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  1. Solich - couple questions

    IMHO, had TO stayed on, we'd have another NC or 2 at a minimum. He was that good and so was the talent.
  2. Huskers After Graduate Transfer Cornerback

    Shaquem Griffin says hello!
  3. Solich - couple questions

    I believe that this was in TO's book. He had mentioned turing over the reins to the team in 96, but asked Frank if he could stay one more year. Won in 1997 and didnt thing it was "right" to go back on his word. Frank had issues like all people do. His biggest problem was coming in right behind a guy who had the best run ever in college football......A hard act for anyone to follow. Carl Crawford playing baseball didn't help IMHO either. I'll admit. I wanted Frank or his staff fired after the 7-7 season. He fired some staff and came back very well the next season. And still got fired. I think that was BS. He made adjustments and deserved more time. With that being said, I'd like Frank to come back on campus. Get the recognition he deserves. From playing for NU, coaching for several NC teams and then HC. He earned it.
  4. Andrew Ward Leaving the Huskers

    I truly prefer Frost's honest approach with the kids(not saying that made them leave), but giving them a no sh!t sitrep of where they fit in or don't. The guy who doesn't work in this system might go on and excel in another. The team is better when it has all the guys pulling the same way, buying in, fit the system and have an opportunity to contribute in some way. A guy who sees where he fits, what's expected and how he can contribute tends to practice/play better IMGO. Regardless of the reasons, I wish nothing, but the best for the kids moving forward.
  5. I like it. Healing is good. That decision split the fan base pretty good IMHO.
  6. Here is Gabrielle Union talking about her beloved Cornhuskers on Late Night with James Corden. Great shout outs. http://journalstar.com/entertainment/misc/video-on-late-night-tv-gabrielle-union-talks-about-how/youtube_d99414a8-fe72-56c1-a019-5621504024df.html
  7. Winning changes everything. One thing Cally gave us was great quotes. Restore the order!
  8. Frost on the Blackshirts

    I can see that point. Lavonte David comes to mind. IIRC, after Ohio St Bo made the commnet he "did alright, but doesn't know the system" or something to that effect. He played with a reckless abandon that was amazing. Bottom line, Frost and Co have done nothing yet that makes me say, "hmmmmm." I am sure whatever he does will be for the better of the program. Feels good to have confidence in a staff.
  9. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    I am hoping the bolded will speak to all facets of our team and game. Going undefeated in year 2 is a lot to ask for. Significant improvement (however subjective) shouldn't be. The staff knows each other, the system, the vision etc...They also know what it feels like to win. No doubt they wrung every ounce of "want to" from that UCF squad. Hoping they do here. On a side note, I expect more attrition as guys realize that winning takes more effort than they are willing to put forth.
  10. Farmer to Center

    Dallas Cowboy fan. My fave Cowboy ever? Hershel Walker. Trading him built the dynasty in the 90's.... Same with Riley. Frost meets or exceeds expectations he might go down as one of the favorite NU coaches....Because his craptastic show allowed us to get Frost home.
  11. Farmer to Center

    100%. The former staff. SMH. So glad it was only 3 years.
  12. Farmer to Center

    I'd say Cav's inability to develop depth and start a one legged guy over a younger guy was his problem.
  13. Moos and Black Friday

    As evidenced by our teams performance against NIU, a whole summer and fall didnt help..........Dude just didn't get anything about NU.....
  14. Moos and Black Friday

    I dont care who we play. I have always liked that Black Friday time slot..
  15. Frost on the Blackshirts

    IMHO, starters get Blackshirts. That’s how it started. The barometer to measure a Blackshirt level is too vague.....How does one determine when they are earned? If they are earned can they be lost? We hold Wisky to less than 200on the ground. BLACKSHIRTS! Then Ohio St hangs 56 on us...... Earning goes against the “don’t be afraid to make mistakes” mantra IMHO. I understand developing the mentality, re-establishing the culture etc, but don’t know how it can truly be measured that it’s returned or when the benchmark is permanently met.....