looking higher in the tree. We have 5 QB's right now on the roster, 3 on scholarship and another who will be after next year. Maybe he thinks Duggan won't be better than at least two now on the roster and if we take a QB it will be a home run.
  14. Eligible Transfers 2018

    Me likey. Miles....we need one of these to complete the set.
  15. Deep Fried Cod & Shrimp Made In Skillet/Pics