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  1. Honest Expectations (Frost and Co)

    I'm hoping to be able to beat Wisconsin and Iowa in year three and compete well in the conference title game. Long term, I'm hoping to win our division 50% of the time and win the conference every 1 in 4 years. If either of the above doesn't happen, but our team has unity and competes without the drama and headcase nonsense that we've seen at times by the last three regimes, I won't be upset. I won't be on here or anywhere else disparaging coach Frost. I'll be proud of us again.
  2. QB Run Game: the Myth of the Frost Offense

    One main point that I think is important is that it's not as if it's as easy as just sitting here talking about "what's better." The "what's better" part is obvious - the kid that's great both running and passing. I'm thinking of the majority of the QBs Art Bryles or Gary Patterson have fielded in that category even. Is Frost going to recruit that kid? That's probably one of the more interesting questions on my mind this offseason.
  3. QB Run Game: the Myth of the Frost Offense

    +1, Cdog. Really great research and post. I see O'Brien potentially being fully capable of this.
  4. Old offenses v “new offenses”

    ROFL, +1. This could be one of our better memes on this forum.
  5. Climate effects

    I believe it has a measurable effect on passes of over 15 yards-ish, especially the higher the loft on the ball. For shorter passes I believe it's demonstrably negligible. And if it's particularly windy on a given Saturday, you probably up your run ratio. Do you think our wind factor should be cause for coach Frost to do things drastically different than the way he did them in Florida?
  6. Climate effects

    I've even heard people say it's because of "wind." As in, because it's typically windier on the plains than in any other part of the country. That just sounds ridiculous. I say the answer to all of this is "no" and I'd present Ohio State - consistently the best team in the conference - as evidence. They run a spread offense, and even though it doesn't go as fast as Chip Kelly or do identical things it's still similar (and yes, I know they have a big emphasis on the power run as well in their scheme).
  7. Charlie Mcbride podcast on Big Red Cobcast

    +1. And as to the bold, it's just like you mentioned with Reilly and it's what I was going to say - There are guys that know that if their abilities get developed the right way they'll be millionaires someday. So frustrating.
  8. Charlie Mcbride podcast on Big Red Cobcast

    Un-*******-believable. Seriously. This goes back to the assumption that I put together as this season unfolded - It was a top-to-bottom deficiency of both work effort and focus on competition. I grow tired of having so many discussions on this board revolve back to a comparison against our program to the nineties, as their are umpteen other great examples to compare against...but just get your head around all of this. This is nothing like the program that McBride & Tenopir were involved with. A complete failure to compete.
  9. Quarterback

    Great post, agreed. And to the bold - I think another big facet of Milton's game is rolling out into the flat. That's the Chip Kelly stuff that I remember that just made their whole system so freaking dangerous. You have this QB who is putting hours and hours of practice time into throwing on the run. The OLB gets baited in and then there's a seven yard throw to somebody in the flat with almost a jump pass from the QB. Incredibly fun to watch and extremely effective at spreading the field out wide. I hope to see this next year so bad.
  10. Frost Asks For Family Privacy

    In the Deed pointed that out, yes.
  11. Frost Asks For Family Privacy

    Agreed, good point.
  12. Eichorst-really a Wisconsin plant?

    Nah, it really doesn't beg that question.
  13. Frost Asks For Family Privacy

    Being that the media is not employed by the University of Nebraska that really probably isn't feasible.