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  1. Immigration Ban

    This is what Trumpers and Republicans revel in. Mocking disabled reporters, mocking children with down syndrome, attacking gold star families, endorsing child molesters for Senate. This is what they are. Nothing matters except for getting the libs worked up at any cost.
  2. Immigration Ban

    Womp Womp to a 10 year old girl with Down Syndrome, but hey, let's not critique anyone's makeup. Otherwise, we might've had a moral crisis on our hands.
  3. Immigration Ban

    Womp Womp to a 10 year old girl with Down Syndrome. That is some next level sadism there. But hey, he's Pro Life, so
  4. The Republican Utopia

    How Pro Life of them
  5. Trump's America

    Denzel is for sure amazing in his own right. Generationally I'd probably put him with Hanks or Cruise.
  6. Trump's America

    The gif was more directed at the post above it. Hmmm that's a good question though. I probably wouldn't. De Niro's first film was in 1965, Denzel's first was in 1981. That's a bit of a gap. I'm not sure Denzel's had any films or roles as good as Godfather Part II, Goodfellas, Casino, Taxi Driver or Raging Bull. Just my opinion though.
  7. Immigration Ban

    Just what I'd expect from the Pro Lifers
  8. Trump's America

    I generally like Steve Schmidt, but I find this "be better" argument to be ridiculous, especially when levied against an actor and not the party he's helped cultivate for decades.
  9. The Martin Scorsese/Todd Phillips/Joaquin Phoenix Joker film might just be crazy enough to work. Jared Leto's joker did nothing for me. Personally, I think it's a tragedy that Willem Dafoe has never been the Joker.
  10. Someone Hired Shawn Eichorst