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  1. Trump's cabinet

    It seems his only goal is to tear down the Obama years. I know there's nothing I'd like more than to reset the clock to January 2009 when everything was just peachy.
  2. Trump's America

    You're only getting a small snapshot. Poll the board at large and you may find something more in line with the 59% figure.
  3. Trump's America

    You can't quit, you're fired.
  4. Trump's America

    I don't think there is any way that Trump avoids going down in history as the worst of our first 45 presidents. He is literally standing up for Nazis. The guy who perpetually spews hatred at every group imaginable, except Nazis.
  5. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    What a piece of sh#t.
  6. Trump's America

    And what do people from big cities understand about rural America? Do they partake in different life experiences related to those of rural America? What efforts have they made? They just write off that portion of Americans as stupid, and oblivious to the world. I can't stand Trump as much as the next guy, but stupidity, and oblivious nature isn't anymore common in rural America then it is in the big cities. I'd argue that the rural portion of America is definitely the most close minded part of this country. Generations of families that have been exposed to nothing new, entirely surrounded by people who look and think just like themselves. I haven't looked up stats to back up this claim, but it seems likely that rural America is also the least educated portion of this country. It bothers me that such a small portion of our population, so incredibly isolated from the rest of the nation, gets so much representation.
  7. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Sort of a misleading headline. Drops legal team...and picks up a different one. Just reading the headline I thought he was just done with having a legal team.
  8. Trump Taking Credit Where None Is Due

    I'll agree, it does not "just" happen. Poor wording in my first post. All time highs however do occur on a very regular basis and are business as usual, outside of recessions and their recoveries. So, congrats to the prez for not instantly causing a recession. It's no shock that the stock market is healthy in light of his commitment to sell our future in the name of short term gains through destruction of regulations. I'm sure there will be no fallout once a leader is back in office.
  9. Trump Taking Credit Where None Is Due

    Even if the stock market came to a halt right now, it would continue to hit new "highs" due to inflation.
  10. Trump Taking Credit Where None Is Due

    It does "just happen". It happens constantly.
  11. Repealing the ACA under Trump

    I don't have any kids, yet my taxes pay for the schools here. Load of morally corrupt garbage.
  12. Drinking age laws

    One Thanksgiving when I was 21 my parents sent me to Wal-Mart to buy another bottle of wine for everyone. I brought my then 8 year old brother with me and they refused to sell me that bottle of wine because I had a minor with me. Yeah, I'm buying alcohol for this 3rd grader...Really dumb policy. No one is getting fined though. Went to Hy-Vee instead and had no issues.
  13. Repealing the ACA under Trump

    Health care is a luxury. That's all I need to hear, troll status confirmed. As if it wasn't odd enough that someone would create an account on a Cornhusker forum just to post in the politics threads...
  14. Repealing the ACA under Trump

    So you're saying the decreased competition has nothing to do with the current spiking of prices? Is that your claim? Who determines the cost of health care?
  15. Is he the first 2020 candidate? Someone has been raising funds for their re-election bid for a while. I will admit that I don't know if that's standard or not for a sitting president to fundraise right after taking office, it seems unusual.