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  1. We beat them if we stop the run, which is the reason we lost last year. You cannot give up 200 something yards on the ground and expect to win any game.
  2. To be completely honest if I were to have an offer from Wisconsin I think it would be a hard offer to pass up even if I wrre to get one from the Huskers.
  3. WR Joshua Moore [Nebraska Commit]

    Well technically a senior now, but was just shocked because most recruiting sites have him almost 20 pounds more, i know that recruiting site embellish height amd weight sometimes but dang.
  4. WR Joshua Moore [Nebraska Commit]

    He is only 153 pounds:0
  5. RB T.J. Pledger [Oklahoma Commit]

    No lie this kid could start his freshman year.
  6. WR Cameron Brown [Nebraska Commit]

    Oh cry me a river jeez calm it down two notches.First of all a commitment is a commitment and the fact he wasn't committed over 3 weeks means he definitely should've waited. Also, if you're going to like tweets about 62-3 that random guys on twitter tweet at you he's obviously joking about the Nebraska football program. I'm just saying we should go elsewhere because this looks a waste of time. I'm honestly not that mad at all it's his choice just irks me when Highschool kids make a big decision and change all the time, part of this could be on coaches forcing them to commit to get a spot. We have more WR's that we can get too. We have Allen now and I expect us to get Moore if we can keep those two until signing day this WR class will be fine.you take this all wayyyy too seriously dude.Nope. If you're gonna say you're committed stick with it. It's time to move on.Well i agree he should stick to what you first say you're going to do, however saying that you dont want someone just because theu didn't follow through is just about as childish.
  7. Yet who wants to go to Missouri?
  8. WR Cameron Brown [Nebraska Commit]

    Oh cry me a river jeez calm it down two notches.
  9. 2017 Front Seven Projections

    Im sure Freedom would be more than fine at the LB position. He kind of reminds me of a Tamba Hali type. And he seems to do well.
  10. 2017 State of the Huskers - Quarterback

    Anyone know much about this guy? Yeah that he looks like Ryker Fyfe in that pictureNot just that, but if watch his film he kinda throws like him as well.
  11. I had a bad dream about nebraska football...

    Im so confused by this thread.
  12. Who transfers?

    Wow, How much time do you have on your hands?
  13. SIGNED - DT Deiontae Watts

    If you put the emphasis on "higher". Lol.
  14. Gunderson leaving

    I assume with most officail hires, it is immediate.