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  1. Ulty

    Player sideline demeanor was disappointing

    I like that there is camaraderie between two guys who have been competing with each other since spring and have both had the crap kicked out of them. If anyone needs to keep positive attitudes in order to survive, it’s the QBs.
  2. Ulty

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    I think back to the Callahan days. I thought we had hit rock bottom, but still stuck watched every moment of every game, thinking that those moments would be significant somehow. We weren’t even close to rock bottom then. Along cane the Riley days. Now this. Got acclimated to losing. Got used to disappointment. I am still in Scott Frost’s corner. He may be our last, best hope for Nebraska to ever regain relevancy. But I don’t know if I can stomach this anymore. Let me know when it gets better.
  3. Ulty

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    Soooo f-ing tired of turnovers.
  4. Ulty

    New to HB

    Search for chrewy chips ahoy
  5. You Can Call Me Al at #2 is way too high. Fun song until you get to the frickin flute solo. In a pep band setting that flute solo brings the energy of the song to a screeching halt.
  6. Ulty

    Vacated Wins

    Hey man, I don't make up the rules!
  7. Ulty

    Vacated Wins

    if the game was actually played, and they lost, it is a loss.
  8. Ulty

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    All of Huskerboard seems to be a bit testy today. Maybe we are collectively more nervous about Troy than we are all letting on. We need some positive mojo.
  9. Ulty

    Vacated Wins

    No to all
  10. Ulty

    Osborne at Big Red Breakfast

    Riley being the wrong guy does not mean that Bo was the right guy. Eichorst bungled the firing and he bungled the replacement. All of those guys sucked.
  11. Ulty

    Osborne at Big Red Breakfast

    I, on the other hand, expect professionalism and discipline in a coach.
  12. Ulty

    Osborne at Big Red Breakfast

    Yep, he's doing pretty well at a small school with no championship expectations, no history, and a very small fanbase. I happen to like Frank Solich but it was pretty clear that he was not going to bring championships to NU. He is a good fit at his current spot and I always root for him to be successful. I live in Ohio as well and work at a MAC school that plays against Ohio University every year. I have never met anyone in my neck of the woods who gives a crap about Frank Solich. Most people don't even know who he is.
  13. Ulty

    Osborne at Big Red Breakfast

    Most of Bo's teams had the potential to be conference champs. Came up short every time. A terrible coach does not win 9 games every year, but it always seemed that he underachieved his way to those 9 wins, and he was a raging douche besides. Of course, Bo's next team had the potential to be good, but he didn't deserve to stay any longer than he did. We just hired the wrong guy to replace him.
  14. I don't know a damn thing about X's and O's so I enjoy you guys breaking down this kind of stuff. On this particular play, Williams didn't block his guy and Spielman was hit at the LOS. However, Spielman only could have gotten 2 or 3 more yards anyway, since the tight end didn't hold his block, and Morgan had his hands full with two guys at once. So my question is, at this point in the 4th quarter, had Colorado's D simply made some better adjustments to be ready for this kind of play? I can't imagine that it would be a fatigue/conditioning issue for our guys.
  15. Ulty

    Adrian Martinez Injury