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      *NEW* Husker Football Commits - DE Casey Rogers, RB Miles Jones, WR Dominick Watt   01/16/2018

      Huskers get a commitments from   Avon, Connecticut Defensive End Casey Rogers Fort Lauderdale, Florida Running Back/Wide Receiver Miles Jones Hollywood, Florida Wide Receiver Dominick Watt   See the 2018 Class   Who's Next?
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  1. If Riley and NU didn’t enter into a separation agreement that changed up the buyout, then NU should sue. It could easily get some of the money back, likely with a quick settlement. In fact, It’s such an obvious invitation to litigate that there has to be more to the story.
  2. 5 Unique Frost Shirts ... any ideas of your own?

    Frost: Ice cold
  3. Give credit to Moos

    He not only got the hire that most everyone wanted, he did it the right way, with class, and with little public drama. This is especially impressive considering Florida, Florida State, Oregon, A&M, and other schools were interested. He pulled the base together, and got a great hire. Well done.
  4. Fox’s Mike Hill comments on SE

    We will have to disagree on that. I think NU would have done much better this year if the move hadn’t been made (and for me, having Riley fire his long time friend over the phone is almost always going to be the wrong way to do it).
  5. Fox’s Mike Hill comments on SE

    What makes it a wrong move is if SE made the decision and not Riley.
  6. After the game, in post game commentary, Hill stated that (the store is that) SE made Riley fire Banker. I thought this was interesting. Apparently I’m out of the loop, as I’ve never heard a reputable source say/print this (and I’m not talking about a internet post). If so, he didn’t let Riley run the team the way he wanted and probably would have done much better this year. Indeed, if SE did this with Bo (making demands and “recommendations”), it would explain a lot too, as after he got hired, NU didn’t seem to play as well as before. Whatever the truth is, I’m more happy SE is gone then anything else. He, imo, cursed this program, and it will take a lot of time to repair the damage he did.
  7. Poll: When to fire Riley (In Your Opinion)

    The focus should be on getting the best coach we can, not the timing on firing Riley. They should be actively looking/interviewing, and if possible getting the contract signed.
  8. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Oklahoma Commit]

    He is a really special player and this certainly hurts, but I respect and understand his decision. He did it with class. All I ask is that he gives the new coach a chance. But irrespective, he was great at pier recruiting (in addition to being one of the best recruits in years). That will also hurt.
  9. Underdog against Purdue

    This is a new low.
  10. Bill Moos named AD

    How come no one has mentioned Chip Kelly? Got to think he is a possibility for HC considering his connection to the new AD.
  11. Bill Moos named AD

    I like Leach too, but he isn’t right for Nebraska (and this is coming from a guy who loves Bo and didn’t have a problem with how Bo acted - I even liked it).
  12. All I know if is how can Ohio State still retain a head coach who gets upset and yells, even if he wins? Same goes for Alabama? They obviously don’t know what’s best for them. /s
  13. They could, if they wanted, put 100 points on us.
  14. Stop

    Too much negativity? More like too much poor play and losing.