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  1. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    Fair enough.
  2. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    So you’re saying he’s a “solid transfer quarterback candidate,” but it’s preposterous for me to call him a “very good player.” Ever think your arguing to just argue. Next, you assume that Frost will agree to and offer him the starting spot while recruiting him. I’m not making that assumption, as it’s ridiculous. You recruit him and point out that we have only 2 scholarship players - one who is a pro style qb with no collegiate experience, and the other is a true freshman who hasn’t played in a year and isn’t fully recovered. Then you put in a tape of highlights in Frosts offense, and get excited a the possible of running that offense. Let his Nebraska connection speak for themselves. Lastly, you say “[e]xploring Burrow is a wise option” but my belief that we should aggressively go after him “is pretty dangerous.” Um ok. It would be a lot easier if look at my statements and not assume anything crazy associate with them. Just assume I think Burrow is a good player and a good addition to the team. That’s about it. You can disagree, and I understand that, it’s not that big a deal. It’s just a Nebraska board discussion.
  3. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    Maybe you missed my earlier post, but I talked about Frost doing everything he could to get Burrow. He would be hard to get, but my point is we should try to do whatever we can. Just like we would with any recruit. Second, obviously Frost is going to defend and praise his current players. That’s what a good coach does. That doesn’t mean you ignore the potential of getting a very good player. Third, yes, we cannot know exactly how good he is, but he got solid offers, was highly ranked out of high school, and is/was second string at OSU. (And if you think OSU backups QBs are not good, just look at their recent history. I’d say their backups are better then most starting qbs in college football). So, yes, I would take the “gamble” on him.
  4. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    Im still at a loss. I totally disagree with a choice not to make the team better because it may give someone less playing time. If Martinez can’t compete with Burrows, then he’s not as good as people think he is. Let him fight and win. Competition makes players better. Let me add this: we have 2 scholarship quarterbacks. That’s right 2. And people are seriously questioning whether we should bring in a premier player like Burrows? I just don’t get it. A situation like this is a gift.
  5. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    I don’t understand the hesitation here. Assuming we have space, Frost should do everything he can to get Burrows. Adding a quality player, who also has family ties to the program, will only make the team stronger. POB left, and we can replace him with Burrows — what’s not to like?
  6. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    Til: huskerboard isn’t blocked in China.
  7. Which QB Should Be The Starter

    I guess I’m the exception here. Yes, Martinez has speed and the tools to become great. But I didn’t think he was close to being the starting QB. Gebbia for me was the starter, and Bunch leap froged Martinez, in my opinion. It’s not that Martinez is a bad player, or anything negative. It’s just that it seemed to me that he had the weakest command of the offense. The others made the rest of the offense the star, and when he was on the field, he was the star. Yes, he has the most potential. But right now, given my perception of his command of the offense, he is not going to be the starter. However, given he has time and the desire, he could be moved up if he continues to grow into the offense.
  8. Frost’s QB Room

    That’s kind of the point. We have a pro style qb who may have issues regarding durability, a true freshman who didn’t play his senior year, and a walk on. That’s it. If Gebbia goes down, we could be in a world of hurt. This is is not to say that I don’t think they will be good qbs (I’m very high on Gebbia). But with the limited info we have, most of our opinions are based on a reporter’s take on what a coach said (not the most reliable) or the limited statements of a coach or player. Quality depth is always important for the most important position on the team.
  9. Frost’s QB Room

    Anyone else concerned about the lack of depth now? I am
  10. Who starts at QB?

    I always thought POB was the better runner, but Gebbia is exactly the type of guy you want running a new offense. He’s smart, works very hard, is accurate, and makes good decisions. Considering it’s the first year, and Frost has lots of potential weapons in this offense, I think a guy that can distribute the ball well is big. I also think Martinez will get some playing time early and may become situational if he performs well. You need heat on Gebbia (from Martinez), and having him not redshirt gives him valuable experience for next year. Also, considering the size issue with Gebbia, having at least two good back ups is essential.
  11. Who starts at QB?

    Assuming he has gained some weight, I think Tristan Gebbia starts, and Patrick O’Brien backs him up. Adrian Martinez will not redshirt, and will become the primary backup by the 6 game of the season.
  12. WR Andre Hunt [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    All I’ll say is from the film I saw, he looked to have good hands, and adjusted his body well to the ball in the air. But yes, it is a highlight video.
  13. WR Andre Hunt [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    How in the world is this guy only a three star? Have you seen his film? He is AT LEAST a four star. Honestly, he is one of the guys I am most excited about. He hits like a truck, is freakin’ fast, has great change of direction, has a great head for the game, and can do about anything (he looked good on both offensive and defensive). Just watch his film - TD after TD when on offense, and play after play on defense. Yes, I know it’s a highlight reel, but it’s long and the fact that he played both sides on shows how good he is. To say I’m pumped is an understatement. f'ing sweet.
  14. If Riley and NU didn’t enter into a separation agreement that changed up the buyout, then NU should sue. It could easily get some of the money back, likely with a quick settlement. In fact, It’s such an obvious invitation to litigate that there has to be more to the story.