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  1. TE Michael Ezeike [Oregon Commit]

    Oregon it is
  2. Lamar Jacksons tackling epitomizes the Mike Riley era

    1. BIG ERN

      BIG ERN

      Never gets taken out. It's incredible 

    2. macroboy


      I'm thinking about starting a thread called 'Times Lamar Jackson pretended to tackle' There are already two this game. 

    3. Comfortably Numb

      Comfortably Numb

      Incredibly pathetic yet they keep putting him out there.

  3. Huskers vs. St. John's @ Gavitt Tipoff Games (NYC)

    Yeah my book opened the line at +8.5 NU currently sitting at +6 Not sure where that 2.5 line came from
  4. RB Jeremy Banks

    After how well our higher ranked recruits have been panning out around here, maybe we can stop calling kids with nothing but high school experience underrated. Maybe he's rated exactly where he's suppose to be. How do we know. Wait till he puts it on tape in college. Then compare his production to his ranking before making any proclamations about how he's rated.
  5. Chip Kelly

    I don't understand this statement. Osborne didn't have much of a personality, so if we are looking for someone in that mold it might be tough. Just get a good coach. Stop putting these parameters on how they should do it with the obvious exception of doing it within the rules. So many people want the next coach to win at a high level but only if they "fit" the Nebraska culture/mold that isn't even all that identifiable. What exactly is the mold that Nebraska coaches need to fit that differs from what every other college coaching job requires?
  6. Chip Kelly

    That's funny cuz people I've been talking to tell me Frost is Plan B.
  7. Any chance we could get a Husker related talk show super thread. I personally would find it helpful to go to one thread to read what Benning, Peters, etc say on talk radio. I don't have time to listen and don't want to search all the threads to find any they may have discussed. 

    1. Enhance


      My hesitation with something like this is the thread wouldn't have a clear focus. It would be people posting anything a local personality says regardless of topic, which means there could be multiple topics in one thread. It would be a poor user experience in my opinion.

  8. DE Micah Parsons

    I'm guessing he bought a pair of KeyJrs shoes. Guy has a future if the football thing don't pan out.


    Dear Lord,
  11. A Case for Trev Alberts

    So basically influencing him to hire Frost then.
  12. Downtown Denver, any of you Denverites think someone will have the GGG Canelo fight

  13. Gonna be in Denver for the Cowboys/Broncos game. Anything I should definitely do while there. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. StPaulHusker


      Go to Ft Collins to the Horse and Dragon and drink as much Sad Panda as you can.  GSG agrees with me.

    3. Comfortably Numb

      Comfortably Numb

      Take me and the wife out to dinner.

    4. suh_fan93


      I'm jealous.  What a game to see.  Nice!

  14. Nebraska's 2020 and 2021 B1G Schedules Released Today

    2021 is gonna be rough with home games with Michigan Ohio St Iowa and Wisconsin and at Oklahoma! But i guess the biggest takeaway is the the 2020 and 2021 dates for the Iowa game.