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  1. Who should we hire

    People are talking about Season 3 into a coaches tenure and we haven't even scratched conference games in season 3? Love it. Placing irrelevant standards for a current coach by comparing season 3 results to previous 5 coaches. Previous 3 coaches won a combined single CC, nothing else and nothing more, and that one coach rode the coattails of a legendary coach to earn that title. These are just the arguments I don't get from huskerboard members. It's a made up compare and contrast argument to previous regimes instead of actually looking at the team itself, the stuff that actually matters. Also, failed to mention when dissecting Season 3 for Riley. The horrible end result of 2012-2013 recruiting classes, but that's just an excuse to defend Riley too. I'm squarely on the fence of Riley, but I'd like to see season 4 and 5 before judging. With Farniok playing well last week and other RSFrosh and TF prospects on the OL, the DL and LBs building depth. There's more evidence to give a staff a chance for years 4 and 5 than comparing Season 3 results before current Season 3 is even a 1/4 of the way through. If the team can't win the division title this year, that sucks, but those already calling for their jobs would make up another phony reason if the team reaches the CCG this year. However, Im probably all wrong. Btw, Franklin should have been out at PSU before last season based off of these standards. Edit: Franklin was only in year 3, my bad. He did start out at 2-2 however. Losing to a big in state rival and being absolutely boat raced by Michigan.
  2. Georgetown transfer: Isaac Copeland

    Big off court win, now do something with it. Also, wonder if the delay in decision had to do with B1G schedule including conferences games in December. At least something g to consider.
  3. DE Micah Parsons

    Tom Osborne is going to run the offense and Scott Frost is going to be QB coach and inherit the team when Saban steps down...I think we have the same guy, right?
  4. Small WR's

    Diaco has lead a defense to a national championship game. Too small a sample size yet. Aside from Nebraska, they played a less than desirable FCS school. Leavitt has shown his worth in the PAC12 with Colorado already and I'd still like to see what they do against USC, UW, and even an offense like WSU. Oregon has higher rated talent across the board on defense too. Not that I disagree with the basis of your argument though, just a few things worthy of noting.
  5. What did we learn-Game 2 Oregon

    I learned that after years of hating Oregon...negative experiences and bias opinions...their fan base was pretty awesome and we had a great time down in Eugene. Of the three away games I've been to, (Huskies 2010, Miami 2015, Oregon) the worst fans were the UW fans AFTER a 56-21 beat down.
  6. DE Micah Parsons

    I don't believe the social media interactions were based off of "an outcome of one game," rather a criticism of a coach. But you are correct about tweets from recruits and I wasn't implying OSU doesn't have a chance to land him yet, but it's not a good look coming off of an OV any way one paints it...even if he did apologize.
  7. DE Micah Parsons

    OSU peeps still think they have a chance after deleting his tweet about changing QBs and his "liked" pro Baker Mayfield tweet.
  8. The ONE thing that made you shake your head

    Must be relevant enough to even make this comment.
  9. My utterly reasonable lukewarm take

    I think most of that loss had to do with what was between their ears and in their heart rather than talent and skill.
  10. Urban sounds off on Herman and Muschamp

    All of his championships (or programs pinnacle seasons) have come within the first four years of arriving, using the majority of the previous coaching staffs players. It's no wonder he takes this stance. Since arriving in Columbus I have been curious what type of coach Urban would be at one school over a longer tenure than 6 seasons. He has twice immediately moved on when he guided a program to their pinnacle and then quit coaching when Florida tanked and was turning into a criminal dumpster fire. He is a great coach, an obvious hall of fame coach, but we still haven't seen what he can do with a program over an extended period of time - with his own players.
  11. Just noticed Mav changed up his profile pic, does that mean Bookie is gone?

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    2. Savage Husker
    3. HuskerInLostWages


      @Maverick I vote Tre or Farniok.  Both played well, unfortunately 1 got injured.

    4. Mavric


      Yeah, it was a coin flip between Morgan and Bryant.  Went with Morgan this time.  But you're right that Farniok had a good game as well.

  12. CB Thomas Graham [Oregon - Signed LOI]

    lol never meant that maliciously, always want our guys to make a kid regret their decision, unfortunately have to tip the hat to the kid. He's the type of baller we need two of in every class
  13. Posted up at the Masonic Center Tailgate near the stadium. Bought to get the grill going, swing by if you'd like. GBR!

  14. Just made it Eugene/Springfield. Let the weekend officially begin! GBR!

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    2. El Diaco

      El Diaco

      Well that's better than it's been here. You can tell it's smoke....

    3. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Where are you at? It's really nice out here today

    4. ZRod


      Sun is shinning bright!

  15. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Nebraska Commit]

    Good time to get out of Florida this weekend.