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  1. whats the scott frost joke from the 90's that was about window frost? trying to remember. no sarcasm.

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    2. Nobody


      nah that wasnt it

    3. NM11046


      Was it something to do with him going out the window when Lawrence Phillips came in after his girlfriend who was hooking up with Scott?

    4. knapplc


      She wasn't Phillips' girlfriend.

      Frost didn't hide/go out the window.


  2. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    this is a joke. it all boils down to coaching. period. everyone said the same exact thing and then bo came in and gave the nfl one of the best talents they have ever seen. coaching coaching coaching. at this point im more worried about bringing in consultants for the ad.... isnt that what happened with eichorst? too much math and numbers and not enough "get scott on the phone"
  3. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    the same scott frost who left stanford to come home put a ring on and a banner on the wall
  4. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    1. reading this thread is really sad. 2. some of you arent giving the nebraska brand enough credit 3. nebraska has proven that it can be a place to recruit good enough talent in modern times. don't let results fool you. 4. if you think little baby boy scott frost who bleeds husker red and would cut off both wrists for tom osborne wouldnt come here and its not his first choice.... what are you doing 5. if you think scott doesnt think nebraska has everything required to win now.... what are you doing 6. ucf is not what you make out to be.... top level talent living right next door to ucf go to schools like nebraska all the time.
  5. Where do we go from here?

    i wouldnt call riley getting to keep his job a miracle
  6. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    wins and losses. podium behavior is the color of the tie of the president. win.
  7. i hear what you're saying.... because ive been saying that for every hire. but im over all of this.... give it to scott
  8. this is why all signs point to frost. stars are aligning.
  9. nah the experiment is over. at this point we have no choice then to give frost a chance imo. i think its that simple. playing the game of landing up and coming guys and big splash hires is a long and very risky road.... you should know that because thats why we are at where we are at. we need nothing more than an up and coming guy who is our own who we can put our faith into blindly because we know him. i think everyone is tired of the experiments. if we put stock into frost and it turns out a disaster.... i think everyone is completely ok with that at this point. at least then we know. you really wanna wave off scott and try to land a whale? what happens when it doesnt turn out? what if scott is winning at that point (he is now)? wouldnt that hurt way worse? At this point, we shouldve hired frost 1 hire ago..... and you're still not comfortable with frost? what about when your next coach doesnt work out? u gonna say the same thing then? enough is enough. frost's turn.
  10. im literally laughing out loud at the guys saying rieilly is gona win out and catch a conference chip or something. just stop.
  11. Lawrence "The Teleporter" Phillips https://vine.co/v/e67wnJq5KHQ
  12. I've hated Riley from the beginning.

    i'm not sold on riley yet. he almost lost us the game with that pooch call. he CONSISTENTLY finds ways to be bad at coaching when it matters most. I cannot and will not look away from it. Huge win, nonetheless.
  13. I've hated Riley from the beginning.

    not sure you hating him was warranted... he never did any begging