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  1. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Oklahoma - Signed LOI]

    I want to be upset over this and no amount of justification makes it OK, but it’s just one of dozens of failures by Riley and the surrounding staff and influencers that make me happy we have a real coaching staff again.
  2. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Oklahoma - Signed LOI]

    Anybody able to read the article? The page won’t load for me
  3. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    I hear that. I’m just sharing what I’ve come across and IF true, what I see potentially happening.
  4. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    I don’t know if he can get fired but I don’t see how this helps Herman, dude is a rat. In th replies of that or a retweet, I saw someone comment how UT rumors are that Urban and Herman are feuding which led Herman to become the tipster.
  5. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    I now can’t wait to watch both OSU and Texas burn haha
  6. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

  7. Grant Wistrom and Jason Peter talk to the team

    Yeah my crown intake was at an all time high, especially the last 3 years
  8. Pelini to OSU

    Parse it however you feel.
  9. Pelini to OSU

    Thats the operational flaws of media, which what you’re speaking to is why people have a growing distrust in the media, but that’s not even my argument.
  10. Pelini to OSU

    So anonymously releasing the video to a third-party rag publication is doing their job? Sounds about right for some media members these days
  11. Pelini to OSU

    Like I said, he has responsibility in it himself, but hard to argue the media wasn’t against him when the media leaked a recorded conversation he thought was private
  12. Pelini to OSU

    He sparked and fueled his own issues, but it helps he doesn’t have an administrator and a newspaper against him.
  13. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    So OSU added a clause to Urbans contract last spring about not reporting allegations etc, right? Any chance there's a rabbit hole to go down about whether or OSU had an inkling about Smith and added that clause to cover the universities liabilities and essentially make Urban the scape goat?
  14. MaxPreps Truth About Trinity

    That makes more sense as to why Deion was so involved in Washington’s recruitment.
  15. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    Ohio State can move on without Urban Meyer. They showed as much getting Meyer post Tressell. Meyer isn’t untouchable and the athletic department and school will not shake this if they retain him. Every other program is already thinking of ways to spin the negative recruiting. Gotta consider what is going through the minds of parents of daughters who just attend OSU and know that a school won’t protect them from a player because Urban protects the player. Then think about the moms he talks to on the recruiting trail. The university can move on, but Urban Meyer won’t. buhbye