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  1. I like the fact that Diaco is trying to develop depth and get guys into real game situations. Something we really haven't seen in years barring injury. Depth and lack of player development has and continues to plague NU IMO. Regardless of the results, he's trying to improve the D. Unlike as @admo mentioned above, Cav, Langs and Riley....
  2. Mandel's Mailbag: The State Of Nebraska

    When a person has a career as long as Riley's with the record he has, I truly think that one becomes accustomed to losing. Not that they "like it" or want that, buts it's expected and accepted. Throw in 3 years at NU of rookie coaching mistakes, and IMHO, it's a snap shot of his career. IF we win out or "turn" this season around to 8-4 or better, it's because teams underestimate us and feel we are an easy win. And right now we are..... We are now facing another season with injuries and a complete lack of depth behind them. No outside LB ready. No rt tackle if MF can't go.....The comedy of errors goes on and on. OL still not communicating.....after 3 years in the system......with the same OL coach....no TE to speak of that can block or catch.....I will never again complain about Bo's roster management. And these issues from a coach in Riley who has coached his entire adult life...... He is what he is. For every upset win, there's a loss to an FCS school (this year was NIU)......
  3. At least Cally had great quotes. "Restor the order", "Burn the boats". Who can forget the throats slash gesture....
  4. Husker Chalk Talk - Recapping NIU

    A really good read, as always IMO, from the guys at Husker Chalk Talk. Really lays out some painful issues.... Here is one about the OL: If you’re scoring at home, that’s who I consider two of Nebraska’s better linemen, Nick Gates and Tanner Farmer, getting beat directly in the hole. Farmer can’t control his man at the point of attack, and Gates gets ridden all the way across the line on his reach block. One missed block and this play is salvageable, but two makes it DOA. Simply put, that’s not good enough from two upperclassmen who have started a combined 37 games heading into NIU. But it also evidences something that Nebraska’s offensive line is struggling with badly: communication and the confidence that comes with it. Opposing defenses have picked up on Nebraska’s offensive line struggling to get calls correct when faced with any sort of defensive line movement or run blitz. With every starting linemen except Matt Farniok having two full years in this offense, that shouldn’t be happening much. And a blurb on receivers: And it’s not just Stan either. Coach Dubs’ other WRs have 4 drops to go with 30 receptions. Add it all up and you get 1 drop for every 6.3 catchable balls. You just can’t play offense that way, especially in a system that requires your wide receivers to make plays, and Coach Dubs has to find a way to create more consistency from his guys. The rest here: https://huskerchalktalk.com/2017/09/19/tuesday-recap-team-schizophrenia/
  5. What happen to NU swag?

    When have we last had a vocal, get in your face leader? I'm tired of the "I'm actually a quiet guy, I like my performance to do the talking"...............I want guys on both sides of the ball who light into teammates for not caring their load, for dropping passes, missing blocks, tackles assignments etc.....I want guys throwing the bones, pointing to the crowd, "celebrating" on a big play, pointing at a first down, hell even copy Zeke "feed me"......I know college rles are different regarding celebration, but damn, we are like a dead fish on the field and sidelines..... and have been for a while.
  6. The Unfathomable

    The first season he was the interim coach. His first seasons as actual HC were: 9-5 6-7 10-4 He fired Kevin Steele after the Orange Bowl debacle and hired Venables.....ie guru Then : 11-2 11-2 10-3 14-1 14-1 This included losing his OC, Chad Morris, to SMU....His first 3 years: 2-10 5-7 2-1...... Dabo built a program quickly and has kept it constant for some years...He took over for Tommy Bowden who had records "comparable" to Bo, in a conference not as tough as the Big XII IMO.......Riley inherited a better "program" than Dabo, but Dabo instilled his culture, buy in and the kids LOVE home (so do the fans)... Dabo was also the lead recruiter of 11 of those kids from the 2008 class and was recognized as one of the top recruiters in the nation....
  7. Toughness

    It's called accountability. And is lacking. From coaches to players and players to peers.....Not just under Riley. As noted, it's been going on for years. A captain cuts class and won't graduate.......guys smoking weed, guys missing blocks, penalties etc......Once the guys are held to a higher standard, they will perform at a higher standard. Knowing if they screw up, they can ride the pine.... Toughness.....remember this little kick in the crotch? We've been lacking in this for years......And many posters took offense to these comments... The most interesting interview after the game was with Corey Raymond. The secondary coach wasn’t convinced Nebraska had enough talent to beat South Carolina, especially in the secondary. “Just be honest,” Raymond said. “Look at them, look at us. It’s pretty obvious.” What did Raymond mean? He didn’t spell it out, but he made veiled criticisms of Nebraska’s personnel. For instance, what did he take from this game going into the offseason? “Hopefully it helps recruiting. Get athletes.” Was he encouraged by how NU matched up man-for-man? “Not necessarily.” Raymond went on to compare the mentality of Southern players versus Nebraska’s players. His guys needed to learn how to punch back once they got “hit in the mouth.” “You can’t live on what other guys have done in the past around here,” Raymond said. “You have to live on yourself…We’re not Prince. We’re not Eric Hagg. We’re not those guys. We have to do much different things. We have to work harder. We’re not the same athletes as those guys.” We talked about this in 2012....... HERE:
  8. The Unfathomable

    It's not this specific loss for me. It's another episode in the previous 2 years that shows an inability to even grasp the basic fundamentals of the game. The time management, play calling, roster mismanagement, lack of player development etc.....The win loss record doesn't take into account the ineptitude this staff shows on a weekly basis. For full disclosure, I primarily mean Riley, Cav and Langs. Booker, Williams and Diaco got dragged into a mess. Maybe, hopefully the D continues to improve, but the driver of the bus is asleep at the wheel. Not impressed in 2015 and less now. Even if we go 8-4......
  9. Hi, I'm Walksalone, and I'm a recovering Husker fan

    The only word to describe our team is "unprepared". In all phases of the game. Riley was a mistake then and even worse now. His Mr. Rogers schtick was played out in Corvallis as it is here. In 2015, when the guy can't even manage the clock, after like 400 years of coaching, should have led everyone to shake their heads and realize we were screwed..... This experiment cannot end soon enough for me.
  10. Thanks For The Memories

    I'm the same way. Even when we are getting pasted, I sit there and watch. I'm a fan, win, lose or draw. Passionate and opinionated, but still a fan. Even if SE and Riley are here for 5 more years. I follow the team, not the staff. Regardless of how incompetent...
  11. Thanks For The Memories

    Until Sat, you'd be good!
  12. Scott Frost

    Agree on both counts. Les is a great recruiter and CEO. Just needs that OC who can move the train along. He'd be hard to stop.
  13. Option

    And understood the culture of NU. Maybe even won a national championship. A guy who maybe learned under offensive gurus like Chip Kelly or that TO guy. A power run game with two back sets....some counters, traps and draws with spread elements....and a dual threat QB to run it.... Like TO said, you see the option style O maybe once a season...You start to prepare Mon-Thurs. Maybe 4 days tops. Hard to stop. The brilliance was TO was running a lot of power and maybe 20-30% option.....I'm an old school purist. I'd I've to see that be our identity again. Just a physical, smash mouth team. Modernize into the 21st century and throw in the spread elements..
  14. Scott Frost

    Les was stubborn and couldn't develop a QB. I said in another thread, he'd need a smart, strong willed OC who would truly call the shots. My only concern is his age....How long would he stay. I still like Frost.
  15. Scott Frost

    Spot on. He is the prodigal son. I can't imagine him seeing any place as better than NU. I think with changes at the top, he'd be more than happy to come back home.