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  1. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Did you actually imply that it’s disrespecful to call people names??? And it is disrespectful to Trump???? The man who got elected by making up 3 rd grade names for everyone?
  2. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    So ....when a disgusting human being is president....anyone who realizes it is supposed to not say anything?
  3. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    I’m not even liberal and I lost humor in politics decades ago.
  4. Immigration Ban

    I’m shocked TrumpNews had this on.
  5. Immigration Ban

  6. Trump Foreign Policy

    Move never figured that out. You can can protect Israel from its neighbors and at the same time put pressure on them to not commit atrocities. Well...as long as you’re not committing them too.
  7. June 2018: How do you feel about the 2020 election right now?

    Oh ....ffs.....
  8. Trump: More Popular than Ever

    Typical. Trumps followers follow him because he’s different from politicians. Then, when you point out criticisms that can’t be denied, they fall back on.....”but all politicians....”
  9. Trump Domestic Policy - Budgets, etc

    All this winning is amazing!!!!!
  10. Trump Foreign Policy

    Yeah...it's pretty hypocritical for us to be on this council while ripping families apart at the border.
  11. So...I'm fine condemning both.
  12. Trump and the Military

    It's painfully obvious that Trump is obsessed with using the military for whatever purposes he so chooses. This includes expanding it as big as possible and into areas previously having nothing to do with the military. This attitude is what is driving his great desire to have a military Parade where he can sit on a podium high above the parade in awe of the power he has at his fingertips and all those soldiers and bombs are at his command.
  13. Trump Foreign Policy

    Just would like to point out that just today, this same farmer, lost $28,900.....in one day.
  14. I always felt that Bo tried very hard holding players accountable. However, this "horizontal leadership" was something he never figured out how to develop.