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  1. 2019 Season Notes

    Me too - i'll probably be drunk and passed out somewhere in left field. Any chance to see the Skers live becomes a party - well at least it was 30 years ago (hard to remember some of those college football day games)
  2. 2019 Season Notes

    Sorry i'm one of those guys that considers the entire area to be dallas - there is no Fort Worth (even thou I live closer to FW then DAL
  3. How Do You Spell Expectations in Nebraska?

    Is this car blue or red? - cause we all know that a blue car can't make it across the entire country.
  4. 2019 Season Notes

    Assuming that is Frisco as in Northeast of Dallas !!!!!
  5. Cameron Jefferies

    WRONG #fakenews These guys sucked and we are glad that they will never be part of the NU staff again - however to say that they are three of the worst all time in college football is a bit much
  6. So must SF - cause being COY means Diddly
  7. RB Rahmir Johnson [Nebraska Commit]

    So it's safe to say that the other guys played a game in the past 7 months ???
  8. LB Nick Henrich

    The T word needs to be taken to the woodshed
  9. Cameron Jefferies

    I'm also shocked that we even considered a G5 coach.
  10. Who's Next?

    This is a kid i hope comes to NU to see how his story turns out. If not, i hope i remember his name to follow it where ever he goes.
  11. Marie Kurkov from Czech Republic

    His vision of looking 2 layers into the future for these girls is really starting to pay off
  12. Our Finish in Big10 West

    i hear you and agree with this ^ - Just seemed like you were going with a 0% chance - I like the bold. From 2020 on the series with Wisc should grow into something FUN.
  13. Our Finish in Big10 West

    You make a point that may favor NU in the future. If SF can put enough speed on offense we will put pressure on Wisc because we will score points. One or two quick offensive scores and a turnover and they are no longer allowed to play ground control.
  14. Hear what you are saying and it sounds great!!!! but some around here will remind you that isn't a top 5 recruiting class and NC recipe
  15. Our Finish in Big10 West

    is that like 1,000 - 1 aren't or 10 -1 aren't