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  1. Poll: When to fire Riley (In Your Opinion)

    The focus should be on getting the best coach we can, not the timing on firing Riley. They should be actively looking/interviewing, and if possible getting the contract signed.
  2. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles

    He is a really special player and this certainly hurts, but I respect and understand his decision. He did it with class. All I ask is that he gives the new coach a chance. But irrespective, he was great at pier recruiting (in addition to being one of the best recruits in years). That will also hurt.
  3. Underdog against Purdue

    This is a new low.
  4. Bill Moos named AD

    How come no one has mentioned Chip Kelly? Got to think he is a possibility for HC considering his connection to the new AD.
  5. Bill Moos named AD

    I like Leach too, but he isn’t right for Nebraska (and this is coming from a guy who loves Bo and didn’t have a problem with how Bo acted - I even liked it).
  6. All I know if is how can Ohio State still retain a head coach who gets upset and yells, even if he wins? Same goes for Alabama? They obviously don’t know what’s best for them. /s
  7. They could, if they wanted, put 100 points on us.
  8. Stop

    Too much negativity? More like too much poor play and losing.

    If anyone doubts the state of NU, its game against Wisconsin is on BTN! Not ABC, ESPN, or even fox.
  10. What did we learn-Game 4 Rutgers

  11. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I can here to post: would anyone even consider SF for the head coach position if he wasn’t a Nebraska alum? But you beat me to it. Sure it’s great to have an alum, but it’s bettet to have the best coach available.
  12. 1. Northern Illinois 2017 2. Wisconsin 2012 3. Texas Tech
  13. Say Eichorst is fired

    Just have TO make the decision on the new hire. Easy, and saves a lot of money. (And some might think he might not make the best decision, but look at the other options)