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  1. Say Eichorst is fired

    Better off, in my opinion i have no facts to support it. Just a feeling
  2. Who should we hire

    Harbaugh has done nothing more than any of the 3 prior coaches at Michigan Shaw has maintained what Harbaugh started at Stanford
  3. Who should we hire

    UCF was 9-4, 12-1, 10-4 the 3 years prior to that. Something tells me there is more to the 0-12 than what people see. UCF was pretty respectable under O'Leary
  4. Who should we hire

    Frost was 6-6 in regular season with one of those wins vs FCS
  5. Who should we hire

    Mullen is a .650 coach in the SEC at a school that is historically not good. And he has to go against some major players year in and year out. Frost is currently a .500 coach in C-USA. With not enough history behind him to know how good he really will be.
  6. Who should we hire

    Saban is making $11M this year. Urb is at almost $7M
  7. Who should we hire

    Here is the likely deal with Dan Mullen He's making $4.8M at Mississippi St. I would venture to guess it is going to take at least $6M to get the conversation going because MSU is going to match $ right out of the chute. It's probably going to take $7M+ for him to leave. Obviously I'm no expert, but I love Nebraska. And i know if I was making what he makes, that is what it would take for me to coach at NU.
  8. Who should we hire

    Chris Petersen went to the university that he wanted to go to. Nothing would have changed that
  9. Say Eichorst is fired

    2 of the last 3 AD's were Nebraska guys and made questionable decisions. Probably why I'm not on the Trev Alberts bus yet.
  10. Say Eichorst is fired

    Tom's only good decision was firing Callahan.
  11. Say Eichorst is fired

    We've apparently incorrectly hired the last 3 AD's. Despite how long the search took.
  12. Say Eichorst is fired

    Pederson was fired on 10-15-07. TO fired Callahan 11-24. Hired Bo 12-3 There is time
  13. Terry Pettit on the current Husker fishbowl

    I wonder if Terry Pettit would have submitted the same statement if he had heard Riley's press conference first.
  14. Rutgers Week Pressers

    I normally support the coach no matter what. I don't usually call for a firing or resignation. But i tend to understand when they happen and why. But after seeing the comments from Riley, he needs to go. He's lost and will likely lose the team. Shawn Eichorst could save some face (not much, but a little) by having a closed door meeting with Riley and buy him out and have Riley resign.