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  1. Same City, New Era

    Yeah, how did the voice of "The Longhorn Network " get into a Husker video? I did enjoy that video, though. Excellent editing.
  2. QB Run Game: the Myth of the Frost Offense

    The hard things to know are the intangibles each QB has. Decision-making skill and speed. Instincts, field vision, toughness, confidence, intelligence, ability to read the defense, running style, elusiveness, etc, etc. The ability to evaluate those intangibles in a recruit without the benefit of seeing that player running your offense is what separates the elite talent evaluates from the rest. I hope Frost & Co. are as good at that as T.O. appeared to be in his prime. In the end, I'm just glad he will have a number of options on-campus this spring at QB. The cream should rise to the top.
  3. Frost on Jim Rome

    Personally I think his respect for Nebraska stems from the knowledge and skills of the callers from "Bugaha". He is a coneseuer of smack-talk.
  4. Assistants Announced

    The Ryan Helds vs. Harbaugh in a recruiting battle:
  5. Challenges to a robust walk-on program in 2017

    I'll be interested to see if some of our large non-coach football staff can somehow help manage a larger group of walk-ons without running afoul of the NCAA. I have no idea what all the specifics are with regard to those rules.
  6. What are everyone's thoughts on the changes in college football that have made having a big, contributing walk-on program at Nebraska more difficult? What can be done to get around these obstacles? I feel like HCSF sounded determined to make it happen, and i tend to believe that he will try. T.O. always seemed to be good at finding creative solutions to Nebraska's disadvantages. How is Nebraska going to convince players NOT to take advantage of scholarship opportunities? Are NCAA rules about number of coaches and practice time an obstacle? How about "volunteer" coaches? Or is it just as simple as the fact that past coaches just didn't "get it"? Even Frank started the trend of a smaller walk-on program, IIRC.
  7. so who's the new oc/wr coach?

    Chuck Norris/ Barry Allen I think.
  8. The old diamond formation

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that basically a description of what Meyer runs at OSU? Not that that's a bad thing.
  9. Poll: Who Starts at QB in 2018?

    So would you agree with the statement that "this offense doesn't require super-stud QB's to make it great"? I would contend that Mariota actually was a "super-stud" coming out of high-school - he was just an unknown, due to playing backup to another D-1 bound QB. I don't know much about Milton. I disagree with that statement. Recruiting less-than-accurate QBs that are great runners is not going to make Frost's offense great, IMHO. As you explained, there is a difference between accuracy and completion percentage. A QB with poor accuracy isn't going to get more accurate by running this system. They might get a bump in stats, but wouldn't you rather have the stud (accurate/ athletic/ intangibles) QB?
  10. Scott Frost - Coach of the Year (Home Depot Award)

    Maybe he could invite Les up to his office and compare trophies.... or Frank.
  11. ***2018 Recruiting***

    Question: Do we oversign a little, in anticipation of transfers? I'm sure there will be at least a few.
  12. Poll: Who Starts at QB in 2018?

    Wait a second. Let's not go back to the old narrative about getting QBs that nobody is recruiting as a QB. Frost's system may very well artificially elevate a QB's accuracy (I'm not agreeing or disagreeing, don't know enough about it), BUT, it shure as hell will run better with a more accurate QB. Frost isn't going to go for RBs that want to be QBs. He is going to try and get the best dual threat guys in the country, going H2H with other top programs. Mariota wasn't lightly recruited because he had a bad completion percentage. He was just unknown because he was a backup. Helfrich "found" him, saw his potential, and the rest is history. I don't know about Milton, but I doubt he had a low completion percentage in HS.
  13. 2017 NCAA Volleyball Tournament

    Three B1G teams pulled off upsets in the second round. Not surprised, but good to see.
  14. The Scott Frost Diet

    If you're going to dip things in frosting daily you may want to rename it the Mangino/Weis Jayhawk diet.