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  1. This kid has good feet & handles the ball very well. I agere that he needs to increase his shooting percentage.
  2. Don't mean to be that guy, but he shot 14 percent form 3 and 40 percent from the line in 2017. He had way better stats the year before but still only 30 percent from deep. Gonna need to work on shooting as he can attack the basket well. Agree with the adjustment to the right hand as he loves to use his left. http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fa/player/p/pid/122080/pid2//sid/12929/tid/300/tid2//_/2017_FIBA_U20_European_Championship_Division_A/index.html Well, sh#t. That's what you get when you don't get fresh film and go by highlights!! That's why college coaches ask for game tape, lol. He won't be able to get to the cup like that here without both hands and if he really shoots it like that, I guess I don't get it. Plus, I question his defense. Not quick laterally and got lucky on every steal. The passes were awful. I assume we are going to redshirt him this year, so I would continue to tell him to take it to the hoop. He is good at that and it will take him time to adjust to getting to the cup at the D1 level. Then you get him shooting from specific three point spots and his outside shooting improves. Once he gets adjusted like Webster did I think he will be fine, but we need to get him adjusted faster than Tai did. Defense needs work so hopefully we make him a better defender and once he is comfortable, he will be faster and quicker in games. The speed of the game is gonna be a little too much for him in my opinion so a redshirt year is likely. There is no doubt he redshirts, I do have serious doubts he ever really contributes. He doesn't look like he would be a great high school player here in Omaha, to be honest. I would guess he was signed for practice reasons. OH! I forgot that NE puts out a ton of D1 talent. You need to watch some out of state teams, NE HS baskeball is not even close.
  3. College Sports Madness Top 100 Teams: #99 - Nebraska

    Fuller was a none factor and Jacobson was losing job to Copeland. Morrow was a big loss, but he was a non-factor from the outside. Time to see if the young guys have got better.
  4. LB Garrett Nelson [Nebraska Commit]

    This kid has some fire and could be a future Def. caption.
  5. 2018 Walk-On Class

    With offers from South Dakota & Wyoming? At 6'6", he needs to add some bulk. But he is a promising prospect with good size.
  6. SIGNED - CB Elijah Blades

    One player does not make a team! And I also debate whether he is the best player.
  7. WR Sean Ryan

    Mav, Can you add Boston College?
  8. SIGNED - CB Elijah Blades

    It's all about creating depth, so when this happens it does not hurt us as bad. At this point, it appears Riley & company are getting that done.
  9. Husker Baseball Recruiting Thread

    ???? He did not have a schollarship, as we asked him to walk-on.
  10. DT Masry Mapieu [Nebraska Commit]

    Sounds like they are starting at End!
  11. Fightin' Erstads vs Michigan State

    I swear you are bi-polar! We are right where we wanted to be at 6-1 over the last 10 days with a win tomorrow.
  12. ***2018 Recruiting***

    ADS, for this class to get to 20 we will need 7-8 players to leave the program by next summer and 5 of them will have needed to leave by NSD. As of right now, we would only *have* to have 2 leave to get to 20. We have 15 open spots and can over-sign by 3. Now, we may choose to leave Reimers and Conrad (or others) on scholarship which would reduce the number of open spots but I don't see us putting that many walk-ons on scholarship to need 7-8 to leave. My base number was 12-13. Hadn't realized we were up to 15 open spots? So why wouldnt we utilize those scholarships open on walk ons? The problem is their aren't many SR walk-ons currently to use them on. They should be going to underclassmen walk-ons. That's where it gets hard. Do you give it to them for this year then say no dice next year? Also remember that most walk-on schollies are for a year at a time.
  13. OT Chris Bleich [UCLA Commit]

    Show me a single 2* we are recruiting on either side of the line? Few and far between but Chris Walker was a 2*, at least according to rivals.I thought walker got a slight bump as soon as he signed to get him to 3* 2* means he was not evaluated!
  14. Fightin' Erstads vs Rutgers

    Get out the brooms!
  15. Fightin' Erstads vs Rutgers

    Think this has to be a sweep Agreed!