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      *NEW* Husker Football Commits - DE Casey Rogers, RB Miles Jones, WR Dominick Watt   01/16/2018

      Huskers get a commitments from   Avon, Connecticut Defensive End Casey Rogers Fort Lauderdale, Florida Running Back/Wide Receiver Miles Jones Hollywood, Florida Wide Receiver Dominick Watt   See the 2018 Class   Who's Next?
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      The 2018 HuskerBoard Starting Lineup   01/17/2018

      The 2018 HuskerBoard Starting Lineup is now live! Click HERE to read the rules, and look in the Contest Crib for nomination and voting threads throughout the next several weeks.   This is a great opportunity to say "thanks!" to your fellow HuskerBoard members for keeping you informed or entertained throughout the past year. Nominate your favorite HuskerBoard member today!

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  1. RB Ta'zhawn Henry

    Hard to turn away a kid with this kind of speed and athleticism in my opinion. He would be a huge threat from anywhere on the field...
  2. QB Taulia Tagovailoa

    Wonder where mom and Dad work and if their boss has a suite at Bama....
  3. QB Taulia Tagovailoa

    So the whole family moved from Hawaii to Alabama? Hmmmmmm
  4. You don't have to hang it up...this will be year 3 for me if I'm lucky enough to get nominated and win....maybe I will go for a Tom Brady type of career if I am blessed to be in that position.
  5. 2018 Starting Lineup Campaigning Thread

    After looking at descriptions I am hoping the volume of info I was able to feed to the team before and during the coaching search will allow me a shot at either HC or OC. In the end I just like being a member of the team ;-)
  6. Predict 2018 Recruiting Ranking

    We will end up with around 220pts we get to 217 by adding M Jones ATH Bell OL Henry RB C Jones S Torain WR I am damn near 100% confident those guys are all N. You then add 1 or 2 more based on numbers and we easily surpass 220pts.
  7. RB/WR Miles Jones [Nebraska Commit]

    Get this kid in open space and watch him whip and nay nay
  8. DE Casey Rogers [Nebraska Commit]

    It was an odd recruitment to say the least especially with a bama official visit etc
  9. DE Casey Rogers [Nebraska Commit]

    He's a big athletic kid after watching his film. Has a motor too, could play either side of the ball as he has soft hands.
  10. Athlon: Early B10 Predictions

    I see 7-5 or 8-4....if we win 9 games year 1 I will be impressed and consider us ahead of schedule
  11. Predict 2018 Recruiting Ranking

    Barrett Pickering I kid I kid
  12. RB Maurice Washington

    Would be more than happy with them
  13. OL Jarrett Bell

    I'm guessing 8 or 9 more most likely 9. Just a bunch no inside info
  14. RB Maurice Washington

    Well looks like he will be FSU bound if Sanders is involved.
  15. Mike Riley’s salary at Oregon State... $50k.

    I'm hoping we just start sending him a jelly of a month and see if he notices the difference or says "golly gee how sweet of them"