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  1. LB Nick Henrich

    Again, legitimate question. Is junior prom that big of a deal in Omaha? Especially when it takes a dude 45 minutes to get ready for 6-7pm dinner. Where I grew up, it was looked down on if any non seniors attended prom unless they were asked by a senior or were a part of a group. What I’m wondering is if there is a perceived lack of effort for something that doesn’t appear difficult to balance.
  2. LB Nick Henrich

    Legitimate question. What do you think the staff thinks of these kids, who are in their own backyard, not attending this spring game?
  3. Great read but two points were made that a local writer - certainly a fan - would have deeper, more accurate analysis. “Pelini’s volatility, put on public display in the form of his frequent sideline meltdowns, clashed with the administration led by the previous athletic director, Shawn Eichorst.” Nitpicky? Perhaps. But I still believe the clash was with Perlman originally, who forced out TO for SE to do his dirty work. That’s not to release SE from responsibility, he was bad. “The Badgers’ rise—led by Tom Osborne disciple Barry Alvarez, first as head coach and now as athletic director—has mirrored the Huskers’ decline.” Barry was a Devaney player, not from the tree of Osborne. The rest of the connection is correct though.
  4. Something not right happening in Ann Arbor 



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    2. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Yup. Not to make a comment in haste, but the kid seems to have some issues to sort out. Some real concerning tweets

    3. NUance



      There are a LOT of things not right in Ann Arbor lately.  LULZ!

    4. Thanks_Tom RR

      Thanks_Tom RR

      Wow! That is a disturbing picture, NUance. I mean who wears cargo pants? 

  5. LB Nick Henrich

    If a player is publicly committed to a team but is still talking to other coaches from a different team, is that kid really 100% committed? Gives him power how to manage a spot if a kid is still looking around.
  6. QB Max Duggan [TCU Commit]

    Some guest on the S&B show, BC or Thorr Trip (I think), spoke about the Duggan situation. Said he fits and could end up at OSU or PSU. Regardless of how this ends, It’s going to take on field results to win some battles over teams who are currently sitting where we want to be. Some kids seek tougher competition than the sure deal, like they apparently sold that Baptiste kid on. Could be interesting to revisit in December.
  7. With limited media coverage of practice...

    I guess we see it differently, most of the comments back at Sam prove my argument to be a week stale. Getting new photographs, as you mentioned earlier, is necessary and a great thing. So yes, access for that purpose is needed because it’s cringeworthy - at times - seeing recruits or media use photos that show the previous coaching staffs. What Sam appears to be arguing for is the NFL beat writer access, which is not going to happen and I especially wouldn’t trust anyone at the OWH to cover that.
  8. With limited media coverage of practice...

    I don’t think anyone would deny complaining about their job, but less percentage of people go to social media to rant over it because just like no one cares about anyone else’s fantasy team or bracket, no one else cares about the nuances of someone else’s job. The origination of the topic comes from a tweet about people speaking on/off the record, she’s a reporter, why not ask the sources why they insist on being off the record instead complaining to twitter that your sources suck.
  9. With limited media coverage of practice...

    I agree, and I don’t mean to imply that I don’t share some of those feelings, but not in the sense that I’m missing something because the reporters don’t get to watch practice.
  10. Should start a publication which interviews and critiques media members. After the OWH pity party, seems like a good place to start, after all, they want to speak on record and agree to access on everything. 

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    2. NUance


      To be fair everyone complains about their jobs.  Teachers, farmers, cops, doctors, bank tellers, lawyers, soldiersEVERYONE.  (Even me!)  :) 

    3. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      I think it’s especially sad how the teachers have had so much power stripped away. I’m not asking for the treatment my parents got from nuns or teachers and spanking them or hitting them rulers (true stories) but it’s sad when teachers get put bad in their place when they show more care for a child than a parent does. My HS baseball coach just stepped down because he couldnt handle the parents anymore. He had to have a meeting with the principal who had the audacity to talk to a varsity coach about kids’ playing time...

    4. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Historically I agree with you Nuance, but recent history (15-20 years or so), I think teachers are handcuffed and scapegoated.

  11. With limited media coverage of practice...

    I think Husker fans and media have been so deprived of a “total package” coach that we had to make up reasons to feel a part of the program while an untrusted outsider ran it. I truly believe most Husker fans are so content with Frost as the HC that we don’t care about the fluff of “access” like we did when we questioned every other coach. Or am I just speaking for myself? Plus, I don’t trust any of these reporters opinionated analysis more than I trust my own eyes - they don’t know the Xs and Os or fundamentals to breakdown the “why” of a practice, a play, drill, to justify why I’d care to read their spring reporting. edit to add: I don’t know the breakdowns either, that’s why I like listening to Foreman, Benning, Semm, and others of the same cloth.
  12. Huskers @ Creighton - March 27

    Probably why NET didn’t make it a priority to put it on tv. Got off of work and checked twitter, no one was tweeting about the game except Nebraska Baseball twitter handle and a little bit from Jon Nyatawa. Lack of interest is not good or who else am I missing that covered the game?
  13. Under the Radar Things You're Still Salty About

    I was in the opposite end zone upper deck. I thought it did go wide at first.
  14. What Should Miles Five-Year Plan Be Called?

    The more I hear about the transfers last season the more it made sense that it wasn’t as much a program/Mile’s thing, but kids who recognized they’ll lose playing time. No way Jacobsen over Copeland, or Morrow matching what JPJ could do - according to Sipple, Morrow wanted that role. In my opinion, it is a program issue when those kids leave instead of backing up the depth of the bench and graduating guys through the system. Interesting to note that while listening to USC1620 today they said that Miles had to request an a meeting and went through a go between to set it up with Moos. The optics of that don’t fare well. I lean toward if Miles can keep the core team intact and not lose JPJ or Copeland to turning pro, then maybe he has a better grip on the program than we’ve witnessed in years past. If he can’t keep guys from leaving, there is bigger issue. Greg McDermott is a good coach, and great person, don’t understand the negativity around him. He has competed for regular season and conference championships nearly every season and is doing a pretty solid job of transitioning from a mid major to a legit hoops conference. Not to mention he has smoked his in state rival annually. Kind of reminds me of my time living in Spokane and listening to people bag on Mark Few who has earned himself a lifetime contract at Gonzaga. They definitely need to get over the hump though, but even then, people will still hate.
  15. Huskers vs. Northwestern State - March 16-18

    I whole heartedly agree and glad you brought that up about Bolt leaving. It’s more than a coincidence and he is greatly missed. It’s not that I want and think Erstad should be out (yet), and I agree, he needs a new voice trying to help coach these kids up. A better dynamic to balance the personalities may be necessary because currently it’s just not clicking offensively. With all of the injuries to the pitching staff, I don’t expect much out of the season and don’t know what else a coach could do in his situation, unless that’s another issue. Oh well, still went in with family on club level seats for the B1G tourney and will cheer them on and enjoy the setting regardless. It’s a good prep and better bargain than the CWS a few weeks later haha