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  1. Chinander on His Defense

    Where you expecting to find a conversation about expectations? Here you go.
  2. DE David Ojabo

    Plus, look at his one-handed form on that kamehameha. That is advanced for sure, not to mention his crown. Those have to be worth and extra few hundredths of a point, I would think.
  3. Aaron Williams Limited Come Fall Camp

    Missing some of your conversation? Follow the link. Now, back to Aaron.
  4. Chinander on His Defense

    Get in line
  5. Cameron Jefferies

    I agree that his plan is to transfer somewhere that he can start. I think the coaching staff can be honest with him without promising a starting position. The staff can promise that he will get all the opportunities to compete for a starting position. He has really good skills and experience that will likely make him an immediate challenger for starting time, especially given our current uncertainties at the position. Come here and earn your spot. Not a lot of competition to beat.
  6. RB King Doerue

    Probably should be a Top 9 as I doubt Nebraska wants 4 RBs in this class.
  7. JUCO DB Will Jackson III [Nebraska- Signed LOI]

    Lamar's poor play probably has less to do with his physical ability and more to do with his mentality in preparation and competition. Coach Fisher was quoted last week as saying he doesn't need another entitled 5-star California DB, he already has one.
  8. Aaron Williams Limited Come Fall Camp

    I disagree. Aaron is your most proven and is the leader in the secondary. This hurts an already thin and inexperienced group more than if this was anyone else.
  9. Aaron Williams underwent shoulder surgery. He is obviously limited in lifting and other summer conditioning, and will also start fall camp with no contact.
  10. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    This would explain why the coaching staff was willing to accept Thompkins' commitment, sight unseen.
  11. RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska Commit]

    Moved some posts to their own thread, here. Welcome, Thompkins!
  12. LB Nick Henrich

    Is he planning on attending the 2nd FNL in Lincoln?
  13. QB Logan Smothers

    Good point. If the coaching staff has the policy that recruits are only allowed to commit once they agree to shutdown their recruiting process, we should expect to see little to no decommitments and no visits to other programs. Also, if someone commits during their visit (like Jackson Hannah wanted to), then you would think those are solid commitments and they would take no visits to other programs.
  14. QB Logan Smothers

    I would say "yes". I heard (I think from the 247 podcast) that the staff specifically did this with the unrated OT and JUCO DT. Frost has said that when a kid commits to the program, they commit to him. So, I think they only want guys to commit when they are completely ready to end the recruiting process.
  15. Finally! Blackshirt Talk

    The Blackshirt tradition evolved from a color of the jersey to identify defensive starters to a symptom of a defensive toughness and mentality (which occurred back in the 60's). When that happened, the approach to who gets one and when also evolved. Hopefully, the whole defense gets back to a group of tough SOBs, and handing those things out will be a no brain again.