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  1. I wonder if Bo's 'toxic' culture has had a deeper impact than I expected. I have friends that are very anti Bo/pro Riley. Whenever a Bo recruit did something wrong he always linked it back to Bo's toxicity. I.E. Wilbon not playing because he 'wasn't a good pass blocker' and Gerry not going to class. I wonder if people were so anti Bo that they disconnected themselves from the reality that we are currently in, hanging onto any thread of hope that Riley will be 'the guy' just because it got rid of the toxic environment.

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    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      How has the fan base directly negatively impacted the football team or the athletic department?


      I understand that there are some toxic fans but I’m struggling to see how some loudmouth message board posters are having any real world impact on things. I could possibly be convinced otherwise but I would need it explained.

    3. Scratchtown


      I think it's just the expectations of the 80's and 90's carrying over into a completely different era. There's no reason to go to NU like there was back in the day. It's not even about the 85 scholarships. It's about TV, literally every program has access to TV or web streaming. All the way down to freaking Chadron State. NU was one of a handful of programs that got to be televised. 


      I hated Bo from that moment at TAMU on, and I was glad to see him get canned. It's too bad it had to happen when the Huskers went 9-3. Then Eichorst made it about expectations on the field instead of mannerisms. Makes it hard for people to want to come here. I just think part of that is the program entitlement that comes from the fans through social media. I'd be willing to be called out for not being fair as well.

    4. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I just think the entitled fan story is a myth. Sure there are a few buttheads that act like we should win a natty 5 out of every 10 years because we’re Nebraska and we’ve done it before but I don’t believe they’re representative of the fan base or that they actually have affected one real thing. Most fans I know have reasonable expectations and just want the program to be competitive. Maybe I’m one of the unreasonable ones thinking that the Huskers are punching below their weight class and still getting their a$$ kicked. But it’s not because we’re Nebraska and we deserve better. It’s because we can and should be seeing better results. I don’t see how that attitude is toxic for the program. If anything it should help keep it focused on improving. They’ve just made some bad decisions over the past 20 years. I think that is what has hurt us more than anything.