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  1. The Environment

    Ya think he’s getting a little push back?
  2. The Environment

    I guess they could auction off who gets to shoot the last one for a billion dollars.
  3. The Environment

    I agree. I am a hunter that promotes conservation and truly believes in what the hunting community does to enable this. However, that's in the US. However, like you implied...... I have absolutely zero faith in either of these countries being able to regulate this and turn it into something positive.
  4. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Three years of 10-3 would be nice. However, it looks different i those 3 losses every year were to Iowa, Wisconsin and our top cross division game.
  5. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I'm am 100% perfectly fine with that and completely welcome it. This fan base needs something that brings us all together. If everyone from the well informed fan to the geek at the water cooler who doesn't know what a right guard is is sold on Frost....then GREAT!!!!! Everyone should be fostering that.
  6. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I think you are greatly over simplifying this. It's way more than just an ex-Husker with a bunch of Ws. When you look at the coaches he has been under, his experience on both sides of the ball (both playing and coaching), He actually was a DC at one time and now his success as an OC at a very good football program......then you see him take a team that didn't win a game the year before he got there and now has them undefeated........it's pretty simple to look at this guy and see he is a top coaching prospect no matter where he played football.
  7. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Yeah...right....Like Tebow is going to do that right when his baseball career is starting to take off.
  8. Craig Bohl

    If that were the only reason, they wouldn't have a 7-3 record. Winning football games is much more than that. Sure, their offense could improve. A good OC would do wonders for that under him. Just maybe, with Nebraska's budget, he could afford one. He's proven he is a winner as a head coach. OK....this year his defense is carrying the team. I love great defenses and feel they are as important to winning championships as a great O line. Another way to look at that is there are two sides to a turnover margin. Yes, the defense needs to get takeaways. But, the offense needs to protect the ball too. Something we haven't been very good at.
  9. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I agree. Harbaugh has one of those personalities that people find fun to be around for a short time, but would wear on you after a while.
  10. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    That's pretty obvious. And, sets up a pretty interesting rivalry to see which one ultimately takes their alma mater farthest.
  11. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I think he's a kid that can play multiple positions.
  12. Chris Harriman

    Funny how other team's seem to know their rolls.
  13. Chris Harriman

    Nebraska mens basketball is in a huge hole and it has been for a long time. There is absolutely nothing good happening right now. I only see two things happening as far as a coach that would be successful. a) Hire a top shelf coach from a smaller program that is young and on his way up the ladder. I'm talking one that blows the doors off of what we have done in the past. This is what I hope they do. However, they have tried this before and it was always difficult getting someone to come to Nebraska. Bill Self wouldn't even talk to us. Hopefully with the new investment in the sport, they can get a top shelf coach. Another way to go possibly. b) IF (a) doesn't work out, how about giving Harriman a shot at it. He's been here before. I believe the program was better when he was here. With his family situation (son) I don't see him leaving immediately for a bigger job if he has success. I also think his family is still living in Lincoln. Thoughts?
  14. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    OK....glad I wasn't a part of that mess. Vedral is the only one I see really considering transferring back to Nebraska simply because he is from here, he knows the offense and probably has proven he is better than his 81 rating out of HS.