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  1. Do you miss the Big 12?

    Nebraska also gets a $50M+ payout this year, right? What is a Big12 share going to be this year?
  2. B1G Week 3

    probably when he gets an offer. :-)
  3. B1G Week 3

    Beat me to it. I am liking Purdue's chances.
  4. B1G Week 1

    14-0 on week 2? Its possible.
  5. Michigan vs Florida

    Florida had 11 yards rushing. 193 total. 3 points against Michigan's defense. Not bad for 10 new starters. QB and RT are a bit worrisome.
  6. Texas/Maryland

    Loved it.
  7. Ohio state vs Indiana

    getting goose bumps....
  8. Harbaugh to Michigan

    I hope everyone realizes this post will continue to be resurrected until Harbaugh no longer coaches at Michigan. Given his ability to attract media attention and piss off the SEC, this post will be added to frequently.
  9. Maybe they should go back to playing Purdue every year. They're a Big Ten team.
  10. Iowa's claimed national title

    Anything can happen in college football. Gotta play the game. And yes...we are all homers.:-)
  11. Coaches, Revenues Pushing B1G Toward Top

    Some info from Delany at the Big Ten media days. http://www.mlive.com/sports/2017/07/jim_delany_addresses_tv_deals.html#incart_river_index "Per media reports, the league stands to make an average of $440 million annually in this new television deal, as ESPN/ABC and FOX will share football rights through 2023 and CBS will have basketball-only rights to some league games during that same span. The entire pact is expected to see the Big Ten gain $2.64 billion throughout the deal -- which will only increase the annual payout the league provides to its full-member schools. Full-member made around $36 million last year and are expected to receive more than $50 million starting next year, thanks to the new television contract." NU is a full member this year, right? 50 million. Ka-ching!
  12. Would B1G Welcome Oklahoma?

    The real value is in the academic prestige and the Big Ten Alliance, formerly the CIC. The profs, pres. and board would drool over that. Plus lots of research money.
  13. Would B1G Welcome Oklahoma?

    Incorrect. Conference expansion involves politics--at the AD level, the school level, and the state government level, should any of this come to fruition. I still say if you are going to take a kansas school that doesnt have a football program take the one with the better basketball team down in wichita. And I still feel the need to remind folks that we don't have that much room to talk considering the Kansas football program, no matter how fleeting their competence, has been to a (formerly BCS) signifigant bowl more recently than we have. Plus their basketball program gets eyeballs from around the country, especially folks that aren't fans of the program, but are fans of collegiate basketball. When people say 'Kansas Basketball', they know immediately what you're discussing. When you say 'Wichita State Basketball', you are more likely to receive a puzzled, constipated look, or at best, an 'ah ha!' look with a subsequent 'I think I've seem them during March Madness once'. I was just shifting the topic back to OU versus what bathroom to use. But you probably knew that. :-)
  14. Would B1G Welcome Oklahoma?

    However, this post is about OU and not politics. I wish we would just get expansion over with and grab KU/OU for the 2019 season. I would love the schedule and matchups, and getting to play NU every other year. Waiting 4 years is too long!
  15. Would B1G Welcome Oklahoma?

    I noticed that Michigan has Texas or Oklahoma scheduled for the 2024 through 2027 seasons. Maybe by then they will be conference games. :-)