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  1. I just read this thread today and looked at the stats. Roby had 5 turnovers in 16 minutes? The team had 22 and Roby had 5 of them. Did he play that badly or just had a really good defender on him?
  2. Las Vegas mass shooting

    My bad, it was right below what I said so I responded. It just seems to me that too many people are responding to this issue in an emotional way instead of thinking things through. It's happening from both sides obviously.
  3. ***2018 Recruiting***

    I'll have some of what you're drinking! In all reality, I would love to see that all play out. Of course it won't go exactly this way, but I do think the staff is putting together a great class. It will just be interesting to see how the season plays out and if the staff is back next year. That will obviously shake things up a little bit.
  4. Las Vegas mass shooting

    So you don't have answers to any of the questions that I asked? It seems like you were just attacking me and venting instead of giving me any constructive answers. I never said that I was in favor of fully automatic weapons or bump stocks. I was just throwing some questions to talk about. I tried to point out to my students that many people have different opinions and we need to have calm conversations about issues like this instead of letting our emotions speak for us. It's going to be a sensitive subject to discuss, but I would hope that people from both sides can actually have a calm, constructive discussion and actually get something worked out.
  5. Las Vegas mass shooting

    I very rarely post things these days, but I read a lot of opinions on a lot of things. I'm a school teacher and I have talks with my students all the time about things that happen in our country. This is one of those things that we have discussed. I own shotguns and I'm an avid hunter. I don't own any other weapons and I have no need to. Gun control will always be a tricky conversation and yes I think it needs to be a conversation that we have. I do have some serious questions though and I can admit that I don't have the answers. I have talked about these with my students: 1) If we as a nation would ban all semi-automatic guns, would it really solve the problem? I'm not saying that I don't think it will help, It's just a question that I threw out to my students. It was interesting to see what some of them came up with. 2) If we did have stricter laws and citizens couldn't own certain firearms, what would we start to blame if these tragedies continued? I'm not saying that they would, but what would be the next step if stricter laws did nothing? 3) Here's a point that one of my students brought up and I really didn't have a great answer for it. There are a lot of things that are illegal in our country including drugs and there are millions of people that purchase and use drugs on a daily basis. Why do we think that people will not be able to access these weapons if they are illegal? I'm not listing these things and saying that I have all the answers and I'm not saying that I'm against stricter gun laws. I'm just pointing out some things that my students and I discussed.
  6. 2017 Season Notes

    Really hoping for a sweep against Penn State and Minnesota dropping at least one.

    I was running the event and got to witness it. This kid is a very athletic young man. I think he needs to try to long jump in college. So it's YOUR fault for not having the wind gauge on it. I was running the event, not the meet!☺

    I was running the event and got to witness it. This kid is a very athletic young man. I think he needs to try to long jump in college.
  9. Colin Kaepernick: dbag or not?

    So.......clicked on this to see what everyone thought about Kaepernick and realized that a lot of people don't like Trump! I never have been a fan of Kaepernick and everything that centered around him last season didn't change my perception about him. I'm done talking about him now though.......please continue the Trump talk. It's sad that a lot of threads change in to a Trump thread these days.
  10. CB Thomas Graham [Oregon - Signed LOI]

    Did I miss something? Did he commit to Oregon or is everyone just assuming?
  11. Huskers vs. PSU

    I can't believe it! Talk about a great example of not giving up and fighting until the end.
  12. Huskers vs. PSU

    Come on Huskers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Huskers vs. PSU

    I've yelled loud enough a few times you'd think I was watching a football game! I don't usually get that excited about volleyball, but what can I say, I love the Huskers no matter what they are competing in!
  14. Huskers vs. PSU

    My students are wondering why I'm making so much noise. I wish I was watching this game. Come on ladies!
  15. Huskers vs. PSU

    I'm not watching and I'm on the edge of my seat! Thanks for all of the updates.