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  1. ***Official Penn State Game Discussion Thread***

    I understand my football team is overmatched, way undercoached, probably ready for this season to be over. I'll continue to support them and will call out posters who think it's humorous to call kids out in ugly fashion.
  2. ***Official Penn State Game Discussion Thread***

    You know what you can do.
  3. ***Official Penn State Game Discussion Thread***

    18-22 year old kids who aren't playing well. From coaching and probably in some cases a lack of talent. Are they playing poorly on purpose? 25 to 70 year old men sitting at a computer, many who have never played football or competed in anything more than kids soccer or peewee football, calling out those young men wearing Husker colors. Tell me who is the piss ant?
  4. ***Official Penn State Game Discussion Thread***

    Look everyone. I think we all know Nebraska will struggle to compete or even get first downs today. Enough of the snarky comments attacking the players. I have heard "We suck" too many times today. We suck as fans way more than our football team does.
  5. Gym Pet Peeves

    Like this?
  6. Gym Pet Peeves

    There is an older guy who has been coming to the gym for quite awhile. I think he was really heavy at one time but has maybe lost 75 pounds. I think he became a disciple of the dufus I mentioned a few posts above because now when he is on the treadmill he wears his earphones, has the treadmill tipped to an outrageous angle while he talks to himself. He says stuff like "Come on.....pick it up. Don't be a slacker. Keep going! Push it!" What a day to forget my phone so I had to listen to him.
  7. Moore, Sessions, and the Dismissal of Mueller

    I find it odd that when a half dozen women spoke out about Bill Clinton being a groping asshat they were called lying gold diggers but here come two women shortly before the election with similar claims about Roy Moore and their word is gospel. I'm not saying he isn't guilty......just amused by the difference in response.
  8. Mike Riley

    This made me chuckle!
  9. Mike Riley

    While I had never hear of MR before he was hired, I warmed up to the person he is and had high hopes he could pull this off. We all have reasons why we think it didn't work but bottom line is it didn't and it's time to move on. After the first year it seemed like the players accepted him and most of the staff. Sometimes in life the good guy doesn't win and things don't work out like we want them too. I wish he and the staff a good landing after this gig.
  10. POB

    It's possible if POB had taken all the snaps this year he would be at or maybe beyond the level of Lee. The fact he can run a little if needed is impressive but it may have gotten him knocked out. At this point who knows! Next years coach will have to sort it out.
  11. POB

    A lot of this! In the last series Minn was rushing 3 and we had 5 blockers....maybe 6 if the TE was in I don't remember. All 3 D linemen hit POB at the same time while the OL stood playing paddy cake.
  12. A decision could be made sooner than we thought

    The article is quite revealing. I'm afraid Nebraska is a long ways from having a focus and direction to recruit hard nosed driven kids. Yes talent is important but a burning desire to succeed and dominate is just as important if not more so.
  13. Chip Kelly

    One of the major complaints with Callahan and Pelini to some degree was their lack of interest in Husker history and past players. We can agree or disagree on the importance of that issue. Chip Kelly would have little interest in Husker lore. Can he coach.....yes. Can he run a clean program.....debatable. Would he be an improvement over Riley and staff....yes. One thing I remember about Oregon teams. They didn't always do well vs Big Ten teams in the playoffs.
  14. A certain offensive lineman

    This thread has done a 180 since the OP. We were talking about the O Line and now it's the D Line in the 3-4.
  15. Florida's people, Tennessee's people, our people and probably 4 or 5 other university's "people" have already been in touch with Scott Frost's "people" no doubt. Only he can sort out if he wants to stay at UCF or take a position somewhere else. If Lincoln is a good fit for him and his family and he really wants this job then a few weeks is not going to make a difference. He is pretty high on the "coaching candidate" totem pole so he is going to get paid where ever he goes. It all depends on where he wants to be and all our angst, hand wringing and begging won't make a shred of difference. Have patience. High level coaching hires are like brain surgery. You don't hire the cheapest, inexperienced surgeon nor the one who can do the 8 hour surgery in 2 hours. We've been that route too many times now and look where it got us.