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  1. Name change request - huskers158

    ChiroHusker Thanks
  2. Who's Next?

    Yea, I assumed the gators after I checked his 247 profile. Just found it really weird that he would request to follow some random husker fan who rarely gets on that media...so I threw out a yolo pick. Also I have a hard time seeing any new commits until the new coach is in place.
  3. Who's Next?

    Richard Gouraige..im not active on Twitter but he randomly just requested to follow me? Position of need for sure.
  4. Let Us Pray

    A chance to do or dare
  5. Let Us Pray

    Faith and honor held high
  6. ***Oregon Prediction Contest***

    Huskers 41 Ducks 34 Rushing 246 Passing 283
  7. CFB Week 2 Bold Predictions Thread!

    Huskers beat Ducks after going for two after every score...haha jk nobody's that dumb
  8. Trivia Q - Can you help?

    If he played for the Huskers, he must of transferred back home after his freshmen year because he shows up on that teams roster soph-senior years.
  9. Are you suprised?

    Now true can stfu, tommy's garbage, our coaches are garbage; we'll be lucky to make a bowl!
  10. ***Miami Game Discussion***

    At least our coaches have a million years of experience!
  11. ***Predict the BYU Score, Passing & Rushing Yards***

    Neb: 34 BYU: 20 Rushing: 215 Passing: 265
  12. Yea I understand, I was just stating that most those teams listed have several guys leave early fairly often.
  13. Just for reference, within the same period, Tennessee has only had 5 leave early for the NFL.