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  1. The Talent Debate - 2017 Edition

    We have one hell of a lot more talent on the team than what has been on display by their performance through 3 games.
  2. Of course I'm mainly talking about the QB position. Do you really think any of our QBs could be successful running the triple option? Heck no. Gebbia might be kind of sort of....slightly able to. But, he would probably transfer out because that's not the type of system he wants to play in. So....if we are going to hire the Navy coach and all of a sudden start running the triple option, that will require at least two years transition. I'm sick and tired of constantly changing offensive philosophies that require a transition period. News flash...Nebraska isn't some place where ONLY OPTION FOOTBALL CAN BE SUCCESSFUL..... As for the 3-4. I would be perfectly fine with keeping the 3-4 with a coach that is proficient at running it.
  3. There is no reason why we need to completely change once again the types of offensive players we need which would see yet another couple years of transition. There is no reason why we can't run a power running offense similar to Wisconsin, MSU, Stanford...etc. here. That would utilize many of the players we already have in the system. It would allow us to actually be able to have a passing game and not trying to use an RB as a QB.
  4. There are actually people who want yet another complete 180 degree change in offensive philosophy. Sad.
  5. What experiment is over? My comment was about the fact that it seems like some people claim the ONLY way we are going to get back to greatness is to bring back "Nebraska people" like Trev Alberts for AD and Frost for HC of football. I said that if that's the case, then that doesn't bode well for the long term future of the program. Why? Because what happens when those people aren't around to hire anymore? Do people really think that Nebraska is such an odd place that someone from the outside can't come in and be successful here? I don't buy it. I never said that I thought Frost would be a total failure or a horrible hire. I want whomever the new AD is to go out and hire the best damn football coach he can. If that's Frost....GREAT. But, I am not for having blinders on and only going after him as the savior of Husker football.
  6. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    Why do I need to read this stuff? This is all in the past and now he's gone. Be reading a bunch of articles about how horrible the guy was doesn't change anything or make the future better. I'd much rather read well researched articles about how the department and sports programs are going to be improved and who possibly the next AD is going to be.
  7. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I know it hoes without saying....but this guy is an idiot.
  8. Could Riley Survive this season? (Poll)

    Sitting right here with 2 losses, I only see a 9-3 as possibly keeping his job. As for the second question. I will always always always hope for success every week with the team. That includes whomever is the coach. So, the only possible answer for me is the first one. However, I don't see that happening.
  9. Eichorst Fired!

  10. Eichorst Fired!

    WTF???? She wrote her own future. The University had no choice in that.
  11. Eichorst Fired!

    Shouldn't you be investigating area 51?
  12. Eichorst Fired!

    People do realize this has absolutely nothing to do about if the firing of Bo was justified or not....right? right??????????
  13. OK...I'm already tired of seeing Bo's ex players on twitter celebrating the firing.....not because the team was losing....but because of how he treated Bo.
  14. Eichorst Fired!

    I'm a guy who absolutely hates coaching changes. But, recruiting and the current class should not be the prevailing determination as to if Eichorst is fired and when.