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  1. Vaha Vainuku

    Confirmation is more like a barmitzfa. It’s when you become an adult in the church. Missions are different. They are more like recruiting or helping others.
  2. ESPN is reporting that Frost IS the next coach at Nebraska.
  3. Football and Militarism

    The national anthem was written about and for a war. It’s already militarized.
  4. I wish our wide receivers could block better. We used to have the best blocking receivers in the country.
  5. Why am I a Husker fan?

    Military brat. Moved to Nebraska in the 80s. Cheered for whoever played just to be a pain to my friends and older brother. Left the state and became a diehard fan (before championships). I have converted other fan by taking them to games and experiencing the atmosphere there.
  6. Does this mean other schools are are use PEDs and we’re not? Or is there something more to it, because it does seem like our tackles get broke pretty easily.
  7. Schools making moves

    ESPN says Florida is not the best school to work at. They lack facilities. They do have a recruiting edge over Nebraska, but not Tennessee, TA&M, or UCLA.
  8. At least the defense is playing better.
  9. Alex Davis Possibly Out for the Year

    My son had a jones fracture at the end of basketball season his freshman year. He was able to run track that same year. He didn't run as fast, he is a distance runner, but still ran. Davis should be able to return for the season.
  10. They won it in 1966. No they didn't. Notre Dame was ahead of them in both the AP and Coaches poll despite the tie.According to records they claimed it with Notre Dame.
  11. If it wan't his bad arm he still might have caught it.
  12. That wan't his fault. He had to choose between to receivers to cover. He chose wrong. Both were open.