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  1. Jurgey

    Huskers to Play Kansas

    AWESOME!!! Looking forward to our young guns being older, experienced and ready for the always challenging Jayhawks.
  2. Jurgey


    Sorry, didn't mean to aggravate anyone. I was just thinking of myself when I said finally. I wanted to get my hotel rooms lined up asap for when we go to games this summer. If Alex wouldn't have signed with the Royals, there is no need for me to get rooms. He is the only reason our family goes to the games. If he's gone from KC, so are we. Just the straight up truth. Already booked at the Drury Inn as of an hour ago!!!
  3. Jurgey


    Kansas City has signed Alex Gordon to a 4 year $72 million deal. It's about time Royals, and THANK YOU!!
  4. Jurgey

    2015-16 BIG schedule

    Coming out Thursday at 5:00 p.m. central on BTN. Finally!!!!
  5. Jurgey

    WTB 4 Mich State Tickets

    Got some. Thanks
  6. Jurgey

    WTB 4 Mich State Tickets

    Looking to buy 4 reasonable tickets to take our grandsons to first game. Had tickets, but somehow they were given away by my "friends" wife by mistake. PM if you have any available. Thanks for looking.
  7. Jurgey

    Mother's Day in Lincoln

    Thanks, that gives me a start finding a place.
  8. Our son is graduating Saturday from UNL and we are spending the weekend to celebrate. Does anybody have suggestions for a group of about 10 to eat on Mother's Day? I usually like to grill but that ain't happening this year! Thanks for any input.
  9. Jurgey

    Illinois BB tickets for sale

    2 for tonights game. Section 114 second row from the top, aisle seats. Easy in and out. $30 for the pair
  10. Jurgey

    How to buy away game FB tix?

    For the Minnesota game this year, I went to the University of Minnesota website and bought tickets. I had to buy another game with the Husker game, but it was no problem getting rid of the tickets. I had cousins in Minneapolis who used the other game. It cost $100 for the 2 game tickets. ($75 for the Neb game, $20 for the UNLV game, $5 handling fee) I know quite a few who did it that way. A year ago I had friends who did it for the Wyoming game.
  11. Jurgey

    New DB Coach Search

    How about Pete Ricketts and we can have him pay whoever we want, whatever they want!
  12. Jurgey

    Tunnel walk of shame

    I swear to GOD, if I hear 1 person in my section BOO Taylor Friday, I'm walking over and punching them in the mouth!