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  1. Duval's conditioning starts Monday. UCF players share.

    I love this part. Something we have been missing for years. I do not know the last time I felt the complete team bought in and the whole team, from top to bottom (admn, staff, players, support etc) was pulling in the same direction and shared the same common vision and goals..... January is when records start to fall and champions start to rise, when the Frost Era pours the concrete for the foundation, Rae and Marsil say. When they start to convert the non-believers and weed out the rest. “It means everything,” Marsil says of Duval’s offseason workout program. “This is where everybody’s going to be building that relationship. The quicker that they’re buying into everything, the quicker the turnaround is going to happen.
  2. OK, where is Damian Jackson???

    He has the ability to teach/show a "never quit attitude". In the days of participation trophies and kids believing they will immediately excel, his reality (IMHO) would be appreciated in the Frost locker room.
  3. Tyjon Lindsey

    Sadly, this can be said of several (well a lot) of guys last year IMHO......
  4. Carolina Panthers.... Back to the original OP, I wouldnt have any issues with him coming in and meeting with some of the recruits. He has obtained excellence at every point in his career......Truly embracing our former Huskers and letting the kids meet them isn't a bad idea. NU has a lot of guys in the league and guys who excelled in the league. Sometimes, stuff like that actually helps recruiting...
  5. Top 5 Nebraska players to replace

    I applaud all those on the list for giving it their all. IMHO, all were screwed by an incompetent staff and scheme.....The reality is none lived up to their potential while here. It's sad when even attrition doesn't impact NU at all...............
  6. DPE Highlights

    Watching us have no plan to set up for a punt return sucked.....I know he had injuries, but a lot of his woes were schematic....Poor QB play, poor O=line play etc hurt all the receivers IMHO.
  7. Potential for guys currently on the roster

    Read somewhere that the brothers were a package deal. Looking back, Shaquem said it was like they recruited him just to get his brother. I look at the previous 3 years and saw a lot of issues all over the field. I really think we will all be pleasantly surprised at how much better this team looks across the board with Frost and Co. I think we will start to see how the "good on paper" translate to positive results on the field....
  8. Huskers in the Super Bowl

    If one looks at simply being on the roster in any capacity voting has, then yes the streak stands. Now if one says they have to actually be suited up.....I'll take it. That and the sellout streak are about all we have left. IMHO, no more "far reaching" than all the schools claiming national championships.....
  9. Ruud on Frost

    Unsure what style/technique, but the fact the HC appears to out a priority on it is refreshing.I'm not expecting to play for the conference in year one, but I think see a definitive improvement across the board in not only record, but the "eye ball" test in how we actually perform on the field. Sept can't get here soon enough.
  10. Ruud on Frost

    That D in Peach Bowl was very good. Playing 12 games with no breaks and facing offenses the likes of USF, Memphis (twice) and Navy would wear any D down. I like the staff and their message across the board. Unified in concept and culture.
  11. Ruud on Frost

    An article with some great incite into our "new defensive philosophy" from Ruud. Also a story about Frost from 2002 about helping out Solich..... Music to my ears..... Ask Frost, and he’ll tell you he’s a defensive coach at heart, Ruud said. “He’s like an offensive guru now so I think that’s ship’s sailed, but he really has a passion for defense, especially tackling,” Ruud said. “He likes teaching tackling and he has the whole team do that.” Ruud expects more of that from Frost in Lincoln, although he said that will likely be the extent of Frost’s input for defensive coordinator Erik Chinander. “Coach Frost likes talking not only getting off blocks,” Ruud said, “but receivers and DBs, he runs that drill -- block, get off blocks – it’s like the new version of the Oklahoma drill. It’s out in space, but guys are striking each other, getting off blocks.” Ruud said his coaching philosophy, and that of the Nebraska staff, is simply putting players into a position to succeed. Of utmost importance is finding out where each player fits with his abilities. “We’re a fundamental defense at heart,” Ruud said. “We’re not a schemer defense. We’re going to win with fundamentals. Teach concepts, and teach guys how to play. I think that’s the key. It’s not an Xs and Os things. It’s about, can you see what you’re supposed to see? Can you play with your proper keys? Can you get off blocks, and can you make tackles? That’s really what it’s about. However you want to do that Xs and Os wise, isn’t as important as can players go and execute and get the job done?” http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211691964
  12. BTN: Early Look at B1G West in 2018

    I'm optimistic as can be with Frost. However, we just had our worst season like 50 years....That craptastic taste is going to take a few trips to the buffet line to take away......Throw in like 15 years of blow out losses and its hard not to down grade us...
  13. Donte Williams goes to Oregon; Cav to Syracuse

    Hell, I didn't like Diaco or our CB play and I only had to deal with it once a week........From the East coast....I feel confident, several of our staff that land else where (primarily defensive staff) will look pretty good in a short time....The strain was simply too much here.
  14. Donte Williams goes to Oregon; Cav to Syracuse

    For the most part, this staff has acted in a professional manner while employed and even when terminated. Gotta give them credit for that.
  15. This. We have been snake bit with soft tissue injuries for years...Be great to go into the season (and stay) healthy!