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  1. Post-Practice Presser - August 15

    +1 Yep, and as usual, the typical or normal fans will hang on every word someone on the staff or even the press make, and take those or that comment, meaning, something totally different than it was meant to be.
  2. Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    Don’t care if Urban goes or stays, have compassion for the true victim in this event, and was reading some of the OSU boards, where there is talk of her calling police constantly. There are accusations that the gal has had an alchohol issue, the local police were aware of this, and some suggest that this will be brought up soon, where they will try to discredit her facts to MM, as she was calling in complaints left and right. I have no clue, and do not care to spend the time looking for data to support, or discredit the claims. I am of the opinion, that the B1G is better off with Urban in it, for the sake of competition, “if he has no culpability” in this soap opera, but you wonder if he wouldn’t just rather walk away, than to have this hanging over his head and the Ohio State University for the next year. No matter the legal outcome, there will be innuendos, and distractions for a long time, and I thought at one time, he had trouble with stress. Isn’t that how it works now a days = discredit the victim, popular opinion carries, and life goes on? I do not believe anyone will think she made up the story about being abused (Images), but some will question the motivation behind her interview, at this time and place. If Urban covered up his knowledge of this, where he is skirting responsibility that the NCAA Regs states he is obligated to enforce, then he has no one to blame but himself. MLB1 There are many of Ohio State fans, who are just waiting to see what the investigation shows, before they determine their support. Many have stated on their boards, that if he is covering this up, he needs to go! Then they also say, he has only won 1 National title, since he has been there, so there is that too! LOL
  3. Jordy Leaving Nebraska

    Brady H is not ready for this level of play. He has height, but would get owned by 5’s in the B10. He at times can get his outside shot flowing, and that is good, but jut not ready IMO.
  4. Just like an egg, sometimes what’s inside a thread isn’t apparent until ______!
  5. Breakout: Ron Brown and religion

    Some levity here with this image but honestly, when my time comes, I am going to try to cut in line in front of you, as I am a sinner and have an abundant number of sins that I have asked for forgiveness for.
  6. My Bad Saunders; I grouped (not intentially) Knapp and Mav as being part of the Obese group on page two. While I have no personal knowledge of this fact (belong or not in the group), it was mentioned they were heavyweights by another poster, who I choose not to incriminate, (which I took literal) as fact.
  7. I recognize that this thread touches on accepting people for what they are (diversity), but I draw a line in the sand when people like you start making fun of Obese people. Knapp and Maverick have feelings, just like the rest of us. Please refrain from insensitive postings. jk, carry on! By the way, I have a few extra pounds I could shed myself.
  8. LOL, that is how you keep a point, less than two pages in length, to explain your findings.
  9. I like the hire, recognize there are those who see the need to point out his comments about ‘the Bible says’. Even with all his accolades, he is not protected from public opinion. Not sure if he was using the university as a platform, but he probably did not think it through. I guess what bothers me most, is the fact that this is the first thing some people are thinking about, rather than the positives. It’s like there always has to be that guy, who pisses on the campfire. This twitter or should I say tweet from Josh P, almost begs of him needing attention, or listeners to react. I don’t know, SF is the man in charge, lets see where it goes from here. In todays world, being Politically Correct, supersedes religious teachings, so to each their own.
  10. 2018 NCAA Tournament

    Typically, I don’t like to do this but just can’t resist. Take that; & ha!
  11. OU and NU have something in common, Both teams proved they were not NCAA Tourney teams. Ouch for NU, giggle for OU.

    1. Mavric


      Eh, not sure I really agree about OU.  They took a #7 seed to overtime.  That's better than a lot of other teams in the tournament will do.

    2. TonyStalloni


      Arizona just got punked.

  12. 2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    Thank you CN and Mav, +1 to each of you for relaying that the play in game (teams) count (points) in the contest. Much appreciated!
  13. 2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    Mav, quick Q. Mav, do the 4 NCAA play in games (teams involved) give you potential points in the contest?
  14. Fullback Nomination Thread

    My Bad. Wrong thread.