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  1. Immigration Ban

  2. The Republican Utopia

    https://imgur.com/vidgif (edit sorry not very good at adding files) O Brother where art Thou
  3. Trump and the Press

    I have watched late night news/entertainment shows since Carson was still doing the Late Show...(I started working a swing shift in 1989 and got home at 11:00). Hosts like Carson, Letterman, Leno always roasted the sitting President when they did something especially outlandish or newsworthy. I followed Letterman to CBS, and did not watch Leno or O'Brien nearly as much. I started switching back and forth to Kimmel in the early 2000's because Jimmy is really funny, and Guillermo is a perfect sidekick (plus I thought The Man Show was hilarious). Still, some good/some bad when it came to Presidential politics. When Letterman retired, I was excited to see that Stephen Colbert was tapped to take over...not the caricature he portrayed on the Daily Show, but the real guy, who I believed was intelligent and funny. I still watch Colbert sometimes, and Kimmel occasionally, but I cannot believe that BOTH of them are 100% anti-Trump at all times. And I mean demeaning, libelous stuff for the most part. And Colbert does it every, single, night, for his entire monologue. It gets old, and I am not a fan of Trump. I can see how it would inflame his ardent fans, or the man himself. So, there goes two of the late nights shows, out the window, should you lean right. Well then, lets try the old Daily Show, Trevor Noah is more like a regular news guy...unlike Jon Stewart...oops more of the same. Samantha Bee? I've seen the headlines...I don't get HBO so I can't watch John Oliver, who I think is funny and smart, much like Colbert used to be. Bill Maher? almost unhinged in his vitriol. Later on in the evening, it gets a little better. James Corden still takes his swipes, but is not 24/7. Seth Meyers? Only seen it once or twice, and I think that Carson Daily has exactly .2% market share. I love Saturday Night Live, and have been an ardent follower since the 70's. The Alec Baldwin/Melissa McCarthy/Kate McKinnon lead-ins are comedy gold...seriously funny. But even Lorne Micheals knows you cannot do 100% all the time negative Trump (although, the skits with Don Jr and Eric are literally laugh out loud funny). And SNL's treatment feels more like a Lampoon, and less like a coup attempt. I do not watch Fox News, because of the same scenario only in reverse. Not everything Obama and or Hillary could EVER be 100% negative, as those folks would lead you to believe. However, that is the ONLY news outlet that outwardly looks to lean right. And I cannot think of one single late night talk show that ever treated President Obama with such distain.
  4. Immigration Ban

    and you (or Fru) honestly think that the majority of Repubs would advocate electing a molesting youth care worker to the Senate? I (too) hope you are better than that...
  5. Immigration Ban

    no...I am referring to the recent Reddit flap where claims that pedophilia is a "natural orientation" just like heterosexuality or homosexuality. My response to Fru was meant to point out that the majority of mainstream Repubs don't want to see a Holocaust denier or accused pedophile elected...just like most Dems don't want to be associated with the normalization of pedophilia... I just get sick of lumping everyone together for the sake of making a point as a zinger or drive by.
  6. Immigration Ban

    And Dems will say "it's healthy and natural"...
  7. Not a Trump follower, nor a fan of Hillary... but have a legitimate issue with some of this: No where have I seen that the Russians made up, falsified, or planted, any of the material from the DNC or Hillary's staff, they just hacked in and released it. Was all of the released material genuine? Why the uproar over whether there was collusion, and barely a whimper about stopping it from happening again? We seem to be more worried about who is to blame (the Russians) than making sure it doesn't affect future elections... ...back to my lurking, and thanks in advance.
  8. Anthony Bourdain passes away.

    No Reservations was one of my favorite programs. Very sad that he could never conquer his inner demons...
  9. Racism - It's a real thing.

    I am surprised that no one has mentioned the case from Council Bluffs just a year ago. Deputy Mark Burbridge was shot and killed, another deputy was shot and wounded, and two cars were hijacked at gunpoint by the fleeing felon, one after he shot the driver in the neck, the other driver was kidnapped and forced to drive away. The suspect escaped after he was being sentenced for an earlier murder... The suspect, Wesley Correa-Carmenaty (who is black) was re-captured and arrested, without further incident, by OPD later in the day.
  10. Earlier today I heard Sean Callahan say a second Spring Game may be in the works, but cannot find any confirmation... ?!?
  11. Jeremy Pruitt to coach Vols https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/tennessee-coaching-search-alabama-dc-jeremy-pruitt-reportedly-top-candidate/
  12. Mario Goodrich Comments???

  13. Las Vegas mass shooting

  14. 2017 Season Prediction Thread

    9-3 losses to Ohio State, Penn State and Minnesota.
  15. 2017 Schedule Wallpaper

    awesome job H on H, thanks for giving me several options