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  1. I can't hear any country song and not think of this. or this
  2. Drought as Favorite

    Couple things I found interesting. -NU opens 2018 against Akron. -NU opened up against Akron in 1997 -Devaney's first squad went in to Michigan Stadium and upset the Wolverines on 9/29/1962. -Frost takes his first squad into the same stadium on 9/22/18, nearly 56 years to the day.
  3. The Omarosa Chronicles

    Because that never happened.
  4. The Omarosa Chronicles

    Yes, it is unique. There has never been another President who sided with our greatest foreign adversary over our own intelligence agencies. This hardly pales in comparison to any predecessor. Obama had plenty of misgivings and failures. Unsubstantiated claims based on half truths is hardly a logical retort.
  5. The Omarosa Chronicles

    So it's a minor thing to throw our intelligence agencies under the bus and praise a former KGB spy and current dictator on the world stage? And just as I suspected. Some whataboutism based on half truths and a "Benghazi" reference.
  6. The Omarosa Chronicles

    I already provided a pretty extensive list, and @Landlord summed it up nicely as well. For me personally, the Helsinki summit where he bowed before Putin and threw our intelligence agencies under the bus was perhaps the single most shameful act of cowardice by a US President.
  7. The Omarosa Chronicles

    Yes, you've been one of his most vocal and ardent supporters on this board. Your dubious claim of hyperbole confirms your lack of nuance and ability to think critically about how this administration is unlike anything this country has ever seen before. Sure, there may have been bigoted and bad Presidents in the past, but we are in chartered territory today.
  8. The Omarosa Chronicles

    I am curious as to when your newfound bewilderment for Trump's lack of critical thinking and judgment will be extended to decisions surrounding and including the following Paul Manafort Michael Flynn Jared Kushner Scott Pruitt Betsy DeVos Anthony Scaramucci Corey Lewandowski Steve Bannon Jeff Sessions Rob Porter Tom Price Carter Page Steve Mnuchin Ryan Zinke Ben Carson Rick Perry Threatening nuclear war via tweet Choosing to believe Putin over our Intelligence Agencies Discussing classified information with Russians in the Oval Office Attacking war widows Attacking gold star families Attacking POWs Starting trade wars for no reason Attacking allies Drugging children at the border that were separated from their parents Bailing out farmers impacted by his trade war Calling the free press the enemy of the people Firing Comey for the Russia investigation Calling Nazi's "Very fine people" Driving the birther hoax for years Running a fraudulent university Spending millions of taxpayer dollars to stay at his own resorts Sh!thole Countries Bragging about sexually assaulting women Autographing photos of deceased crime victims If I left anything out, please feel free to add to the list. The fact that you refer to this Omarosa business as "entertaining" displays how truly insulated you must be from the effects that this administration is having on the country. This is not entertainment. This is not a TV show. This is real life and people's lives are at stake. Is it entertaining? No. It's sad, pathetic, shameful and downright despicable to everything that the office of the President stands, or at least stood for.
  9. The Death Penalty

    One thing that I wish would get mentioned more in the death penalty debate is improving the prison system as a whole. If you want Nikko Jenkins and the like to serve out the rest of their days in a cell, then it would make sense to fully fund and support the system to carry that out in a manner that efficiently protects the public. It's easy to say "Eh just let em rot in prison forever" however very little attention is given to the corrections employees who are tasked with carrying that out. Their work is largely overlooked and completely unappreciated by the public. I worked briefly in corrections, and many of my former coworkers worked mandatory over time, with several working 16 hour work days. The training is abysmal at best. Burnout is high. Wages are pitiful. Funding has been low for years. Overcrowding is rampant which exacerbates mental health and medical issues. It's easy to see how the riot and escapes happened.
  10. Gun Control

  11. Trumps Education Reform

    Yes part of the money will come from a private organization, but I believe the difference between Charter and Public is in the operations. It will still operate on the same curriculum and standard as any other public school. At least that's how I understand it. One would think there would be universal support for promoting education for at risk children, offering job placement and GED programs for the parents, and instituting a university scholarship program. Guess not.
  12. Trumps Education Reform

    LeBron's school is part of the Akron Public School district, not private. https://www.politifact.com/ohio/statements/2018/aug/09/wannabe-entertainment/lebron-james-i-promise-school-wont-cost-taxpayers-/ "The I Promise School is a first-through-eighth grade public school that is part of the Akron Public School District. Because it is a public school, the LeBron James Family Foundation will foot a portion of the cost, but not the entire bill."
  13. Russia