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  1. Is this guy high? Neb to B12

    ^what he said. Plus, keep in mind that this is a West Virginia guy speculating about WVU filling DONU's spot in the B1G. Wishful thinking.
  2. The systemic yo-yo of Nebraska football since 2003

    I guess you could say the "Nebraska Way" sentiment and the "we need a modern offense" sentiment and the "we need a mobile quarterback" sentiment and the "we need a young energetic coach" sentiment kind of all come together in Frost. That's pretty unifying. Count me among those that were skeptical of the Pelini hire. I didn't care for the way he continued to make unprofessional and spiteful remarks about Nebraska after Pederson passed on him. It was hard to deny his coaching prowess in 2008-2010 though. That helped unify the base. Winning always does.
  3. The systemic yo-yo of Nebraska football since 2003

    I think the salient point in the Solich firing was that there was a portion (no idea of percentage) of the fanbase, media, and boosters who either thought Solich was the problem or the offense was due for an upgrade. I can't find any articles that were written in 2002 and 2003 by local media, but I'm sure that many had that sentiment. Living in Omaha at the time, that's mostly what I heard from fans. Many people assumed we could and should get a "big name" coach that would be better than Solich. The AD tried and failed. In retrospect, the fans may have been wrong after all. We will never know. In 2007 most fans (and likely boosters) were galvanized in wanting Bo Pelini. Once again, the AD tried to deliver. Most of us were pretty happy with the hire at the time. This time around is similar to 2007, I think. People will be disappointed with anyone other than Frost.
  4. The systemic yo-yo of Nebraska football since 2003

    True story. And here's another point of clarification: Steve Pederson did not act as a "lone wolf" in wanting Solich gone. There was a lot of public opinion from fans, and I assume some boosters, that Solich just wasn't good enough. Many wanted him gone, and applauded the firing at the time. It is only in retrospect that people conveniently remember SP as going rogue in his terrible decision to fire a 9-3 coach. Revisionist history IMO. The embarrassing hiring fiasco was a major f@ckup, though. He should have handled that task better for sure. He made his bed on that one.
  5. The systemic yo-yo of Nebraska football since 2003

    I don't disagree with you, necessarily. Just playing devil's advocate. If we agree that yo-yo-ing wildly between coaching administrations, trying to do the complete opposite thing, has hurt Nebraska's success, then what would the next logical step be?
  6. Mobile QB - Requirement in CFB?

    This^ Accuracy and decision-making trump athleticism for me. Ideally we would have both, but the chances of getting a DeShaun Watson, J.T. Barrett or Baker Mayfield to come to Nebraska is low. There are many factors affecting our current offense woes, but lets not throw out the baby (accurate QBs) with the bathwater (pro-style offense).
  7. The systemic yo-yo of Nebraska football since 2003

    GNF, Nice job trying to give a concise summary of Nebraska's "confused era". I could go through and pick apart portions of it that I disagree with, or are contentious, like IOV did, but I think your general point is more important. And you are right. The real question is: how do we avoid this going forward? Do we allow Riley to "fix" his offense by bringing in a better OL coach and OC that still runs a pro-style system? I doubt there would be much support for that, but it would be a logical way to end the cycle of yo-yo-ing. I think one of the biggest reasons for the yo-yo-ing by the ADs is that they are bowing to booster and fan pressure, which happen to be very powerful at Nebraska. Has that served us well? Ask Texas.
  8. Is this guy high? Neb to B12

  9. Is this guy high? Neb to B12

  10. Bill Moos named AD

    Thanks for the clarification! As with most things related to hiring and firing in college football, there are always "many sides" (Trump reference, couldn't resist) to the story. Some in this thread are saying that Moos had very little to do with the growth and success of Oregon's athletic programs in the late 90's and early 2000's, or that Kilkenny did far more in the 3 years he was AD. That may be true, but I have a hard time believing that he wasn't a major factor, being he was the AD at that time. Bellotti has lots of praise for him, but I guess that could just be because they were friends. Obviously Moos and Knight had a falling out, since he apparently was the force behind Moos's firing. That is concerning. Maybe Knight never liked Moos from the start. That would seem odd, though, since Moos was there for twelve years. Any insights you have on Moos are appreciated. We like outside perspectives on this board. I guess I just don't understand the criticisms or minimizing of his resume. Seems like he has had a positive impact on the three programs he has touched. I don't get it.
  11. Bill Moos named AD

    So educate me. When before 1996 did Phil Knight donate a sizable amount of money to Oregon's athletic department? Did the reporters from Sports Illustrated and Forbes magazines get it wrong? Did Moos lie in the press conference when he said there was no "money trees" at Oregon when he was hired in 1995? I'm willing to learn.
  12. Bill Moos named AD

    Here's an interview with Bellotti from today on 1620:
  13. Bill Moos named AD

    Phil Knight may be an alumnus, and been "actively involved" in the past, but he never gave substantial sums of money to the athletic department until 1996 (football practice facility). Bill Moos was hired in 1995. Seems likely that he had a hand in bringing Knight in, at least based on that timeline. Also consider what Bill said in his introductory presser about "money growing on trees" at Oregon. It wasn't at the time he was hired. https://www.forbes.com/sites/prishe/2013/08/03/thank-you-phil-knight-oregons-new-68-million-recruiting-tool/#e92d55c3ebd1 https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/pac12/2014/12/29/oregon-nike-phil-knight-college-football-playoff/21013009/
  14. Trump's Tax Plan

    If this tax reform truly was about: 1. Simplifying the tax code 2. Removing most of the frequently abused tax loopholes 3. Balancing the Budget Then I think that it would have bi-partisan support. Instead, it is once-again a supply-side economics policy that primarily benefits the wealthy. Its not going to create jobs. It will only serve to consolidate corporate power, weaken the government, and increase the deficit. Yay.
  15. A man you can bait with a Tweet

    ^ Someone should take the bump-stock off of his smart phone.