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  1. Big Ten Hockey Expansion

    We had 3 teams from the Big Ten in the Frozen Four and Minnisota Duluth takes it. Grrr.
  2. Big Ten Hockey Expansion

    I thought it was going to be an all B1G final but Duluth crashed the party. Good Luck.
  3. Big Ten Hockey Expansion

    Yeah I get it. ND doesn't want to be associated with the Big Ten. I am not sure the ACC will have hockey anytime soon, but you could go back to hockey east. Why did ND join the B1G in hockey? I know the B1G was a little short on teams when they started their own conference, but hopefully Illinois and NU will have teams soon.
  4. Big Ten Hockey Expansion

    BIG Ten puts 3 teams in the Frozen Four this year. Michigan, OSU and Notre Dame. Good conference to be in.
  5. Big Ten Hockey Expansion

    Illinois is looking at adding hockey now. I was hoping for NU. NU needs to join so we can dump ND. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/college/ct-spt-illinois-big-ten-ncaa-hockey-study-20180308-story.html
  6. Harbaugh to Michigan

    Heat from the fans for sure.
  7. I just read a statement from one of the victims. This guy was sick. 150+ girls. Allowed to continue abuse for another year. MSU tried to brush it aside. It makes me ill. MSU complains about not getting any respect. They lost mine for good.
  8. The NCAA is never consistent with its penalties. It's has terrible enforcement. Since this was gymnastics I suspect there will not be any punishment for the major programs other than scholarship reductions. No post season bans or anything. But with the NCAA who knows.
  9. Not sure if anyone has been following this, but it's looking pretty bad. Coaches and the administration seemed to ignore the warnings and reports. I don't understand how people can let that happen. This is not going to end well for MSU.
  10. Big Ten Bowl Games

    I was watching this game until I had to leave mid way through the 3rd quarter. Looked like Michigan was about to go up 26-3. when I check my phone later its 26-19 game over. 5 turnovers, holy cow. Talk about giving a game away. Time to switch to basketball. :-) yeah that sucks.
  11. Big Ten Bowl Games

    Michigan only wins this game if Peter's stays healthy and in and QB. If O'korn has to to finish the game for any reason Michigan is in trouble.
  12. Big Ten Bowl Games

    Trash talkers lose. Big Ten Is 7-0!
  13. Big Ten Bowl Games

    I hate Miami. Too much attitude.
  14. Big Ten Bowl Games

    On Wisconsin....
  15. Big Ten Bowl Games

    I think our match ups with the PAC 12 this season are pretty good....and we are killing it!