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  1. 2018 NCAA Tournament

    Typically, I don’t like to do this but just can’t resist. Take that; & ha!
  2. OU and NU have something in common, Both teams proved they were not NCAA Tourney teams. Ouch for NU, giggle for OU.

    1. Mavric


      Eh, not sure I really agree about OU.  They took a #7 seed to overtime.  That's better than a lot of other teams in the tournament will do.

    2. TonyStalloni


      Arizona just got punked.

  3. 2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    Thank you CN and Mav, +1 to each of you for relaying that the play in game (teams) count (points) in the contest. Much appreciated!
  4. 2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    Mav, quick Q. Mav, do the 4 NCAA play in games (teams involved) give you potential points in the contest?
  5. Fullback Nomination Thread

    My Bad. Wrong thread.
  6. 2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    1 Seed: Virginia 3 Seed: Michigan State 4 Seed: Arizona 6 Seed: Florida 6 Seed: Houston 10 Seed: Providence 11 Seed: Loyola-Chi 13 Seed: Charleston 14 Seed: Wright State Thanks Mav!
  7. Well, after listening to the game today on and off, then coming here to read the reaction, Some of your thoughts made me think of this!
  8. Very Important Recruiting class ?

    Is the first years recruiting class important? Yes Most important? I think not Why you may ask? I believe each of SF recruiting class from here foreword, will be equally as important, but I believe the most important aspect to Frost and how future recruitment needs are covered, is what he can accomplish with the guys we have now. Development and cohesiveness of building a team, starts with what we have in our cupboard. He has a design on what has worked for him in the recent past, most of the coaching staff he has built solid trust in, and the winning attitude that balances aggressiveness, with appropriate handholding and professionalism when needed. I say what Knapp has referred to above, is good medicine for all of us Husker fans. I do not think one, or better yet, the initial recruting class, will make or break what is in the cards for his team on along term basis. By the way, I also believe that our AD Moos, has a similar mindset, and having a little patience while the house is rebuilt, should be expected. 2018 less 1997 = 21 (Years). Let’s not kid ourselves that this will be like hitting the
  9. 2017-18 Donkey Bowl Contest

    I absolutely hoped this final game did not have any SEC team in it. Best thing that could happen to please me is these two team tie zero to zero, have 20 turnovers each and look like crap. Thus UCF is awarded the title because neither of these two teams (Bama, Geo) are deserving. But since there is no way for me to win this Donkey Bowl contest no matter who I pick for tonight’s game, I will Georgia by 10. Not going to watch it, other than to see what Frost and Malzahn have to say. SEC = Scewing Everyone Continuously Mav, I looked at the potential here as to how I could have a chance to win the Donkey Bowl, and beings it is a 25 pt value, and the top two leaders picked Bama, I need to change to Georgia. So see above for the change on this edit. Sorry, probably be Bama winning but its a crap shoot, and I have to change to Georgia to have a chance! Georgia by 10 Let me know you are good with change and it is accepted. Thanks
  10. National Championship Game

    As it has been stated and regurgitated numerous times, an 8 team playoff needs to be implemented, with the P5 champions and the highest ranked G5 team, along with two at large bids. Adding 1 more game to the current process will not or should not cause that much chaos. Make a few modifications to the rules, such as teams from the same conference, must play each other out, before advancement to next round. I suppose, there could be three teams from the same conference at time, and if that happens, the same rule could apply. IMO
  11. I heard a rumor in another thread that Bama did not deserve to be in the CFB playoffs! I totally agree with that rumor! DW will be just fine at Oregon. Not sure what Diaco will end up doing now? Maybe he will be knocking on doors still, just not recruits doors.
  12. Honest Expectations (Frost and Co)

    I am impressed with the thought process by all here in this thread. Much appreciated as I was hoping that would be the case, rather than the same old rhetoric being repeated that we have heard from past leadership (titles, championships, will not gravitate towards mediocrity). We all listened to that hype with each coach an AD, and hoped they would have the answers and results they touted. However, deep inside of us all, most of us felt that our previous coaching selections wouldn’t know the ‘Nebraska Way’ if it bit them in the bum. Carry on with your thoughts. Like someone said, it will be interesting to revisit this thread next year at this time. Wish there was a way to +1 a large group here. The comments so far, are much more rational than those in our previous or should I say recent, coaching changes. Therefore, SF has already had a successful impact on Husker Football. GBR! Quick edit: I am not saying we shouldn’t have high expectations, just rational ones in a timely manner!
  13. With all the talk, excitement and the high expectations that us Husker Fans have for our football program, I am wondering what the majority of people are expecting by our hire of Scott Frost and company? Are we so starved for success, and the fact that we have been out of the lime light for so long, that it impairs our rational or judgement? I for one hope for the best for Frost and Co, and feel that our core culture has been so fragmented, that it will take a little time to get back to our players knowing what that “N” on the side of their helmet represents? <— Is this fair, to expect kids to repspect what many of of older fans used to take as gospel? Who we were? If it is not fair in your opinion, why not? If so, what does that look like in 6 months, 1 year, 3 years? I guess the reason for me posting this question, is so people can evaluate from the the depths of their souls, on what they believe constitutes success from their own eyes. No, we do not need to talk of the what if (we do not improve) because I believe out of the gate, Frost will demand and get the most out of our players, to be invested in success, not just going through the motions. I also believe Frost will bring together the fractured fan base, which can have an impact on the results going forward. Feel free to chine in with your thoughts on all the above. I for one, look forward to what is ahead of us, but I am also tempering my expectations to a degree, to give adequate time for Frost and Company to get things right. I do not expect the massive turnaround, that UCF just went through from one year to the next.
  14. Oregon Looking Open

    This article might shed some light on your OP. “Chip Kelly could have returned to the Oregon Ducks last year. He chose not to because he never shared the same level of love for Oregon and its fans that they feel for him, almost embarrassingly so.“ Read full story below! http://www.nbcsports.com/northwest/oregon-ducks/new-ucla-coach-chip-kelly-could-haunt-oregon-or-get-exposed