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  1. This. I miss the days of researching who has the best downloadable player universe for my career modes.
  2. Good luck to Lee if he does turn pro. From the sounds of it, he has been nothing short of a pro off the field. I hope he regains full health and can compete the final two weeks of the season. If Jake Locker (countless others) can be a top 10 draft pick, no reason Lee shouldn’t be given a look. Would also be nice for the program to see a QB land on a roster someplace.
  3. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I think he also plays devils advocate nearly to the same degree where he criticizes fanboys for behaving.
  4. I’d like to find out what’s happening administratively and what the heck Billy Devaney is paid to do and what influences over the program he has encouraged. That is all banking on receiving honest answers.
  5. Myakka- which is true because I’ve read multiple stories. Did Florida not allow him to bring more of his assistants from CSU or did Mac do his assistants dirty and left them behind?
  6. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    If Frost returns, I believe TO will be around the program more often than he was. Not saying hands on, but just having a presence. There is fault to lay on the staff, but also somewhat feel bad for Riley and the coaches. I think they’re doing what they can, but they’ve also been handcuffed by administrators. If there is one person I am more upset with than anybody, it’s Harvey Perlman.
  7. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Today’s show was eye opening (I think). I’m just connecting dots, but from the Diaco quotes yesterday to the Banker response and then the morning show today, here’s my working theory. I think Bounds and Green saw first hand failures of SE and Devaney when they fired Banker and hired Diaco. That was when SE was put on notice - the athletic department review put him on watch. The first few games showed poor results and SE wrote his death sentence when he held the press conference. Banker didn’t like that Hawk Tackling implementation and if it was forced by SE and BD, like implied, I’m guessing Banker got into it with SE and BD and wrote his own check to be fired. Bounds and Green saw poor leadership by SE who didn’t know how to run the performance side of an AD, which is why SE hired Devaney - to guide him with football personnel moves. The Hawk Tackling cost the university $100,000 with no results to show for and a fired coach. Not a good leadership decision. Riley is the nice guy, company man, who had less control of his program and became a lame duck coach with coordinators who can’t show reasonable (reasons) development. I’m sure there are more examples of incompetence, but no way Moos can bring Riley back without losing the fan base and the sellout streak. This program is a dumpster fire, which is why I believe TO is serving as a liaison for Frost - if there’s interest in the soon to be job opening. No, TO won’t tell Frost to take the job, but I believe TO would encourage Frost to not return unless the athletic department is on good ground. TO won’t be involved in the process, but he will be connected enough to know where the state of the program stands.
  8. It’s not only Frost who is from Nebraska on the UCF staff. There are a handful of Nebraska boys on the staff too, I wonder to what degree that plays into the final decisions made.
  9. Jason Peter’s head is going to explode. It would sting, but wouldn’t be the first time he would chose another program over Nebraska.
  10. ***Official Northwestern Game Discussion Thread***

    Reason why i call it BS is that I’ve seen more egregious “neutral zone infractions” NOT called. That one was ticky tacky compared to guys who have their hat over the ball. I can buy it was stupid for them to bite, but that was a BS flag. They can’t ignore the OT flinching and let the play run. Shoulda been killed at that moment, not a free play.
  11. ***Official Northwestern Game Discussion Thread***

    The OL flinched. Both of them did.
  12. ***Official Northwestern Game Discussion Thread***

    The play should have been called dead by how they ruled that “offside,” or it should have been a false start for the OL flinching. And I’ve seen worse for “offsides.”
  13. ***Official Northwestern Game Discussion Thread***

    What a BS penalty
  14. ***Official Northwestern Game Discussion Thread***

    Nick Gates really looked pumped up during the Husker prayer.