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  1. MLB 2017 season

  2. CFB Week 4 Bold Predictions Thread!

    We are going to KICK THROR ASS!!!!
  3. 'Mansplaining'

    You seriously have never heard a woman (wife, boyfriend..etc.) describe a man (husband, boyfriend...etc.) like that? Have you been hermetically sealed in a mayonnaise jar on Funk and Wagnall's porch your entire life?
  4. You obviously missed the more important part of my post.
  5. ***Nebraska Athletic Director Search Megathread***

    Jus to let you know where the CSU AD rumors are coming from. Supposedly there is a guy who tracked the tail numbers of a plane from Miami and reported that they were going after their football coach.......shortly before they actually hired him. This same guy supposedly has tracked the tail numbers of a Nebraska plane landing in Fort Collins either last night or this morning.
  6. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    Sooooo....how would TA have liked SE to notify them of the firing......so that they could come and talk about it? I guess I'm going back to my own experience where right out of college, I was faced with something very similar. I understand now the emotions I was going through and how non rational some of those thoughts were. It's a learning experience I hope these players look back and learn from instead of holding onto bad feelings.
  7. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    The point is that these players need to realize, no matter how it's done, firing a HC is messy and emotional for the players. Could have SE done it better? I'm pretty sure he could have. But....it sure seems like there are some hurt feelings over something that is almost impossible to do perfectly.
  8. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    How is that different from what I'm saying? They expected to be notified before the meeting that the meeting was to tell them their coach was fired? How would TA expect that to happen? Would he have preferred Eichorst send out a text...."Hey....just fired Bo. Come to a meeting to talk about it". That would have gone over like a fart in church.
  9. ***Nebraska Athletic Director Search Megathread***

    Rumor around Fort Collins is that Nebraska is interviewing CSU's AD. Joe Parker Has experience at Texas, Washington State, Oklahoma, Michigan.
  10. Barfknecht Nails it to Eichorst

    OK...I didn't read the article and I'm not going to. But, here is as good of place as any to ask this question since it's all about Eichorst and how he treated people. There are lots of ex Bo players on Twitter going off about how happy they are he got fired because of how he treated them when he fired Bo. I always wondered what the big stink about that was. Well....one of them commented on twitter that it was horrible that he called a team meeting to tell them he had just fired their coach. My response was...WTF do you expect him to do? So.....whomever is going to fire Riley (if he's fired), how is he supposed to announce it to the team so that they don't get their feelings hurt?
  11. In our situation, it would allow the new AD to hit the ground running with a coaching search. If he comes in and Riley is already gone, he doesn't have the mess to clean up before he starts the search.
  12. RUMOR--Trev Alberts for AD

    I saw or heard a quote from someone (I think an ex player) last night. They claimed we should go after a "native son" because the fan base would be willing to give them more time to turn it around. My reaction was....WTF???? Why should that matter? If we have a really good coach and, unfortunately, it takes a little longer than we would like to get it turned around.....then that's what we should give them no matter if they are a "native son" or not....OR...we should be impatient as hell no matter what.
  13. The Talent Debate - 2017 Edition

    We have one hell of a lot more talent on the team than what has been on display by their performance through 3 games.
  14. Of course I'm mainly talking about the QB position. Do you really think any of our QBs could be successful running the triple option? Heck no. Gebbia might be kind of sort of....slightly able to. But, he would probably transfer out because that's not the type of system he wants to play in. So....if we are going to hire the Navy coach and all of a sudden start running the triple option, that will require at least two years transition. I'm sick and tired of constantly changing offensive philosophies that require a transition period. News flash...Nebraska isn't some place where ONLY OPTION FOOTBALL CAN BE SUCCESSFUL..... As for the 3-4. I would be perfectly fine with keeping the 3-4 with a coach that is proficient at running it.
  15. There is no reason why we need to completely change once again the types of offensive players we need which would see yet another couple years of transition. There is no reason why we can't run a power running offense similar to Wisconsin, MSU, Stanford...etc. here. That would utilize many of the players we already have in the system. It would allow us to actually be able to have a passing game and not trying to use an RB as a QB.