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  1. RB John Bivens

    Blades, Watts, Mapieu. I am of the opinion that it is ill advised to consider academic risks this early in the recruiting process. If, in fact, he is an academic risk.
  2. RB John Bivens

    Weird how we hammered the last coach for going after a player with academic issues. But now it’s okay.
  3. 2018 Spring Game Visitors

    You're welcome?
  4. ATH Chris Hickman

    I think 1 out of the 2 from Burke is the bare minimum for it to be considered successful.
  5. LB Marcus Hicks

    Thanks_Tom RR replied to Mavric's topic in 2019 Profiles with the juice this staff has right now nationally, they should be able to make a push for guys they want.
  6. LB Marcus Hicks

    Well that has been the narrative. Especially on this board. I guess I was a bit too hopeful that he would have a bit more immediate impact on the closer recruits. Especially the higher profile ones. So yes. It’s my opinion and I don’t want to detract from this players page so I’m sure the mods will move some things to “my” tangent thread.
  7. LB Marcus Hicks

    National Coach of the Year recruiting momentum.......
  8. Spring Game Rosters

    I’m sorry I called it an assumption
  9. 2018 Spring Game Visitors

    Your comment made no sense. It wasn't a joke of a reply. If you don't want to ignore my posts. At least stop commenting on them with gibberish.
  10. 2018 Spring Game Visitors

    Yet you make sure you make comments on lots of my posts. Hit the ignore function if what i say bothers you so much.
  11. 2018 Spring Game Visitors

    Perhaps you shouldn't follow me around and comment on my posts if you're going to just type words trying to insult me or be negative towards me. Which is the basis for most of your comments. It's a bad look.
  12. 2018 Spring Game Visitors

    I don't think we want a coach out there shooting people
  13. 2018 Spring Game Visitors

    I literally have no idea what you just said
  14. 2018 Spring Game Visitors

    Bo won 9+ games and didn't do well with top players Riley didn't win 9+ games but did do well with top players I hope Frost is able to see what the recipe is
  15. Spring Game Rosters

    I was basing it off of Mav's assumption that the Red team is 1&2.