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  1. just make something up like usual
  2. I heard jim tressel is on his way to Lincoln right now
  3. Who should we hire

    Riley doesn't do any of these things. He doesn't spread teams out and he's only ever been successful when he's had nfl quarterbacks and those dont grow on tree's. And those slot receivers speilman and Lindsey aren't even out there.
  4. Who should we hire

    I'm not sure who should be the coach but i do believe that Nebraska is a unique place. With the recruiting disadvantages because of location i dont think that you can run an offense with two tight ends that can't catch and a statue qb under center. Nebraska will never out recruit the schools that are closer to talent that run those systems. I dont know enough about x's and o's to say what the perfect offense would be but one that is tough and fundamentally sound is a must. Riley's teams have always been mistake/penalty prone even back to osu when he was losing to big sky conference teams. This teams needs a coach and culture that riley cant and has never been capable of. He's a nice guy i wish it would have worked out but he's in over his head.
  5. Who should we hire

    Or this story never happened
  6. how many total wins this regular season

    I forgot to ask do moral victories count?
  7. how many total wins this regular season

    At least 1
  8. Simple: Will Riley be back for a 4th year?

    If SE is still here Reily will always be here. I i am convinced (not really) that SE is a Wisconsin spy and his job is to keep Nebraska athletics in the shitter. Riley is SE's ace in the hole to keep football down. Got to get rid of the ginger saboteur first.
  9. B1G Week 3

    Purdue is gonna f#*k us up
  10. Mike Riley Apologists

    it 100% on Riley now. if you have to fire all of your coaches in 3 years you probably are to blame for the sh**ty play
  11. What did we learn-Game 3 NIU

    not really learned but confirmed, SE is 100% a spy sent to us by Wisconsin. It is the most successful case of espionage i have ever seen the dude is a straight up saboteur. 30 for 30 needs to do a film about it. oh and a lot of fans really dont like wilbon
  12. Where are you Riley supports?
  13. Where are you Riley supports?
  14. Where are you Riley supports?