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  1. Describe the season in 1 GIF

  2. Remember this? #RestoreNebraskaToGlory



  3. CB Brendan Radley-Hiles

    I feel that this is true mostly for out-of-state recruits, but not so for in-state recruits. This, coupled to the low levels of in-state recruiting, is why Nebraska's coaching carrousel hurts recruiting classes during a coaching change.
  4. "Write About That S#!t!"

    At 4-4, I am glad this random recruiting assistant feels good crowing about a last minute, single point victory over Purdue
  5. Riley can’t think that the game plan against Purdue is “building in the right direction”. He is going to force Moos’ hand.

    1. Enhance


      I don't always agree with Josh Peterson (the 1620 host) but he had a pretty spot on tweet last night - he said he believes it *is* possible to say Nebraska fought hard, got the W and yet recognize that this thing isn't going in the right direction. I didn't watch Riley's pressure but I also think he's just saying things he has to at this point. He's not going to throw himself under the bus.


    2. Redux


      He doesn't know what else to say at this point.

  6. Walk on program is failing?

    Not according to DR. He said in the 1620 radio interview that the walk-ons helped to create the relentless culture at Nebraska that led to so much success because the walk-ons pushed the scholarship guys, challenging them for their position. This promoted open competition within the program (of course, the coaching staff had to help fuel that by allowing the competition to be truly open).
  7. Diaco - mistakes in loss to Wisconsin are correctable

    Or you look at this play and say 97 doesn’t shed his block and gets put on the inside shoulder of the center, and 24 has an open field tackle and takes a poor angle. Like I said, the players are not shedding blocks and missing tackles. It is easy to look at the outcome of the play and design a defense to counter, but hindsight is not available during the game. Rather than expecting Diaco to scheme perfectly against an offense suiting every play, you have to look at the effort of the players. Or at least don’t ignore that component.
  8. Diaco - mistakes in loss to Wisconsin are correctable

    I would rather he address the actual problem, a problem that has plagued the program for multiple years and coaching staffs. He may be too new to the Husker program to realize the systemic problems, so he looks at the film and says what is wrong with the scheme. However, you have players that fill the gaps but miss the tackle, allow blockers to hold their blocks, or are in position to make a play but can't get it done. That is a player effort/mentality problem, not a scheme or player talent problem. This game highlights those deficits, and it feels like a missed opportunity to not hold the players accountable. Simply as that.
  9. Diaco - mistakes in loss to Wisconsin are correctable

    Immediately before this comment, Diaco said he went to bed that night upset as he thought his defense was beat up and mauled during that game. Then, he clarified that after reviewing the tape, he believes that that did not happen and it was more about play-calling than the play of the players. This change of heart is actually disappointing for me to hear as a fan. I would rather Diaco look that the players and say "you are mentally soft and lost the game because Wisconsin's effort and want was greater than yours". The culture of losing at Nebraska is built from a lack of physicality and mental toughness. You can scheme only so much, but when you have your defenders in position to make a play and they don't, that is all player effort, not scheme. Diaco, imo, is giving a pass to the players and missing, and even unconsciously adding to, the big issue in the Nebraska program. Nebraska has a culture problem.

    Til we can’t be beat.
  11. Nebraska Depth Chart

    So, as a competitor taking the foot of the pedal, when do you choose to apply more pressure? When the opponent gets within 3 scores? 2 scores? A single score? And does this reduced foot pressure also apply to your defense? What about if your opponent comes out at half time with adjustments? Do you calibrate the amount of easing off proportional to the improvement in second half performance by the opponent?
  12. ***Official Illinois Game Discussion Thread***

    Crouch's call to Jesus...intercepted. Good first half
  13. ***Official Illinois Game Discussion Thread***

    That penalty was timely. Illinois started to look better with tempo.
  14. ***Official Illinois Game Discussion Thread***

    Butkus sighting...we've got Dick.