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  1. yes it would! I heard they are not going back to 8 however. I need to find the link.
  2. Agreed. That is too long. We haven't played NU in five years or so. That sucks. I can only imagine the fireworks between Frost and Harbaugh. It's going to be great. I wish we were in the same division again. Plus I need an excuse to see a game in Lincoln.
  3. True, but I want everyone in the conference to play more often. With pods, NU would play every team every two years. Home and home every 4.
  4. I hope they would go to pods. The west pod would probably be NU, OU, KU, and Iowa. Those are games NU would play every year.
  5. If so, bummer for OU. No way Okie St gets in.
  6. This is excellent news. OU and KU addition perhaps?
  7. He likes the challenge of fixing broken systems. Plus he gets time off versus year round work in in college. Sounds like his wife didn't want to make another move. That said, they were in the middle of a contract extension.
  8. B1G Week 1

    The best game is Notre Dame Michigan. Can't miss that one.
  9. 2018 Season Predictions

    Shae Patterson (Old Miss transfer) is eligible to play this year....and he is mobile. The injury part I cannot predict.
  10. The real reason to go to 8 conference games is so teams can have 7 home games and make more money.
  11. I hope this happens, but I would prefer to keep 9 games if it does. 3 games in your home pod. 4 games from a second pod, and 2 from a 3rd pod. The second year you play the 4th pod and the remaining two from the 3rd pod. You get to play everyone every 2 years.
  12. Amen. They are still in denial and cover up mode.
  13. 2018 Husker Football Schedule

    Patterson is eligible. The biggest need for UofM is covered. The major weak spot is the offensive tackles. Hopefully, Patterson can scramble. :-)
  14. Harbaugh to Michigan

    And Shea Patterson is now eligible to play next season. All we need now are a pair of tackles.