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  1. The Running Back Room

    Back on track a bit here. I’ll say Greg Bell ends the season with the most carries. Ozigbo, Washington and Bryant/Bradley will all have a role and contribute.
  2. QB Position Switches

    Frost has stated multiple times that the key for his QB to be successful is they have to make quick, smart decisions. Gebbia was loved by the previous staff for staying late, studying the playbook and his knowledge seemed evident with his spring game performance and in fall camp. Not saying that any of the other QBs couldn’t do this as well but that’s why I personally put Gebbia as the favorite.
  3. 1. Adrian Martinez 2. Will Honas 3. Caleb Tannor 4. Maurice Washington 5. Cam Jurgens 6. Tate Wildeman Sleeper: Watts
  4. Potential for guys currently on the roster

    Agreed. I think Reed showed some great play against the run and has good potential as an in-the-box safety, questions only with his coverage ability.
  5. Potential for guys currently on the roster

    To continue with this, Severe put this out this morning. I’ll go with Boe Wilson, Bootle, Ferguson, Barry and Raridon.
  6. Potential for guys currently on the roster

    I’ve always been a big fan of Tyrin Ferguson. I think he would be a solid OLB but with Gifford, Miller, A Davis, G Thomas, that’s a crowded position group. I guess competition will bring out the best of them.
  7. Curious if UCF changed their mind or if he is going to walk on? Either way, excited to have him.
  8. Vedral transferring but all AAC teams and Nebraska were blocked by UCF. This will go over well.
  9. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Washington just had a 65 yard kick return and then another rushing TD. Stud.
  10. WR Katerian LeGrone [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    I could see him becoming more of an H-back role and less TE with those measurables. Or possibly a future LB. Who knows, I'll trust the staff on this one.
  11. DC Candidate List

    I agree, clearly Diaco and his scheme were not the right fit with our personnel to make a turnaround in year one. And this has been discussed elsewhere but I'm not sure Diaco was 100% Riley's idea but regardless, Riley is ultimately responsible.
  12. DC Candidate List

    So you came here to let everyone know that you were right? Good for you, I guess.
  13. Non-Scott Frost Coaching Options

    While I don't love the fact that Bret is a former Wiscy HC, he ran a power run offense and played good defense. They also made back to back rose bowls and consistently dominated us, not sure why we wouldn't be interested in that. And considering the fact that we do still have a HC, I figured this was the appropriate forum.
  14. I've seen a thread similar to this before but couldn't find it so Mods, feel free to merge as needed. Anyway, in the event Frost does not end up at Neb (not my top choice for the job but that's for another time), here are some of the obvious and not so obvious choices that I like. Obviosuly Stoops and Chip Kelly top this list but assuming they say no... Big fan of Dave Doeren at NC State, from Kansas and played at Drake so he's a midwestern guy. Was DC at Wiscy then HC at Northern Illinois and now NC State. I really like how he has developed a great Dline and has shown the ability to coach well in big games. I think if he were to get a dynamic OC (similar situation to a Moorhead) then that could be very successful here at Neb. Also think Beilema could be a great option.
  15. We won.

    Tanner Lee deserves some props, he was under fire alll day and really made some great throws