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  1. Kinnie vs Paul

    Except for a 3 td game against i ok st i think i dont remember kinnie doing a lot here. I voted paul.
  2. Trump Foreign Policy

    He's telegraph this so the russians can withdraw their advisors from sites that are likely to be hit.
  3. QB Luke McCaffrey

    Is it really that big of a stretch to say that a guy who has more rushing attempts and catches than passing attempts is not a very polished qb prospect and is probably being looked at as more of an athlete?
  4. SMH at Herm

    I love that frost has offered several kids from az as well. It shouldn't be that hard to recruit against worm edwards if he keeps making comments like this.
  5. Liberal ‘Tolerance’ a Complete Joke

    You cant call your self ric flair and be this s#!tty and making promos.
  6. Post-Practice Presser - April 7

    If thats true im not sure Nebraska will win another game. Ever.
  7. Spring Practice Notes

    Every time i see him i think of him trying to tackle Tennessee's qb and getting embarrassed. I hope he has a break out year.
  8. SMH at Herm

    Being from AZ im so excited to watch this blow up. Someone should explain to him he cant just sign free agents after he takes away a kids scholarship for being injured.
  9. Post-Practice Presser - April 5

    have they mentioned alex davis? i wonder if hes gonna play olb or be on the dline. he and king looked like they really struggled when they dropped back into coverage last year.
  10. Trump Foreign Policy

    I read today trump wants a timeline for when US troops will be pulled out of Syria. Remember when republicans lost their minds when Obama set a date to withdraw from iraq? Im sure republicans will be just as critical of their leader. Probably just wants to let the russians and turks know when they can slaughter the whole country without the risk of hitting our troops.
  11. The Running Back Room

    He's a walk on from Nebraska so he's automatically the best
  12. The Running Back Room

    It's hard to tell how good oz or wilbon are because they played in a awful offense behind an even worse oline, but if i had to guess i would say that bell and wilbon get the majority of the carries and Washington or Bradley passes wilbon maybe by conference play.
  13. QB Max Duggan [TCU Commit]

    maybe he just likes other schools more than nebraska
  14. Post-Practice Presser - March 31

    They keep bringing up that they're not going to yell and curse at the players if they make mistakes. Was this something Riley's staff did? I thought Riley was to nice to do that.
  15. NFL Off-season Moves

    I wonder if offensive players will get flagged for this as well. If a running back lowers his shoulder trying to get extra yards and his helmet makes contact with a defender is that a penalty? I doubt it i dont think I've ever seen a offensive player called for helmet to helmet contact and it happens all the time.