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  1. Rutgers Week Pressers

    Bryant, Kalu, Newby, Farniok, Ferguson and Morgan were all out of practice today. Knevel and Keyan Williams suited up. Doesn't sound like Knevel was a full participant. DPE still lead punt returner.
  2. Mavric's Musings - Northern Illinois

    Another play that people might think "bad OL play" that isn't. I think - so far - there have been more plays that look like bad OL play that aren't than there are actual bad OL plays. Wilbon tries to cut the DE off play-action but it's a terrible attempt. Lee still gets a rushed pass away to DPE for 2 yards. Kind of a screwed up Jet Sweep to Spielman but we get away with it. Spielman starts in motion then stops then goes again but not really at full speed so the timing is a bit off and he's not close enough to Lee. But the rest of the play works well for 7 yards. Stop me if you've heard this one before but it's 3rd & 1 so we get 10 guys in close formation and run straight ahead. But this one is blocked well and nets 13 yards. Wilbon appears to simply fail to clamp down on the handoff - like he thought it was supposed to be a fake - and Lee has to fall on the fumble for a loss of 5. Conrad gets completely owned and the MIKE is closing fast but the quick hitch gets the ball out in time - stationary target - and Morgan turns it into a 14 yard gain. QB sneak on 3rd & 1. Not a great fire out by the line as Lee pretty much passes the guards but it's good enough for the first. I know this is going to shock you but on first down we motion to a 10 guy tight formation and run straight ahead into an eight man box. Gets 3. Another one that most people probably see "bad OL play" because Lee got pressured but it's actually Wilbon completely whiffing on his block - Line is fine. Pass is low and Morgan can't come up with it. This sack is on Farniok. He can't catch up to the speed rusher. But it would sure be handy if Wilbon would help chip on him instead of doing nothing. It's obvious that Farniok is struggling with speed guys. Why haven't we got him any help? And maybe Lee could have a bit of pocket presence to feel the rush from his front side. Punt.
  3. Is he a "Take" ?

    Nice work changing your story from what you originally said. Consistency is the key.
  4. Mavric's Musings - Northern Illinois

    I'm not convinced that Bryant is any better than Wilbon in the run game. Pass pro may be a different story but I've been pretty impressed with Wilbon so far. He's quicker and did a great job of avoiding the first tackle. The biggest thing I've seen so far is the TYPE of running plays that we ran. Against Oregon, it was almost all some sort of counter action with pulling guards and H-Backs. I have yet to find a single one of those plays against NIll. Everything has been a straight give on a zone play. We've pulled a time or two on a play fake for pass protection but nothing in the running game. That and we're almost running from a very tight formation that is drawing the defense into the box.
  5. Husker Chalk Talk - Recapping NIU

    I would say it's an inside zone run which wouldn't have a specific hole to target but generally toward the right A gap. Farmer doesn't exactly whiff. It's a poor block but it was somewhat effective in that he has the DT shielded away from the A gap. Foster doesn't block the 3 tech because he and Conrad both have to block up on both MLBs who are in A gap. That leaves Gates to try to reach the 3 tech, but that's a long ways to go in a short amount of time.
  6. Husker Chalk Talk - Recapping NIU

    I don't see how you come to this conclusion. The DT is lined up over Foster - several feet right of Gates and then Gates is supposed to get to the right of him in a split second? I don't know how that is possible.
  7. Some Positives

  8. Mavric's Musings - Northern Illinois

    Soft coverage. Easy throw. Easy 6 yards. Interesting that Barry is dropping deep middle. I saw this on one play against Oregon but hadn't noticed it much other times. Perhaps because most of our opponent's passes have been horizontal. But we must run more Tampa 2-type coverage than I realize. End of the first quarter. Straight ahead zone give. Hard to believe Newby misses this tackle but he does. Reed cleans it up for a two yard gain. Tighter coverage but we play man-to-man and it's an easy pick play by the TE going left for the WR running right. Easy 5 yards and a first down. Good thing Lee didn't really get hung up by the pick or he could have run a long ways. Soft zone coverage dropping 7. No pressure rushing four. QB scrambles before he really has to and gets 5. We were all sorts of confused by this formation but I don't know why. There wasn't anything crazy about it. But Freedom was eagled down onto the guard until the audibled. Weber moved him back out when they had a break but he still crashes inside. Weber also fills inside and that leaves a huge hole and they get 14. Lamar Jackson completely whiffs on the tackle. Gifford and Reed don't really even touch the RB and he runs for 19. They get cute and try for a reverse pass but it's well covered and incomplete. I believe this is the first pass they threw more than five yards downfield. They put three in the pattern and we drop 8. QB takes the check-down for 1 yard. Even though we drop 8, our four LBs aren't doing much. They are covering the RB and a TE who is in pass protection. They could not have made a play on a downfield pass. QB doesn't wait very long for anything to develop. Speaking of being predictable, they put in their backup QB, run jet motion and zone read off it. But the QB still gets six yards. They miss the field goal.
  9. What did we learn-Game 3 NIU

    We were #20 last year according to Rivals. Also, those remaining from the 2013 class (Joseph, Knevel, Newby & Natter) were #17 according to Rivals.
  10. Some Positives

    This is probably a pipe dream but I've been hoping for the prices to drop with the influx of B1G money. Perhaps that combined with .... less than ideal results will bring some change.