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  1. Earlier today I heard Sean Callahan say a second Spring Game may be in the works, but cannot find any confirmation... ?!?
  2. Jeremy Pruitt to coach Vols https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/tennessee-coaching-search-alabama-dc-jeremy-pruitt-reportedly-top-candidate/
  3. Mario Goodrich Comments???

  4. Las Vegas mass shooting

  5. 2017 Season Prediction Thread

    9-3 losses to Ohio State, Penn State and Minnesota.
  6. 2017 Schedule Wallpaper

    awesome job H on H, thanks for giving me several options
  7. 2017 Schedule Wallpaper

    awesome design. can it be resized? when I set as background I lose the schedule across the top... any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Worst loss in Husker history?

    I don't post much, but have read these threads for a long time...I feel the need to share this insight regarding our current state.. in 1959, 1960 and 1961 Bill Jennings equaled the ineptitude we are currently seeing... 1959 finished 4-6 and lost to 2-8 KState 1960 finished 4-6 and lost to 3-7 OKState 1961 finished 3-6-1 but a 5 win team was the worst record we lost to 1962 enter Bob Devaney, who went 9-2 in his first season, and the rest, as they say, is History... today's loss to Purdue, who has not won a conference game in two years and is currently 2-6, is the WORST LOSS since 1959. (all courtesy Wikipedia)
  9. 2015 Schedule Wallpaper

    been waiting patiently....thanks very much
  10. My First Husker football game

    Bring Hwy 30 from North Platte, and then in Grand Island, switch over to eastbound Hwy 34. It takes you right to 9/10th Street in Lincoln, or directly downtown. Much less traffic than I-80 on a game day, and you get to see great small towns like Aurora, York and Seward.