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  1. Huskers to Hold Walk-On Tryouts

    I actually was going to follow it up with a third leg joke but I pulled out. srs.
  2. Huskers to Hold Walk-On Tryouts

    They called you "The Leg."
  3. NCAA Looks to Adjust Transfer Rules

    I don't like it. I see it being a free-for-all where the Nick Sabans will be actively recruiting freshman who are clearly rising stars from other teams. I see it increasing parity and undermining the concept of the scholarship itself.
  4. Early Signing Day - December 20th, 2017

    There is nothing I don't like about coach Frost's approach. Love that Adrian Martinez was his #1 prospect a year ago. That says a lot.
  5. QB Run Game: the Myth of the Frost Offense

    When I watch plays like this: https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/A-KdhOf8YAsycRIE1qmaT7x14QE=/0x0:962x484/720x0/filters:focal(0x0:962x484):gifv():no_upscale()/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/9877997/Frost_option_craziness.gif it seems fairly clear that "quickness" is a must. Honestly Frost could have potentially gotten just as many total yards with more designed keepers for Milton but it just isn't the objective. What I like about this approach is that your QB doesn't have to be as durable and doesn't get hit as much. We love our QBs to smash people in the mouth here but that really isn't the Frost offense. In my mind I kind of see Adrian Martinez having a really good chance of getting the nod as a true freshman.
  6. History of Nebraska Offenses

    Great post ERN. +1! I posted this in another thread a couple days ago - There are a ton of the '94 games on youtube. Younger fans should watch some of the games where Berringer started when Tommie was out. Osborne had so many weapons in the playbook and had the ability to almost toy with a defense and just crush them with play action and throws to the tight end - even against good defenses. It was smash mouth but it was so much more than that. It had the 'big play ability' at any given point.
  7. Passing offense under Frost

    Your whole post was really good brophog, +1. One mantra we'll always hear in a football discussion is how "great offensive lines make for great offenses." Pretty much true. Now this is hard to measure and hard to prove, but I do have a theory that Frost's offense gives more bang for your offensive line buck. I think it can 'do more with less' as far as the O-line goes than Riley's offense could. I think that this is demonstrably true of UCF's offense, in my opinion, because: 1. There are just so many plays that go to the edge of the field. 2. Milton and their starting running back had the quickness when he carried the ball outside. I think we even saw some of this in Ameer's junior season here. Our line really wasn't playing very well that year. But Beck actually had some good things going that season and our version of the zone read made up for. Also...Ameer made up for it by consistently pulling off Barry Sanders type s***. I'm not pouring out any kool-aid for myself. But I really do expect that right out of the gate, an updated scheme will make up for so much with regards to our line.
  8. Passing offense under Frost

    I want to just say that I love your screen name, @PasstheDamnBallGuy. Well done.
  9. Passing offense under Frost

    Agreed. Just as a "for fun" and tangential reference point, I watched a large bit of the 1994 Colorado game yesterday where Berringer started. I totally realize that you can't draw many comparisons to that team and anything that might happen to our team in the next few seasons (mainly due to what we had in our offensive line and Lawrence Phillips). But at any rate, the way Dr. Tom would get his tight ends open in space through savant-like play calling was a thing of beauty. He'd do it out of the shotgun. He'd do it out of play action. Incredible. Colorado's DC must have just been ******* his pants. We would need our offensive line to show up in big ways so that our I-Backs can get the run game going next season to help facilitate this type of thing more. But my point is, having a QB that's more of a "throw first, run second" mobile guy is something I'd love to watch. The Joe Ganz guy. The Brook Berringer guy. I'm excited for whatever we do under Frost on offense. I have almost no doubt that it'll be better than the product Watson & Beck drew up under Bo and I think it's less dependent on having that incredible offensive line.
  10. Honest Expectations (Frost and Co)

    I'm hoping to be able to beat Wisconsin and Iowa in year three and compete well in the conference title game. Long term, I'm hoping to win our division 50% of the time and win the conference every 1 in 4 years. If either of the above doesn't happen, but our team has unity and competes without the drama and headcase nonsense that we've seen at times by the last three regimes, I won't be upset. I won't be on here or anywhere else disparaging coach Frost. I'll be proud of us again.
  11. QB Run Game: the Myth of the Frost Offense

    One main point that I think is important is that it's not as if it's as easy as just sitting here talking about "what's better." The "what's better" part is obvious - the kid that's great both running and passing. I'm thinking of the majority of the QBs Art Bryles or Gary Patterson have fielded in that category even. Is Frost going to recruit that kid? That's probably one of the more interesting questions on my mind this offseason.
  12. QB Run Game: the Myth of the Frost Offense

    +1, Cdog. Really great research and post. I see O'Brien potentially being fully capable of this.
  13. Old offenses v “new offenses”

    ROFL, +1. This could be one of our better memes on this forum.
  14. Climate effects

    I believe it has a measurable effect on passes of over 15 yards-ish, especially the higher the loft on the ball. For shorter passes I believe it's demonstrably negligible. And if it's particularly windy on a given Saturday, you probably up your run ratio. Do you think our wind factor should be cause for coach Frost to do things drastically different than the way he did them in Florida?