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  1. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    +1, good post. I would also take Frost over Venables but could see Venables being a great fit for us. I'd be curious to know what style of offense he'd run and I don't think there's be any real way to know.
  2. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    I just feel like he wouldn't have the name recognition to pull in recruiting classes that are at least better than Bo & Riley's were. If we want to play Top 10 football, our coaching has to be exceptional if we're going to be in that #20-#30 range of recruiting classes. And I think our fan base still by and large doesn't quite understand this. There's either some kind of resignation that we won't have top 10 recruiting classes because "it's not the Nebraska way" or because Bo & Riley weren't able to do we just assume the next guy can't. What I'm perceiving is that there are a lot of people that believe that Frost has that coaching fairy dust to take the recruiting classes we normally expect to get and turn the final product into a Top 10 team. I'm sorry, I just don't see it. In a scenario where it's Frost or Riley, I want Frost. Absolutely, with no question. But we need much, much better recruiting classes to win titles. I don't feel like our fan base concedes this, but it seems so obvious. And of course...maybe Frost gets those top 15 classes. Maybe. Just doesn't seem likely to me.
  3. Ohio State Game....What Did We Learn?

    Definitely know the feeling: Go to a rager, things get crazy with the ladies, pants get lost. What a life!
  4. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    That is terribly vague, but I do appreciate your input. It's just interesting because @El Diaco said: I watch highlights of UCF games, and I see a very similar offense. I was told profusely in a different thread that there are many, many differences. I'd like to hear what they are.
  5. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    I mean this genuinely: Can someone list out the nuances between the offense that Frost helped to coach when he was at Oregon and what Frost does now? One poster had mentioned in another thread that there was less zone blocking and more lineman pulling when run blocking. Anything else?
  6. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    "jessica" knows all about Scott and Scott's wife's plans for a family. Simply amazing. Would you start at $5M for a base for any other coaches, jessica?
  7. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    This thread is so great. Ah, so you've heard we'll be paying $4M/year?
  8. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I don't know that this would be accurate - but - I totally agree that I would love to build a time machine and have taken Frost over Riley, knowing what we know now.
  9. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Yes, and we have such a proven track record of being willing to pony up big cash for a good coach, don't we?
  10. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    In hindsight, we absolutely should have hired him three years ago. Absolutely. Almost painful to think about how much better that probably would have been. But again...three years ago his resume wasn't even better than Bo's was in 2007 when Osborne brought Bo in. It just wasn't. I'm not saying that a comparison to Bo's resume is any kind of extremely important benchmark but there honestly wasn't any indication three years ago that he was ready to take over one of the most storied programs in college football history even though he is Scott Frost.
  11. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    +1 for the comedy gold. I lol'd.
  12. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Hayseed - Your little emotional outburst is so cute. I'm sure that feels good to accuse someone of being "Riley's biggest fan" when you disagree with a post. I wanted Riley gone after the Rutgers game. His two coordinators and offensive line coach aren't good enough and our talent isn't being developed.
  13. Mobile QB - Requirement in CFB?

    If memory serves, Taylor Martinez was not recruited as a quarterback by any major Power 5 schools. I seem to recall UCLA recruiting him as an "athlete." I could be missing your point but I probably wouldn't put Martinez on the same level as Mayfield, Manziel, & Mariota. The zone read offense is kind of a feast or famine scheme when your dual threat quarterback isn't exactly much of a *threat* when throwing the ball. I remember so many times with Martinez & Armstrong where on first down, when the run option was called, our line would not hold up and then we're at 2nd & 12. Then it's 3rd & long, and your QB just doesn't have the tools to be the guy to sit in the pocket in the shotgun and be expected to throw well. That does not describe Mayfield, Manziel, & Mariota. But it's possible that the final product for us has a better chance at being its best when we're going with the run/pass option scheme. I mean, just look at how much better our offense was statistically when Riley & Langsdorf were coaching Bo's offensive players in the zone read versus what we have now. Obviously there's a marked difference.
  14. Realistic Coaching Hires with the AD

    Ah, possibly. @zoogs - What did you mean when you said: