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  1. LB Daniel Heimuli

    FWIW, when interviewed, he listed the schools in the same order, although he said there wasn't an order. I would guess that we're near the bottom of that list, which isn't unexpected. But it definitely sounded like we made an impression on his visit so maybe we have time to work our way up.
  2. 2018 MLB

  3. HuskerBoard Recruiting Predictor 2019

    WR Puka Nacua - USC Huskr25
  4. 2018 MLB

    Fun fact: Nimmo never played high school baseball. He grew up in Wyoming and they didn't have baseball there.
  5. RB/WR Kyren Williams

    Yeah, this is definitely true. We're doing a lot of missing right now. But I'm hoping if we can put a good product on the field this fall we can get a few of them to reconsider.
  6. Where will Lebron James play next season

    This would be interesting....
  7. Hittin' the links: Golf talk

    Pretty decent accomplishment for me: played nine holes under par by myself yesterday. At my local course from the whites (shorter men's tees). A bit easier since I can kind of overpower the course from there - nearly reach the two par fives in two and one drivable par 4 that I rolled in an eagle "putt" from a few feet off the green. But I did birdie #9 which is the hardest hole on the course to shoot one under. Not bad for a hacker like me.
  8. What are you reading right now?

    Been working my way through The Civil War by Ken Burns. It is amazing how much bungling went on in the Union Army.
  9. HuskerBoard Recruiting Predictor 2019

    OT Carter Colquitt - Mississippi Mavric,Young Grand Island Husker
  10. OT Carter Colquitt [Mississippi Commit]

    Mississippi Mavric,Young Grand Island Husker