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  1. UCF football is about to get a bunch more tv viewership from Nebraska fans. I know I'll be watching.
  2. ESPN: Can Riley Fix Nebraska?

    How do they approach you now? Probably don't if you're like me. I'm too embarrassed to wear my nebraska gear much any more. If I do and someone approaches me to talk about nebraska football I just say, "more of a volleyball fan".
  3. Callahan/Pelini/Riley... (Who was the worst?) Megathread

    If they had a losing season, they got my vote.
  4. Mandel's Mailbag: The State Of Nebraska

    If Nebraska gets blown out to Iowa at home, Riley better get out of town fast.
  5. ESPN: Can Riley Fix Nebraska?

    Comparing Bo vs Riley. They both weren't and aren't good enough for Nebraska. Nuff said.
  6. ESPN: Can Riley Fix Nebraska?

    I'll answer the title of this thread.... Nope. Look at the offensive, defensive, and special team philosophies of this team and honestly tell me Nebraska can be a successful football team. Riley can't change. He's only ever known one way to play football and that is a way that has consistently caused him to lose a lot of games. It will keep happening so long as he's here.
  7. Who should we hire

    I thought the rumor was as the OC for Bo and Bo only offered Frost the WR coach position. Of course not long after that I think Frost got the Oregon OC job.
  8. Who should we hire

    There's been plenty of examples where head coaches who were proven and did well in one place take a job elsewhere and fail. There's no guarantee either way you look at it. There might be no difference either.
  9. Mandel's Mailbag: The State Of Nebraska

    I think over the years since 2003 and all the coaches we had since then, a Riley coached team might be worst of them all. Thats saying something considering what we had with Callahan. I truly question his ability to out coach anyone or be a great leader. You see it with his game to game preperation, his offensive and defensive mentality and approach, special teams, clock management, his depth chart management and recruiting (we need linemen!). Over and over as I pay attention to a Riley coached team, it is nothing short of pure frustration nearly 90% of the time. Heck, even Bo Pelini could come up with a great game plan every now and then. The Missouri game in 2010 comes to mind. I mean how do you hire a guy like Bruce Read or keep Banker as you DC over all these years up until last year? It's not loyal, it's ignorant and just plain stupid. Do we want that kind of a guy as our coach? I certainly hope not and i for sure dont.
  10. Scott Frost

    I'm in agreement with canning Eichorst first. I'm sure it's a process that will take weeks to get to, but it needs to happen. The way hes handled the football program is a joke.
  11. Scott Frost

    Until we actually hear him say he wouldn't want the nebraska job for this and this reason then this is just your opinion. While I respect what you have to say on the matter, I take it as just your opinion until I hear it from Frost himself. Thats if we even get to that point where people higher up in this process want him.
  12. Who should we hire

    6 pages and I don't think I see Jim Tressel yet. We're slacking guys. But seriously. Scott Frost.
  13. Shawn Eichorst speaks to the Media

    I'm guessing nothing changes and we as fans will endure another year of this next year. Sound fun?
  14. Who should we hire

    Nebraska has gambled on head coaches since it started playing football. They've never hired a big name guy.
  15. Who should we hire

    Scott Frost.