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  1. All Frost Does is Win Games

    Does Chris Fowler know that NU is in the Big Ten? and that he works for ESPN?
  2. I wish that Eichorst would have taken Riley to OU
  3. Fall Camp

    What does that mean? just kidding
  4. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    This could be looked at also as - Gebbia had to endure 1 year of MR so maybe he is the guy that has started behind......
  5. Post-Practice Presser - August 17

    Agree here - looking forward to see how "hockey" on grass compares to the TB era of "basketball" on grass. I know this version of NU football has yet to play a down of real football - it just seems that SF has a brilliant vision for what is going to work. Guessing he has dreamed many times about taking football from both coast and merging that into mid-west football (power style)
  6. Post-Practice Presser - August 15

    Sorry jokes aren't allowed during the final 2 weeks of prep
  7. Post-Practice Presser - August 15

    10 days? i could die before then......
  8. Way Too Early 2018 Depth Chart

    Is it possible to have a meltdown over something that never happens?
  9. Post-Practice Presser - August 14

    actually it will need to be made within seconds of the opening kickoff - assuming NU receives, if not probably about 2 minutes later
  10. ***2019 Recruiting***

    Must be then...... SEC schools always follow the rules
  11. The Running Back Room

    MW NT
  12. Post-Practice Presser - August 10

    Did you not read the post 6 up ^^^^^^
  13. Post-Practice Presser - August 10

    Dirty Words > non dirty
  14. I think "stay tuned" refers to akron
  15. All i know is its only 2.5 hours to any future away games with OU - so i would be glad to see them on the schedule every year.