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  1. No Visit Rules

    I think that is a fair rule...hard to replace people that late in the game. They have opportunity to visit, but get it done so we have time to replace them should they flip.
  2. Stanton doing well in JUCO - Will transfer to UNLV

    1st half 7/8 180yds 3 TDs 22yds rushing
  3. SIGNED - DE Guy Thomas

    Coach Stewart with the victory on this one. He's got the N in south Florida. Sounds more like Parrella in this article..https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/de-thomas-felt-no-other-team-could-beat-nebraska
  4. CB Darnay Holmes [UCLA - Signed LOI]

  5. TE Chase Allen [Iowa State - Signed LOI]

    The women of Iowa State Tri Delta hope that you enjoy your visit, @Dr_ChaseAllen! We better see you in Cardinal and Gold next year! 🏈❤️💛 Now we know why all the cb'so for ISU....lol
  6. AVCA Poll 2015

    Taking my 6 yr old daughter to her first V-ball game on Friday...should be a good one #3 Texas vs #4 Nebraska!! #GBR
  7. 2015 Team Posters

    Was wondering how long that would take...LOL
  8. SIGNED - RB Jordan Stevenson

    he looks more like "senior" Ameer... Ameer put on a lot of bulk from freshman to senior year. This kid is already coming in pretty bulky...or so it seems from the pics i've seen.
  9. SIGNED - RB Jordan Stevenson

    Think it has anything to do with MR and Wisky coach being friends? Maybe that was the lead in...? I have no idea, just throwing it out there...
  10. SIGNED - RB Jordan Stevenson

    Feel bad for @Coach_Bray... @tferg__ and I were roasting our guy at Misty's 😂 Had to entertain our guest though! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #GBR 🔴🌽⚪️ Tweet from Todd Mcshane
  11. Sam Keller's lawsuit against EA/NCAA

    Maybe the cheerleaders should get in on the actions...lol
  12. Painful interview with Harbaugh on The Herd....

    I think Harbaugh needs to go back and listen to it...i would say more like 99.9% of it was on him. Was like pulling teeth...you would think he would want to talk his program and his style up, but he just acted like he didn't want to even be on the interview...
  13. Jim Harbaugh doesn't talk to Mike Riley like this, I'm guessing. https://shar.es/1qdPtN via @thebiglead