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  1. DB Markell Boston [Auburn - Signed LOI]

    And remember Harrison will most likely be in the League next year.
  2. FB/ATH Chandler Cox [Auburn Commit]

    Not good news...
  3. SIGNED RB Mikale Wilbon

    Awesome get! Welcome aboard Mikale! #5 is all yours!
  4. SIGNED OT Nick Gates

    Welcome aboard Nick! Awesome get! Wilbon should be N for sure now you would think. Who wouldn't want to run behind a potential oline like ours...
  5. WR Rashad Canty [Vanderbilt - Signed LOI]

    Warren is in Georgia today. Maybe he's visiting Mr. Canty.
  6. 2013-14 Seniors in NFL Draft

    SJB reminds me of Aquib Talib of the Patriots (except the off field stuff of course) and look how much of a stud Talib has been this year for them. Talib went in the 2nd round to Jon Gruden and the Bucs I believe because of said issues out of KU.
  7. New DB Coach - Charlton Warren

    I think this is a solid hire. I know many wanted Marvin (including me) but Warren is a high-energy relentless recruiter. Not to mention he is from Atlanta and there is a lot of overlooked talent down there. I lived there a couple years. Plus he has connections all through the Rockies which will help as well. Color me excited to see what this guy can do.
  8. New DB Coach Search

    If Petrino can go back to Louisville, then Marvin should be able to come back to Nebraska. Oh and BTW, Vance Bedford d-coordinator and db coach at Louisville to Texas. Means Duane Akina should be available. Thoughts on Akina?
  9. Wasnt Warfield on staff a year or two ago? He was an intern on Bo's staff I think in the 2011-2012 seasons. So he'd be familiar with Bo's defense and what he wants the DB's to do. I think its a no brainer between him and Minter.
  10. Paging Eric Warfield... Decent player for the chiefs. Grew up in the south (Mississippi and Arkansas) int
  11. Bill O'Brien to NFL?

    http://m.espn.go.com/nfl/story?storyId=10224953 Yep sorry Thomas Holley I'm off to the NFL! Thomas, we will take you at Nebraska.
  12. Michigan's loss is an embarrassment to the Big 10

    Anyone see the Huskers banner hanging over the railing in one of the end zones? It appeared at least 2 times that I saw KSU score.Guess there really are a lot of Husker fans in AZ. And shelling out some dough none the less for 1st row end zone seats. I thought it was pretty cool.
  13. Bill O'Brien to NFL?

    The "experts" might change their mind if they are watching Miami get rolled by Shawn Watson and Louisville... Bridgewater should leave early. Kid can make all the throws. I would imagine the Texans would get him.
  14. Players leaving rumor

    Harrison Beck... Can't remember if it was Harrison or not but who was the kid who signed then transferred because his mom was mad he wasn't getting a lot of playing time or was upset he was going to have to compete for the starting position and wound up at some Ivy League school and was horrible? Seem to remember it was that kid from Florida? Patrick Witt? Transfered to Yale...sucked there...