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  1. OT Matthew Anderson [Nebraska Commit]

    This guy can easily grow into a 285 lb frame. Frost's high tempo offense he doesn't need 300+ linemen. Linemen around 285 lb who have athleticism and endurance is fine by me if they're outworking opposing d-lines.
  2. Frost's Contract Bonuses Released

    Given how long it's been since Nebraska won a conference championship, it should be $1 million if he wins it.
  3. DT Nash Hutmacher

    Does he have a leader in terms of offer?
  4. Best Win of the Riley Era

    3 years of Mike Riley football and there are only three games Nebraska won that I remember. 2015 UCLA, 2016 Oregon and 2015 Michigan St. Everything else I'm like, "Did Nebraska win that game?". Yeesh.
  5. Which QB Should Be The Starter

  6. Farmer to Center

    Agreed. Being coached by an Ewok for three years should give our offensive line a pass.
  7. Done. Hopefully, Nebraska can make something happen and pull a win out of their butt, but I am done. Not gonna ruin my day watching this..
  8. Jesus, I don't know if I can watch this cause it's just pissing me off.
  9. Spring Game Part Deux

    It's fan day that I think will get crazy. That line waiting to see Frost is gonna extent out of the county.
  10. Who's Worse: Riley VS Callahan

    A different look at it is if you had to pick between Callahan or Riley to be a coach for you second favorite team. I don't have one, but i would probably pick Callahan over Riley if I did. I have never seen Riley actually coach. Ever.
  11. 2017-2018 Season Notes

    I just want to say kudos to the Nebraska bench mob. Those guy's excitement on the bench is fun to watch and brings some energy to this team. Some great stuff by them.
  12. ... This is just frustrating. I hate sports.