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  1. Whs from cb

    Excitement of hire “Distorted Reality”

    I don't think any game is a sure win for any program in college football today. The skill level of players has jumped to a new level with the restrictions on schlorships at the D1 schools. This can be seen through out the country with the wins of lower level schools over the big boys in every power five conference. Troy was no push over and Colorado seems to have righted the ship. Its going to take time to change the attitude of the players. Its also going to take time to change the though process of many on this board. We won four games last year, there is a reason for that, change takes time, Twenty years of sub par play can not be erased in nine months. Chill out people and give the coach time to work things out.
  2. Whs from cb

    Questions to Ponder

    Agree, leave the coaching staff alone.
  3. Whs from cb

    *** Official Troy Game Thread ***

    If you look close I don't think it was a penalty. I though the officiating was not up to par the whole game. To make that call that late in the game is subject.
  4. Whs from cb

    *** Official Troy Game Thread ***

    Remember most on the team are players that Frost did not recruit. Its hard to turn attitudes and skill sets around in less than one year. How many games did we win last year? Its going to take some time for the team to get things together and learn how to win games. Given time we will be fine and playing in the Big championship game soon.
  5. Whs from cb

    Osborne at Big Red Breakfast

    I don't think it could have been any worse in hind sight.
  6. Whs from cb

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    I don't think its creepy at all. What is wrong with a daughter telling her dad what she witnessed in a class. In todays world of cell phones and social media nothing is private. Its just a sign of the times, kids are encouraged to bring there phones to class and use them for research and other things, most of them not good. In a public space privacy is gone. Thanks for the info.
  7. Whs from cb

    Time to do our part

    We all need to remember this is a puzzle that has many pieces. It may take longer than we want to get back to the top but I for one like the hire and see good things coming. A change in how we handle the fundamentals of football, game management, and a coach talking to players on the sideline ( coaching ) will bring the changes we need to get back to the top. I think we all know we need to be patient.
  8. Whs from cb


    Nice man just not a good fit for Nebraska.
  9. Sure is a lack of interest on HB the last few games. Only 8 pages at half, I can remember 20 plus in games in the past
  10. always have to go for the long ball
  11. Whs from cb

    ***Official Purdue Game Discussion Thread***

    Sad to see Nebraska so bad. Hope a new coach can teach these kids how to tackle and block>
  12. Whs from cb

    ***Official Ohio State Game Discussion Thread***

    Its sad we don't get upset, we have become a fan base that expect to get beat.