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  1. Some Positives

    NU could go on a 2016 PSU run. I just really don't think so. The D seems to be showing some life and may keep the team in a few games... But the O-Line is basically nonexistent, RB has all kinds of question marks, WR's can't catch and our QB is a college version of 2013 Matt Schaub.
  2. Lincoln suggestions for a Wisconsin fan

    I think it was a reference to this http://www.dailynebraskan.com/law-order/article_0ab27e5b-f549-5814-a55c-e0b6e616a2fc.html "Journal Star writer cited for indecent exposureLincoln police cited Journal Star sports writer Steven M. Sipple, 34, for indecent exposure early Tuesday morning when a dancer at Mataya's Babydolls, 5600 Cornhusker Highway, removed a towel from Sipple's lap and discovered he was exposing himself.The exposure was witnessed by the dancer and a security guard."
  3. Say Eichorst is fired

    Alberts would be a solid choice, not just because he's a former player. Dude is sharp, pragmatic, experienced and willing to make tough decisions that may be unpopular but are ultimately the right thing to do.
  4. Say Eichorst is fired

    Rutgers wins by 14+ this weekend. Illinois wins by 21+ the following weekend. Eichorst is shown the door Sunday morning New AD is hired end of November/early December. Riley gets one more season in 2018. Giving the new AD ample time to find the right coach. Riley gets axed after a 1-3 start. Diaco is named interim. New coach is introduced in December of next year.
  5. Lincoln suggestions for a Wisconsin fan

    Lazlo's down in the Haymarket would be a good spot for a Friday night for food and beer. Misty's is a steakhouse downtown and would also be a good spot. Longwell's is a fun spot, not my favorite, but definitely fun. If you want wings, I'd say check out Watering Hole on O Street. I'm partial to the Garlic Parm. O Street has a strip of bars, but it's kind of the "I just turned 21!" crowd, it can be fun if that's what you're looking for. The Railyard is a little more relaxed vibe. Tavern on the square and Gate 25 are good spots to just kick it.
  6. Forde: Hot Seats in Lincoln

    Out of pure speculation, I always thought it was Cowher. Simply because he and SP were in Pitt at the same time and I'm sure their paths crossed a time or two. Cowher goes 6-10 in 2003, and may have led Pederson to believe he'd be interested in NU just to lock something up just in case the Steelers axed him. They don't, he ends up going back on his word and NU is left flat footed.
  7. 'Mansplaining'

    Yup. I think back to the McGregor-Mayweather fight. A big group of friends and I watched it downtown and I was astonished at all of the boxing experts I was surrounded by.
  8. Forde: Hot Seats in Lincoln

    FWIW, Callahan did get a fair amount of talent here. I think he'd have been a serviceable coordinator.
  9. 'Mansplaining'

    I prefer "douche-splaining." We've all been at a party or with a group of friends and there's always that one guy that knows everything, has been everywhere, has seen everything, is an expert on everything, etc that needs to correct everyone.
  10. Forde: Hot Seats in Lincoln

    I recall an interview with Perlman where he stated Pederson had an NFL "Wow" hire in the wings, but backed out at the last minute. Not sure how truthful that was, but it certainly seems a plausible explanation for a search that took over a month. Riley was hired in what... 7 or 8 days? Regardless, I think you're dead on with NU becoming a "Thanks, but no thanks" school in the coaching world.
  11. The Republican Utopia

    Nice to see Senator "Aww shucks, I'm one of you's guys!" enjoying himself.