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  1. What did we learn?....Penn State

    I'm too lazy to check, but I'm guessing worse than Coz and Banker as well.
  2. My issues with the offensive line

    And why was it at right guard? Hasn't he been a tackle the entire time? Unless I'm reading the participation list wrong......
  3. My issues with the offensive line

    And Knevel started tonight.....,,, Against Minnie, the announcers even commented on them rushing 3 against 5 and still getting to POB. 6 times......
  4. Penn State Post-Game Pressers

    Part of the quote from Lamar Jackson: But I just feel like we break under pressure or guys just flat-out can’t win an individual matchup." No different than Corey Raymonds "Look at them and look at us" quote after getting beat bu Carolina in the bowl game. IMHO, this is nothing new. The Huskers have been on the softer side of the mental and physical battle for years. beat the teams we should (struggling now), 50/50 against teams with a pulse (getting worse) and completely mud holed by good teams (really worse)........ The new coach, whomever it is, needs to spend spring ball just instilling a Don't friggin Quit (DFQ) attitude. My goal, would be to truly break them all down, and build them back up into one unit. That puts team above self as a priority. Learn to trust the staff and each other.....You don't like it? Quit now, not on the field and not on the team and sure as hell to during a game. Turn your schollie in at the door on your way out....Accountability to the team, university, staff, state and fans......It's really that simple. Frost seems to have similar views that he learned form TO: Then there’s Osborne, whose impact can be seen in every aspect of Frost’s program at UCF. His offense has woven in pieces of Osborne’s scheme at Nebraska. The way the Knights practice, lift weights, train, compete — all are borrowed from Osborne’s blueprint. The feeling is mutual: Osborne “thinks the world of” Frost, said White. As player, Frost would hear from Osborne if he didn’t cut block on the Cornhuskers’ toss plays or went out of bounds instead of lowering his shoulder along the sideline. As a coach, he finds himself echoing Osborne’s message: The first thing UCF skill players learn, for example, isn’t route trees but blocking schemes. “I think those things have given us an edge, and those are definitely things that we’ve gotten from Nebraska,” Frost said. “I think the toughness that he brought to our program — making our team go live in the week, making it competitive, emphasizing everybody, including the quarterback, being tough — those things rubbed off on me.”
  5. What did we learn?....Penn State

  6. What did we learn?....Penn State

    We have some talent at the skill positions. We have no running game. in addition to kicking duties, Drew Brown is a beast tackling on special teams. There should be no more doubt that Riley and company will be fired. I'd look at keeping Dubs. His guys played well tonight. The only bright spot. We do not have the talent nor depth to play a constant 3-4. The D is the weakest link and not even close. I watched closely and did in fact, see the strain. Did you?
  7. What did we learn?....Penn State

    3 times this season....
  8. Saves them in his pockets like Werther's caramels............
  9. Wish I knew. The passing game really looks good.
  10. If Helfrich talks about patience again......... All season....
  11. So much talent.....wasted. I really feel bad for the kids. Truly
  12. We are coming back!
  13. They balled out. No quit in them. No doubt. The use of Boe, including the TE etc...
  14. When he is on, he is dropping dimes. He honestly appears mobile enough to run a RPO offense.....Definetly tough enough. Unsure how he is in actual designed runs...
  15. Where has this O been all season? I am excited to see what a new coach can do with the young talent we have. Especially on O. Boe Wilson again......