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  1. Undone

    Scott Frost Lightning

    Here's the thing about your potential theory, OP - Even if that were the case with Milton, Adrian Martinez looks to be all that Milton was and more. Martinez was a more highly recruited kid whose Junior year highlight reel is pretty insane. Verduzco is in a position to do the very same thing with Martinez. You put Maurice Washington in the mix. You return Spielman, Williams, and Lindsey, and Greg Bell. Those are even better offensive weapons in my opinion at the skill positions than UCF had. Next year is the year. It's as if this fan base has gone so long without a good quarterback that we've forgotten how much it means to success.
  2. Undone

    Against the Run in "Big" B1G Games

    I'd tend to agree with that. The problem, as stated several times now, seems to be too much thinking or second-guessing about where to go, instead of just staying in position and then crashing to the ball as the play develops. And I don't blame these Bob Diaco-coached guys if there's still some of that crap in their heads about how to play to the ball. But...if some nobody like me can see these trends, I'm just hoping that the coaches will put someone else in there for Purdue to see if we can at least see some improvement. Because it just almost can't be worse than the last 7ish minutes against Troy and all of the game against Michigan.
  3. Undone

    Where does Frost go from here

    It's just going to make it all the sweeter when we're back to playing Top 10 football.
  4. Undone

    Where does Frost go from here

    My main observation is that this isn't what he did at UCF, and I think we'd probably agree the route he went with them paid off. He did say that he dialed the playbook down to 80% that first year, but that seemed to have been about it in terms of simplification. In one year he got a good quarterback recruit in there as a true freshman to a place where he and the entire offense was just deadly in 2017. I believe he's doing the same here with Martinez. In other words, as painful as this is for fans, Frost, and the players themselves, this seems to be his blueprint he used at UCF. I'm not too worried.
  5. Undone

    Where does Frost go from here

    The bolded.
  6. Undone

    Against the Run in "Big" B1G Games

    I agree with that and stated that in the posts above. What you coach your linebackers to do in the 3-4 in a run-heavy conference is important, though. Very important. Talent isn't necessarily the issue, and I think the dissection of just those two plays above shows that. It's what's going on between the ears of a couple of players that's especially bad right now. *Edit - Add "effort" to the list, too.
  7. Undone

    Against the Run in "Big" B1G Games

    I gotcha. That's a pretty bold theory and would be a new low for Husker football. Charlie McBride would probably whip a guy's *** into the next area code for such a thing.
  8. Undone

    Against the Run in "Big" B1G Games

    So if you're Chinander, you pull Young out and put Honas in, IMO. Because it just almost can't be any worse than what you see in those two plays. This kind of stuff is potentially fixable right now. There are a couple of guys on defense that are obviously "really good in practice" but just make mental mistakes in live game time.
  9. Undone

    Against the Run in "Big" B1G Games

    Here's their second touchdown. Same play: Looks like Alex Davis is in to create a four man front on the right. Which I like a lot. And the I believe I see Caleb Tannor as a fifth guy on the left edge of our line. They have a six man front. More mindless play from Young. He casually steps to his left and bumps into Barry. Barry - actually reading the play well - tries to get over to make a play Young should have made in the first place. Seriously...so depressing.
  10. Undone

    Nebraska line opens against Purdue

    Statistically, the favorite wins greater than 51% of the time. It's the odds of that team winning. So logically, it's relevant when discussing the odds of your team winning the game.
  11. Undone

    Buy Low, Sell High

    A big part of UCF's 13-0 season in my opinion was McKenzie Milton. And Frost & Verduzco get all of the credit for not only bringing him in but developing his talent. He finished 8th in the Heisman voting last year. I think Adrian Martinez is that guy and that's one of the big reasons I'm preemptively excited about where our program is heading. Add Maurice Washington to that list, too.
  12. Undone

    First Win of Scott Frost Era

    If I see Martinez march out onto the field from the tunnel walk wearing a soft brace instead of a hard brace, I'm going to say Purdue. I think if he's healthy he'll come into that game with a mission to light it up. If it's a bit of a crippled playbook because he's still somewhat injured, I think Purdue has the upper hand, in which I'd go with Northwestern.
  13. Undone


    Agreed here. And this is why I won't be surprised if we loom considerably better by season's end.
  14. Undone

    Buy Low, Sell High

    Reread that sentence. It doesn't make any sense. Inflation infers expecting too much. You just described expecting too little.
  15. Undone


    So in terms of raw talent, are we: -Much less talented than Purdue -Slightly less talented than Purdue -Equally as talented as Purdue -Slightly more talented than Purdue -Much more talented that Purdue ?? I'd go with 'slightly more talented than Purdue.' But will Purdue allow itself to get blown out this season? We'll see. And we'll see how we actually play against them this weekend.