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  1. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    I believe Frost would encourage them to take all the visits they want. Just don't commit. Not that he's going to pull the offer like Iowa. But I can see him telling the kids to make the most of it and they will be there ready to accept them once they are all done.
  2. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    I have full confidence that Frost is not taking a commitment unless that player is done with the process.
  3. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    I like this if it holds up.
  4. LB Nick Henrich

    DeAndre Levy 2009 Chris Borland 2014 Joe Schobert 2016 TJ Watt 2017 Vince Biegel 2017 Jack Cichy 2018 6 since 2009. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Wisconsin_Badgers_in_the_NFL_Draft So probably Nebraska 1 Wisconsin 0 Tie 1
  5. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    Yeah. I went back and re-read how you wrote it and misunderstood initially. You're pretty much spot on
  6. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    I don't think the last staff as a whole had that philosophy. They didn't do too bad in other areas of recruiting. I do believe Bo said something to the fact that it was difficult, though.
  7. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    I said "allegedly" because that was the prevailing thought in the QB's profile. It does seem odd with how they want a commitment to be done and all N that they would take one from someone that hasn't visited the campus and facilities yet. But as long as he sticks with it, it's all good.
  8. ***2019 Recruiting***

    Dude. It's Friday. No need to bring everyone down.
  9. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    Now I know they are in 2 different recruiting classes, but the QB from Alabama was on campus and wanted to commit but was allegedly talked out of it by the coaches. This guy hasn't been to campus and has de-committed from one school already and they take his commitment? DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A COMMENT THAT IS FINDING FAULT IN THE COACHING STAFF!!! I REPEAT, NOT TRYING TO FIND FAULT!!! JUST AN OBSERVATION!!!
  10. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    This might be the most impressive recruiting job thus far.
  11. ***2019 Recruiting***

    I was thinking the same. And hopefully that is the case
  12. ***2019 Recruiting***

    Is the overly dramatic commitment video era over? I haven't seen one of the recruiting services tweet one out in quite some time.
  13. LB Nick Henrich

  14. Finally! Blackshirt Talk