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  1. nic

    Nebraska vs. Michigan ..... in 1997

    No I meant about where both teams have been since 1997.
  2. nic

    Nebraska vs. Michigan ..... in 1997

    When asked about 1997. Harbaugh: "I haven't thought about it," said Harbaugh, a Michigan alum. "I have a very small rear view mirror." Frost: "You watched the Rose Bowl and the Orange Bowl. Michigan won with a controversial play at the end. We took apart the third-ranked team in the country."
  3. nic

    Nebraska vs. Michigan ..... in 1997

    Misery loves company.
  4. nic

    Nebraska vs. Michigan ..... in 1997

    "Also, Michigan beat Colorado by 24 which I believe is a three-score game." Did they have the 2-point conversion back then? Its been too long, I dont remember. By the way, I read both MIchigan and NU forums. I don't see this discussion on UofM boards like I do on NU boards. Not sure why. Maybe I am just not on the correct UoFM board. I also have many freinds that are NU fans and they always bring this up when the two teams play. I don't hear Michigan fans bring it up. It seems like NU fans feel more slighted by the split polls. Or maybe Michigan fans were just happy to get a NC after a 50 year drought. :-)
  5. The Michigan D gives opponents first downs on 3rd down penalties.
  6. nic

    Nebraska vs. Michigan ..... in 1997

    You must be a BYU fan and I must not have any football knowledge because I didnt expect them to beat Wisconsin. I think the spread was around 24 points, so I am not alone..
  7. nic

    Nebraska vs. Michigan ..... in 1997

    Wasn't bashing BYU. I was pointing out that Wisconsin was supposed to win that game easily.
  8. nic

    Nebraska vs. Michigan ..... in 1997

    Conjecture all you want, but you have to play the game. Ask BYU and Wisconsin.
  9. nic

    Nebraska will beat Michigan

    That would be refreshing and would keep me from throwing things at the tv, but I agree with your sarcasm.
  10. nic

    Nebraska will beat Michigan

    The 19th-ranked Wolverines have been flagged 27 times for 244 yards, ranking it 118th nationally in fewest penalty yards given up per game (81.3). Only eight other FBS teams with three games under their belt are worse, including one from the Big Ten (Purdue, 81.7). Nebraska, having played just two games this season, ranks 122nd (86.0). We could be in for a long game.
  11. nic

    Nebraska will beat Michigan

    Michigan OL is susceptible to good DEs because their OTs stink. Patterson can scramble, and his pass efficiency on the run is better than when he is in the pocket. If NU can contain him that’s when the sacks happen. Michigan may be without their two best RBs. The top dog didn’t play last week. The second RB looked like he pulled a hamstring and did not return. Michigan also lost one of their best defenders (VIPER) for the first half of the NU game. He is out because of a really lame targeting called down from the booth. It was not even called on the field. No flag, on one got hurt. Everyone popped back up. The defense is giving up 3rd and long a lot. Typically because of a penalty. They has 137 yards in penalties last week. 11 of 13 were on the defense. Many were of the automatic first down type when they had SMU stopped. The defense gave up more yards in penalties than rushing yards. They also seem to over pursue, not contain running QBs, and get gashed for big plays on scrambles. NU has a couple areas that can exploit. It will be the battle of the stupids penalties.
  12. I hope they prove this. We told our kids they could trust doctors. Physicals for sports, etc. After this, that is no longer true. Nor can we trust coaches, clergy or teachers. Sick world we live in.
  13. nic

    Do we still miss the Big 12?

    Dune is great movie....that's funny. Its the only movie I fell asleep in. The big12 nostalgia will stop in 6 years when OU and KU announce their move to the Big 10.
  14. I dont understand why the hammer hasn't come down on MSU yet. They rank up there with PSU as pedofile enablers.
  15. Yes. Losing their best receiver for most of the season hurt. 6'5", strong, and fast. He would have drawn safety help. As for the defense, they were not disciplined. Three 3rd down personal fouls (inc. targeting/ejection). two occurred when the D would have forced a punt and a field goal. Both drives ended in TDs. That hurt more than the big plays.