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  1. It was an analogy. Not a direct comparison. I do not think anyone on our roster are sh**heads The good colonel was saying he’d rather have less guys who were 100%, than fill a group with guys not wanting it. Similar situation. I as a fan, and the staff I would ASSume would prefer to have a group of guys that want in instead of a more complete roster filled with guys who aren’t 100% in. For the record the quote was not meant to infer I thought the team was composed of Sh&&h&&ds......or that there were any on the team. I guess I could have changed the quote to say quitters or persons not completely committed to the arduous task being presented to us... My apologies if you read it as that.
  2. Neal said in an interview that guys were still "iffy" Thursday at practice when asked questions about assignments. To paraphrase, "by Thursday we've been looking at film for 3-4 days. Guys gotta answer when a questions asked. Guys were iffy. It makes you slow..........I'm assuming "buying in" includes not putting in work... https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/sipple/steven-m-sipple-nebraska-s-iffy-practice-begs-a-question/article_0856b90a-a83f-5d58-871f-341bbe9e38b5.amp.html "Guys knew their assignments, but they were hesitant," said Neal, a graduate transfer from Central Florida. "By Thursday, you have to know it. We've gone three days, four days, watching film by then. As soon as you're asked a question, you should answer. Seeing that kind of stuff, that's where you get iffy. You can't go into a game with those sorts of doubts, period." Frost sounds increasingly open to personnel changes. "Guys are either going to have to figure it out, or we're going to have to get some guys who want to do it," he said Saturday.
  3. How's that an excuse. Guys quit. It's not an excuse saying I want guys who want to play and even getting beat let you know you've been in a fight. Frost making the same excuses also.......... Frost sounds increasingly open to personnel changes. "Guys are either going to have to figure it out, or we're going to have to get some guys who want to do it," he said Saturday.
  4. lo country

    there's no reason to lose to purdue...

    You sir, on fire today. Hip hip hooray.....I told some co-workers that actually happened after wins. They called me a liar until I broke out youtube....Hip hip hooray....
  5. lo country

    there's no reason to lose to purdue...

    Like you were reading my kool aid inebriated mind.....
  6. To quote Col. Charlie Beckwith (founder of "Delta")-I'd rather go down the river with seven studs than a hundred sh!theads. Pretty much sums the situation up. I'd rather have 50 kids on scholarship who play like their a$$ is on fire and their heads are catching than a roster full of scholarships that quit and give up......Kids who will fight to the end. You might win, but you'll know you were in a street fight.
  7. lo country

    First Win of Scott Frost Era

    Truly never thought I'd see the day as a dog to Purdue......One game at a time. I'm concerned we are so snake bit now that the guys will come out so amped to not make a mistake that we implode.......And then it snowballs.... You're playing and you think everything is going fine. Then one thing goes wrong. And then another. And another. You try to fight back, but the harder you fight, the deeper you sink. Until you can't move... you can't breathe... because you're in over your head. Like quicksand. -Shane Falco
  8. lo country

    Did We Fire (pick favorite coach) too soon?

    I should have been specific. I think he will have adapt his scheme to a degree. I do not think it will be a whole scale change. I'd like to just see more elements of traditional power ie traps, counters etc...Heavy sets with 22/23 personnel on goal line. Maybe even QB under center on short yardage. BUT, he might have those and our OL is incapable of getting the push and or pulling to make it happen. Or TE's not ready yet. Might not even want to EVER use those, but I think he will have to (adapt to the B1G) Or QB not comfortable like Milton (duh right. 2 years vs 3 games). I'm sure as the season progresses (or years) we will see more. He certainly showed a lot more at UCF than we have seen to date.
  9. lo country

    Did We Fire (pick favorite coach) too soon?

    Agree with the bolded for sure. As a DC in 2003, he did a great job IMO (coming off the 7-7 season) I think some guys are great with seeing the complete picture. Others are better with a narrow scope vision. nothing wrong with that. I'd throw our Criag Bohl (not a NU HC), but as a DC, no thanks. What he did at NDSU was nothing short of amazing. Not doing "bad" at Wyoming.....Cally was a great OC/OL coach. Great recruiter, just abysmal at the college level/HC position IMO.
  10. lo country

    Monday after Purdue is going to be interesting

    I'm hoping the staff can recognize "fear of failure" by going 100 mph and making a mistake vs continually being in the wrong position, making wrong reads etc.....I'm sure they do. I expect there to be some changes coming soon (Pure speculation on my part). If not, I will trust the process, but be worried that our depth is worse than I would've thought.
  11. lo country


    Agree. To win the MNC, you will need 50% or better to be 4*, 5* guys........The research/stats are out there. Not saying desire and heart can't win (Army vs OU last night even though they lost), but it's a lot harder to be David week in and week out than face Goliath once a year. If NU wants to win at that level, you've got to get the talent in here.... Do I think that some of the "stars" work less. Absolutely. Expect things based on all the accolades? Yep. That's when recruiting the right kids/right fit come in. That's when coaching matters. Thats when developing and adhering to the standard to play come in. The recognized culture and expectations are known..... And I think Iowa St would beat us this year. I do not think they will ever win nor compete for the MNC with the recruits they are getting.... https://www.sbnation.com/college-football-recruiting/2018/7/26/17607382/blue-chip-ratio-recruit-national-title-championship-playoff https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/8/22/17606048/blue-chip-ratio-2018
  12. lo country

    Monday after Purdue is going to be interesting

    Frost is a hard nose competitor. When he was a player and as a coach. IMO, he saw how mentally fragile this team is/was (I'm ASSuming his years in college under 2 coaches, years in the NFL under multiple coaches and college stints) based upon his ell travelled experiences. Like you said, you build trust by not publicly airing team/personnel issues. Kids see this. It builds trust with staff and each other. Again, not to defend anyone, but how many position coaches and coordinators have these guys have. Not a lot of relational depth have been developed by any of these guys. I think Frost is really trying the TO approach. It worked for him....
  13. lo country

    Did We Fire (pick favorite coach) too soon?

    TO- Gave us Frank without any choice Frank-Should've been given more time after 2003 IMHO. Fired his defensive staff, lost Carl Crawford, still fired Cally-Great recruiter. Completely changed scheme and culture of NU. Both have never returned. Doomed by Cos as DC Bo- Got stuck with Wats (again TO). Incredibly inexperienced staff. Volatile temper made him viral in a bad way. Couldn't get over the 9-10 win hump (I'd like those days back). Burned his own house down. Once Cally's guys were gone and Sanders and Carl left, this option went south fast. Riley-Clown. Never should have been hired. Mister .500. Incompetent HC with an even more incompetent staff. Frost-Prodigal son. Right hire, right time, right place. I trust in the process, perhaps not his whole scale scheme. I think he will adapt to the B1G. They won't adapt to us. If it was anyone other than Frost that started 0-3, we would have already run him out of town. He is NU royalty and gets time. He inherited a dumpster fire. However, fans just want to see improvement as we go along. IMHO, we haven't hit bottom yet. It'll take 3-4 years to fix and start to see permanent change ie no blowout losses, competitive game in and game out (year after year) be in the conference hunt etc....Again, right guy, right time, right hire. (Give him time will grow thin in year 3 though)
  14. lo country

    Against the Run in "Big" B1G Games

    Thanks. So Williams crashed in to turn the RB to the lane that Young isn't in......We've gotta do better....
  15. lo country


    Here is a good article on recruit rankings as it pertains to 4* and 5* kids only. It makes pretty clear that it is in fact, the Jimmy's and Joe's...FSU being the outlier. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/8/22/17606048/blue-chip-ratio-2018