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  1. Pierson-El and Lindsey's Potential

    And stay off my lawn!
  2. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles

    I feel like bookie is playing UF. If I am UF I don't let him take an ov unless I think there might be a chance to flip. I think he's got to play their game a bit to get the visit. I'd actually be surprised if he can keep it up until visit time
  3. SIGNED - RB Jordan Stevenson

    Committing would justify the neck tattoo.
  4. Penciled in Staff

    I think only Bray is official so far.
  5. Why Not Ron Brown as HC?

    At the risk of being roasted for my first post I'm going to have to agree with the OP. Why not RB? I think in today's game the "X's and O's" are for DC and OC. Head coach has got to be a "Big Picture" kind of guy. Brown has been here for the highs and lows of the program. Brown is more in tune with what Husker fans want to see and expect from their football team. Brown has seen how different coaches have succeeded and failed here. There no place like Nebraska and nobody knows Nebraska like Ron Brown. I think if he could bite his tongue enough to not offend the gay community, hire him in at a discount leaving room for top notch OC and DC.... Sky is the limit!