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  1. Harbaugh to Michigan

    Some info in the paper from Speight's father after his injury at Purdue. Gives some insight into why Harbaugh complained. http://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/college/university-michigan/2017/10/26/wilton-speight-injury-handled-poorly-purdue-father-says/107045682/ ... ...
  2. Harbaugh to Michigan

    I agree with this.
  3. Harbaugh to Michigan

    From 2008 - 2014 Michigan finished ranked once. In 2015 and 2016, they finished in the top 11 or 10. 10-3 both years. Tough to fire a fire coach for that. They could still go 10-3 this year, maybe 9-4. I am guessing he lasts 7 years with 9 to 10 win seasons. :-)
  4. Is this guy high? Neb to B12

    KU and OU will be in the Big Ten in 6 years. I have no facts to back this up. I just threw it out there hoping it sticks.
  5. Is this guy high? Neb to B12

    I also heard that NU is in talks to hire The Pirate, Mike Leach. Lordy I hope not. Although watching him and Harbaugh at a press conference could be entertaining.
  6. Is this guy high? Neb to B12

    I bet NU's 50 million share this year that he is.
  7. Harbaugh to Michigan

    Funny. Or not. Misery loves company I guess. :-)
  8. Harbaugh to Michigan

    I would say that is very few. At least no one I know. Most of the criticism I hear is being directed at Drevno, the OC, for play calling and OL recruiting, Hoke for leaving the OL and QB positions dry when he left, and the QBs for being turnover machines. I think Harbaugh is still thought of as the chosen one. :-)
  9. Harbaugh to Michigan

    Michigan is dire need of a QB and right tackle. Losing their starting QB, left tackle, and best receiver for the season made a mediocre offense even worse. 5 turnovers didn't help last week. If their defense wasn't so good, it would have been a blow out. I doubt Harbaugh gets fired, even if he ends up 7 and 5. The D will keep games close. The problem is they can lose to anyone....except Rutgers. :-)
  10. Harbaugh to Michigan

    One would think OSU would have everything. Maybe colleges have less equipment on site than I thought.
  11. BIG 10 - Week 5 - Point Spreads

    Third string QB did well. I will respectfully eat crow.
  12. Harbaugh to Michigan

  13. BIG 10 - Week 5 - Point Spreads

    I had a hard time picking this game. Not sure who Sparty is this year.
  14. Harbaugh to Michigan

    apparently there were some thing that pissed him off that was not made public except to the Big10. I am not sure if it was mentioned in this thread, but when his QB got hurt they had to bring him to the hospital to get checked due to not having the equipment necessary onsite. I am not sure what the unmentioned item was. Rumor is that it was a lack of toilets, which is kind of funny. I am not sure why they wouldn't say that publicly however. Heck, if you have to wait to long, just go on floor after the game and let the home team clean it up. :-)
  15. BIG 10 - Week 5 - Point Spreads

    Except last weekend. Row the boat.