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  1. B1G Week 12

    Being their best coach in generation is not the same thing as being a great coach. I didn't imply that. That's what you read into it. Like I said, they're a solid team. But they're not much above average. My "coin flip" comment wasn't meant to take anything away from them. Just that those games could easily have gone the other way - obviously both teams were even for the games to go into overtime - so it would have taken very little for them to have a couple more losses than they do without changing anything about how "good" their team is. Your last sentence is my point. Northwestern is able to put together a very competitive - second-place team - in the West with below-average talent and questionable in-game coaching. It's not that hard to win in the West. We're just making it significantly hard on ourselves.
  2. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Severe had a couple tweets on it. I haven't listened for myself but my guess would be there's really nothing else for Riley to say.
  3. Kalu Appears to Spit at Fan

    Now who's being pedantic? Would a person in attendance at a football game not be generally referred to as a "fan"? Would someone who has posted pictures indicating the presence at Memorial Stadium and their possession of Husker items not be generally considered a "fan"?
  4. PREDICT THE SCORE - RUSHING & PASSING YARDS FOR NU This contest is FREE and only available for HuskerBoard members. Get a free account above. DIRECTIONS: Post your prediction (score, passing and rushing yards) for the current game in this thread by clicking on the "Submit Reply" button below. Please post only one submission - if you post multiple submissions, only the first will be considered. Include both team names - if you do not include both team names it will be assumed that Nebraska is the higher of the two. RULES: The winner must predict the EXACT score. If more than one member correctly predicts the exact score, the tie-breaker is: The member who closest predicts the Husker passing yards (it doesn't matter if the prediction is over or under). If there is still a tie, then... The member who closest predicts the Husker rushing yards (it doesn't matter if the prediction is over or under), if there is still a tie, then... Whichever member posted the first correct score in the contest. NOTE: If you edit your score before the contest closes, please make sure you check the "Add the 'Edited By' line" box directly above the "Submit modified post" button. See the image below. This will help make sure all changes are accounted for. Thanks!
  5. Penn State Post-Game Pressers

    So the only way to measure mental toughness is looking at games where we got behind by some arbitrary number?
  6. Penn State Post-Game Pressers

    Since one coach won over 70% of the time and the other won right at 50% of the time, I think there would be a significant difference.
  7. Penn State Post-Game Pressers

    I'm not sure if there are any other options for any team. Again, it happens on both sides for just about any team. There are examples both ways. But I don't think the frequency is anywhere close, So kind of lumping them together doesn't really seem appropriate. From that kind of 30,000 foot view just about every team would be considered to be the same.
  8. Penn State Post-Game Pressers

    I think a lot of the time labeling a team as "mentally weak" based on a cherry-picked game here and there is a lazy way to try to create an exaggerated narrative when you don't like the results. It can be true but it is used way more often than is actually true. And is usually created by focusing on one or two games that fit the narrative and ignoring several others that don't fit it. Specifically, he said "whenever things turn bad, they bury their heads." This is patently false and is only used to try to drive the narrative. Then he implies that the level of it has been the same for years. In addition to the obvious fact that the overall results have varied SIGNIFICANTLY over those years, it also ignores what actually went on during the individual games. Just because it happens every now and then to almost any team doesn't mean the level that it happens is the same, which was what was implied. Are we also going to say that Ohio State is a mentally weak team because Iowa beat them by 30?